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andrea nicole Mar 24
one day, i will say with confidence
that i have forgotten the name
of the scent on your favorite shirt;
i will think i am better off not knowing.

one day, while i am here, in the places
we used to roam, i will hold my own
hand. i will not look for you.

one day, the memories will fade
from my mind.

one day, i will not cry.
but that day is not today
andrea nicole Mar 20
without invitation, without meaning,
breathing the land she bore from a place
of dark matter. for a brief moment,
she relaxes, settling into the dirt
that breaks in her palms, basking light,
embracing it, letting the wonder of the world
fall on the high blush dotting her cheeks.

she wastes no time.

when gaia emerged from the abyss,
she gave rise to many others.
i tried something :( not sure it worked
  Mar 16 andrea nicole
This garden is filled
With blossoming loneliness
I tied myself
To this sandcastle filled with thorns
What is your name?
Do you even have a place to go?
Oh, could you tell me?
I saw you hiding in this garden

And I know
Your heat is real
Your hand picks the blue flowers
I want to hold it but

This is my destiny
Don’t smile on me
Light on me
Because I can’t go to you
There’s no name to call

You know that I can’t
Show you me
Give you me
I can’t show you my weakness
So I’m putting on a mask to go see you
But I still want you

A flower that resembles you
Blossomed in this garden of loneliness
I wanted to give it to you
As I take off this stupid mask

But I know
This can’t go on forever
I must hide
Because I’m ugly

I’m afraid
So pathetic
I’m so afraid
In the end, will you leave me too?
So I’m putting on a mask to go see you

What I can do is
To make a pretty flower
That resembles you
Blossom in this garden, in this world
Then breathe as the person you know
But I still want you
I still want you

Maybe back then
If I had just a little more
And stood before you
Would everything be different now?

I’m crying
At this sandcastle
That’s disappearing
And breaking down
As I look at this broken mask
And I still want you

But I still want you
But I still want you
And I still want you
This is a lyric from the song of BTS titled The Truth Untold which is based on a true story way back on 1500's - 1600's.

It takes place in a small town in Italy The story's about an 'ugly' man who hid in an old castle alone. because of his looks he received lots of hate & cruelty while growing up. He never opened his heart to anyone. Whenever they tried to approach him, he hid in anger. His happiness was to plant flowers in his garden.

One day a woman appeared near the man's castle. She jumped over the garden fence and stole a flower. This angered the man at first. So he watched his garden all night. But when he fell a sleep, the woman took another flower. This continued for several nights. The man pretended to be asleep and watched the woman steal a flower. He started becoming curious about the woman. He began waiting for her. without realizing he kept waiting for her to come and the next day seemed a little brighter.

Following after her one day, he realized that she was selling the flowers that she stole from him to make a living. The man desperately wanted to help the woman. But he was afraid she would be terrified by the way he looks. He knew she would not love his 'grotesque' appearance. He came to a conclusion that the only way he would be able to help her is to let her continue stealing flowers from his garden. The man decided to make a flower that doesn't exist on the planet. So that the woman could sell them at a expensive price. He began to make the flower in his castle.

After many unsuccessful attempts, the man made a flower that didn't exist and filled his garden. But the woman stopped coming. No matter how long he waited she never came to his garden. He eventually found out that the woman had died.

Listen to the song on Youtube or in Spotify sp you could feel the vibe.
Thank you. ^_^
PS. Credits to the one who typed the story on youtube. :))
andrea nicole Mar 16
sometimes, when the clouds sprinkle rain
on sunday afternoons, my mother reads to me
at the kitchen table: grabs my arm, pulls a chair,
picks a book from the shelf. in a quiet voice,
she whispers words as though she glides
across the sky. i wouldn’t speak;
she wouldn’t let me speak.

i used to think my mother was soft.
hello!! this was a failed attempt at making something cool so i thought i’d post it here. might delete?
i am dreaming of a day where you kiss me
without doubt; to you, i cling with chapped lips,
and my eyes soften under your gaze. as butterflies
threaten to spill from my throat, i reply,
there is a girl who loves you.

is this an affirmation or a reminder?

one day, i hope to love how your name curls
around my tongue: dripping like honey, sticking
to teeth. you are familiar. every morning,
i will make sure to press your love
on my skin; for now, i wish

to be close, so you can find home in my touch.
update: i finally know how to italicize!! i’m excited for this
i found you,
off-tune and in love.
with stardust clouding our feet,
we collided into each other: a touch
of interest underneath a night sky.
slow dancing, hearts beating,
the universe fades away.
a short one!!
andrea nicole Feb 27
the first name she recites is her own,
syllables rolling off tongue like poetry.
under the light of mars, aries is reborn,
spinning constellations on her fingertips
like venus does on most days, like jupiter
when he creates storms. she has grown
to resemble many things — passion,
purpose, a ram — but when warmth settles
beneath her fiery skin, she does not mind.

in her galaxy, aries is scarlet; as she cradles
stars across millennia, they overlook
the universe.
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