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 Aug 12 Sabrina DLT
No Nahme
Watching the moons
dance on the water
with fog
rolling in over
the lake
On a cold crisp
quiet night
Missing quiet peaceful winter nights
 Jul 2014 Sabrina DLT
The thing I loved about our relationship
is that I could say
and you would kiss me
Those memories are starting to bring smiles to my face
I walk the streets tonight
and the faces I see are full of stress
and an endless line of open guesses
drawn across their faces like rainbows in the sky,
spread-out like leaves in the sunlight
yet frozen with fear like water during the winter cold.

So the streets are dead.
The blasting music from the loud speakers
that used to be are replaced by hums
and signal-coughs and hisses
and I am forced to wonder what happened
to the kisses and moans and songs
that once rules the streets.

Now, here I am, under the moonlight.
The stars watch me with longing eyes,
but the first rays of sunlight in the morning
bring my dreams to book like a criminal of thought.
One question I cannot answer:

whatever happened to love?
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
99% of the time I feel like a ****** person

And the other 1% I should feel like a ****** person
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
Dark Holes
My heart is a ****
Stab it deep inside your chest
Jizzy goodness, ok?
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
Dark Holes
One night stands. **** me.
Tear my soul and **** in two.
Thanks for the ******.
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
Dark Holes
Your ****'s on parade
Snapchat your privates for me
**** pics of the soul
 Jun 2014 Sabrina DLT
Dark Holes
Bangles are my jam
Please walk like an Egyptian
Right into my heart
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