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Sabrina DLT Jul 15
How short should this poem be?
Should it be as long as Love and war
And sing about such wars that we fight in our head right before we thought we were going sleep instead?
Would these words on this paper be deeper than 1000 leagues under the sea?
Or will it read like an abyss of thoughts...
Can they be deeper than a dream?
I want to know if these words will transcend to another space or time.
Or will they drown in a cloud?
Only time will tell.
Sabrina DLT Jul 15
Some years ago I fell off a cliff.
Somewhere between the mazes of memory and thought
I have lost my mind in time.
I have lost pieces of my soul in the moments of my life that provided the bricks that made up a skeptical foundation in my heart.
Layered in an angry mortar the emotional bricks settled into the walls that make up the fortress that surrounds my heart.
The cracks that riddle my skull are a specialized Victorian texture technique- I wonder if you can afford it?
The clocks on my walls are tired and my curtains are tattered.
Over time my fortress has withered.
I watch it morph its shape in the mirror day by day.
I watch the laugh lines settle around my frown.
Day after day,
The mirror inhales my youth.
My bed absorbs my tired weight.
And the dragon's head mounted on my door wards off the company.
Sabrina DLT Mar 22
In my next life
I hope that my soul ascends to another planet.
Because I am done with this one.
I hope to emerge in a new galaxy
with new sunsets that are tripled as they sit on the horizon
And are majestically colored.  
I will leave all these trials and tribulations on earth in the Milkyway
And wake up in a different dimension of time where the era is tender, quiet, and sprinkled with magic.
Sabrina DLT Jan 2018
I'm going to need you to approach me like a secret.
With whisper footsteps and mysterious hands that touch like a cloud about to drop its first rain.
Or come at me like train while I have my headphones on walking along the tracks.
Impale me just like that.  
If there were an in between then that's where you would truly find me.
In between the rose petals of my thoughts.
Scented like a candy dream with crazy diamond eyes.
Crimson lips that whisper " you can trust me with your lies ".
Sabrina DLT Jan 2015
Babygirl, you look so pristine.
Like a Grecian butterfly
You take the only soul within me.
Your love turns my skin aquamarine.
Every poem you sing
Makes it hard for me to breathe.

I yearn for your liver-mortis kiss.
Only Death himself can make feel like this.
Only putrefaction can be a final bliss.
But I'll linger and haunt till you believe
Every hug and kiss turns my skin aquamarine.
Sabrina DLT Nov 2014
Big lips
Side chicks
I love the words
That drip from your lips.
Baby cheeks that weep
Lips at my feet
Red light kiss
It's you I miss.
Sabrina DLT Jul 2014
We're both bad.
We've seen the devil and asked if we can have this dance with a smile.
Looking back at my life on the streets, the life that never left me.
Fist fights and blood, oldies and guns.
You seem to know me.
You look like me.

You traveled through a secret life that I want to unlock.
You took the other road to walk.
But when you talk your words sound like my memories.
You sound like you know low down *****
You sound like your calling them out.
Call me and tell me all about it.

I'll tell you all about it when I see you.
Stories about sleeping on floors,
Crying in front of shutting doors,
Beating a homie to the floor
For touching my body because we know it's yours.

Tell me about your hell.
And I'll let you into mine.
Tell your story with some heart
And I'll give you mine.
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