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Sadaf Fatima Feb 4
Since childhood,
I have been fascinated by one story,
The story of The **** Duckling.

Whether a duckling or a swan,
She always stood apart.
Alone in body and thoughts,
She never was the crowd.

But chancing upon her reflection,
She discovered a thing or two,
She wasn't to waddle along,
Their purpose was not her purpose.

She knew she had to be different.
She had to feel out of place.

It took some time,
And great amount of pain,
To realize,
It was the wind that caressed her wings.
It was the skies that enchanted her.

She had to rise beyond inhibitions,
To a place far far away.
Sadaf Fatima Sep 2018
My little plant
I tend to you every day
I give you some sun
I pour in some water
But I do not ask for fruit
Fruit was never the purpose
The very process of you living
greening glimmering growing
In my soul
Is happiness
Pure unadulterated happiness.
Sadaf Fatima Jun 2018
I am learning
To see myself
from your eyes
Sadaf Fatima Jun 2018
As I pass by the staircase,
I see my sister's broken doll,
limbs apart, tangled hair,
and the ***** frock.

I feel something in her
that I could identify with,
I start to feel like a broken doll,
shattered in countless pieces,
in a world where care does not exist,
and empathy is far far away,
people run after what they want,
and walk all over others.

As night approaches,
I lie supine on my bed,
eyes on the ceiling,
tears trickle down from the sides,
amidst my broken dreams,
I think of what I ask for,
and what I get,
I am a broken doll.
Sadaf Fatima Jun 2018
Will you wait for the day to end
so you could see me?
Will I be the one to bring you a smile
On a long long day?
Will I be the rock?
Will I be the sun?
Will you find comfort in me,
When the world hurts you?
Will you seek my words,
When nothing  makes sense?
Will you cherish our moments?
Will you go over my words,
Again and again?
Will you be the constant,
In my ever-changing life?
Sadaf Fatima Jun 2018
How easy it is to forget the perfect days and drown into the quicksand of hopeless thoughts?

It feels as if the weight of sadness is much heavier to lug and happiness is so light and feathery that you forget that it ever existed.
Sadaf Fatima Jun 2018
It's okay to not look your best,
because you are not just your looks!

You are much larger.

Why become small by limiting yourself with just how you look?
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