370 · Apr 18

i only did it for the tragedy, not for you

348 · Apr 23
I chose you every time

My heart still beats the fastest for you
And my brain has not yet mastered how to prevent a smile when you walk in the room
I miss your skin and the way it feels against mine

A photograph from the day we began;
The thought of the way we make love;
A day without any hint of you -
And suddenly my tears keep me company in your place

Whether you like it or not, I'll be in love with you
Believe or not, I'm still in love with you

Overflowing, then exploding, then bursting

228 · Apr 2

Is it possible to have gone from hope
to lust
to hate to
and back around again and again
until it spirals down
deep into the core of me
that it messes with my senses
and it is not my heart that is broken
but my head

self-destructive but in the process I wreck you too
and we go in circles trying to fix
what you last broke of me
what I last broke of you

220 · Apr 21

I don't even know why I still write about you

211 · Apr 2
another whatever (not)

i cant stop replaying
     that night in my head
how do i make things better when i wanna make them worse?

138 · May 3

When does something stop being platonic and start being toxic?

Your mind is a masterpiece
- I get lost in it every time.

The stars seem to align
- But it’s a cloudy night.

131 · Apr 2

Lately I’ve been wearing nostalgia like a leather jacket;
it keeps you warm but is cold when you touch it.

Though it’s no use missing something
when you’re not missing the whole of it.

126 · Apr 10
Muse in between

I have a lover,
you might know her.
A beauty in disguise;
she is sometimes coy, sometimes brash.
It came like an epiphany, the moment I realised
she meant everything to me.

We sometimes hate each other
or I ignore her or I just can’t find her
no matter how hard I try; though I know she is inside me

And I know how to manipulate her -
how to charm her
She tells me what i want to hear
she lets me be beautiful, other times she makes me a monster.

Sweet cacophony til my mouth runs dry,
my aching hand connotes a moment of passion, of intimacy
and when Im drunk, she brings out the worst in me.

I’ll always be in love with her, even though it will always be uncertain whether she loves me back
even though she is not always there for me, when I need her
Even though it would be easier to forget about her.

Unrequited as it may be
I’ll never stop needing her,
I’ll never stop looking for her,
I’ll never stop trying my best for her.
She’s made me all that I am,
She’s made my world a better place,
The least I could do
Is to spend my life
trying to return the favour.

117 · Apr 18


that keep us together

or make us fall apart .

open up -

the things unspoken

bite back in the end


The world’s worst weapon ;

I love you .

I will .

Im sorry .

108 · Apr 2
Make Out Music

What better melody than the noise of being short of breath;
heart’s fast and body burning
Everything’s quiet but the bed sheets rustling
Because really the best music is felt, not heard
So listen to me as I don’t say a word

I like the song we sing when we’re drunk
The one where it sounds like
you’re telling me to be yours for just a night more

A harmony,
The way our mouths move harmoniously

An orchestra,
How this mess was orchestrated so precisely

And the chorus plays again - the noise of being short of breath;
Heart’s fast and body burning
Everything’s quiet

98 · Apr 2

shyness is an enigma i could never dissect despite being wholly swallowed by it so often

— The End —