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Sabrina DLT Jan 2018
I'm going to need you to approach me like a secret.
With whisper footsteps and mysterious hands that touch like a cloud about to drop its first rain.
Or come at me like train while I have my headphones on walking along the tracks.
Impale me just like that.  
If there were an in between then that's where you would truly find me.
In between the rose petals of my thoughts.
Scented like a candy dream with crazy diamond eyes.
Crimson lips that whisper " you can trust me with your lies ".
Sabrina DLT Jan 2015
Babygirl, you look so pristine.
Like a Grecian butterfly
You take the only soul within me.
Your love turns my skin aquamarine.
Every poem you sing
Makes it hard for me to breathe.

I yearn for your liver-mortis kiss.
Only Death himself can make feel like this.
Only putrefaction can be a final bliss.
But I'll linger and haunt till you believe
Every hug and kiss turns my skin aquamarine.
Sabrina DLT Nov 2014
Big lips
Side chicks
I love the words
That drip from your lips.
Baby cheeks that weep
Lips at my feet
Red light kiss
It's you I miss.
Sabrina DLT Jul 2014
We're both bad.
We've seen the devil and asked if we can have this dance with a smile.
Looking back at my life on the streets, the life that never left me.
Fist fights and blood, oldies and guns.
You seem to know me.
You look like me.

You traveled through a secret life that I want to unlock.
You took the other road to walk.
But when you talk your words sound like my memories.
You sound like you know low down *****
You sound like your calling them out.
Call me and tell me all about it.

I'll tell you all about it when I see you.
Stories about sleeping on floors,
Crying in front of shutting doors,
Beating a homie to the floor
For touching my body because we know it's yours.

Tell me about your hell.
And I'll let you into mine.
Tell your story with some heart
And I'll give you mine.
Sabrina DLT Jun 2014
I took off my shoes and left the house.
I stood under the stars, under a thousand planets
And a million other galaxies.
I stayed silent as a billion glitter specks fell upon me.
They say it's just my heart  that needs to breathe.

I left my shoes in the middle of street and traded my tears for a beer.
I stared at a ceiling that was covered in plastic stars and cob webs.
Teary eyed by every moment that had just became my past
I turned to rest my head.
To my surprise I found my heart beside my bed.

I put on my shoes and packed my final bags.
I wrapped up my memories and stumbled upon a few regrets.
I threw out old fights and found that song you wrote once with a lovers breath.
I took the empty beer can to the trash.
I grabbed my hystrical and useless heart
And I drove off into the sunset
Like a nightmare that you can't forget.
Sabrina DLT Apr 2014
What if I told you that I love you to death?
That I'm dying, baby, because this isn't it.
I'm giving up because you were not it
But I treated you like you were.
I threw my hands up for you
I let you across the river that cripples my own journey.
I let you lie next to me.
I let every word mean the world to me.
I let every lie comfort me.
And now all I do is cry because I can't believe it.
I can't believe how the weather changed.
I can't believe how cold it is.
I can't hear you but I see you.
I see you moving along
Moving on with the crowd that passes me by.
Waking across the dirt where I reside.
I see you pass me by without a second glance.
I was the only one who gave you a tenth chance!
And now I'm the only one I have.
Now there are multiple paths but  I'm afraid.
I'm terrified because there are different heart breaks before me and I have to choose one.
I have choose a different way to die.
I have to wake up and breathe and pretend that nothing makes me cry.
I have to pretend that other things matter more
And the more I think about it
The more I realize that I've been dying.
I've been crying
I've been to hell
I've been alone
I've been apologizing.
I've been waking as if i have somewhere to go.
As if there were someone waiting for me at home.
But I put key in the the door
Only to swing it open
And find a ghost.
I  find it haunting because I can hear your heart beating
But it's just noise to me.
If this ain't from the heart than nothing else is.
Sabrina DLT Apr 2014
It's a nightmare of a journey
Through the rose hills.
White roses cover Death
Along side the 50mph ride.
We'll speed down the boulevard
Turning right, swerving left.
Drink some beer on Broadway,
Smoke some cigarettes at CVS.
Then I'll fill your heart with rose petals
And regret.
Grin and whisper gently
I'll met you in Whittier at Sunset.

Lets muddle through Greenleaf
Under a cerulean sky.
I got lost in the time in your eyes.
I stumble back to only trip into your disguise.
Only to drown in your lips and lies.
Dragging our souls to Hellmans and back,
I'll find you on Hadley letting the sun in
Wilted in Whittier at sunset.
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