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Pain, My existence
love, My fantasy

i dream of days to come
the days i hear about
when it will be better
when it wont hurt so much

I am lost

I am confused

i am crying
on the inside

I am broken

Is this poem doing what its supposed to
Am i reaching out?
Am i wasting your time
Havent written a poem in years, just wrote words that came to me. Want to get back to writing, i was in high school when i stopped. poetry helped with the loneliness
 Aug 2015 Sabelo Gasa
Sabelo Gasa
I'm sitting here alone
On the edge of the huge stone
Can't believe you're already gone
Nothing better without your tone
I miss everything about you
I wish I could hold your hand once again
I didn't meant to hurt you
Hurting you has never been my duty
You were everything I had
We enjoyed every peace of moment we had together

Our hearts were connected
You were the only girl who
Had a Love I needed
I felt my true self around you
Found Myself doing crazy stuff
You were like"oh my mizzy" and gives me a baby kiss
That the moment I held your hands
Hug you tight and, and lifts you up
It's felt awesome ,you somehow liked it.
People around us were all against us
They didn't recognized our future as bright
But i always saw brightest light
For our precious future
We had too many dreams
We wanted to fulfill
It all shaded away in a matter of seconds

I sometimes refer Love as a tree
A tree which grow in a very sensetive place
"A heart"
When it grows larger it's roots are being
Circulated all over the place
When someone removes it
It's roots left behind
Its than intend to live in your heart forever
Thats how painful love can be

We drafted a novel
Its failed throgh the power of evil
We needed a fuel
Happiness was our aim
It all down the drain
It no longer on our vain
I wanted it to remain
Forever on our empty hearts
I don't know why I'm doing this
My feelings led me to this
I was making mistakes
You never let it got to your
You were pretending like
Nothing happened
You never held grudges for me
Our Love was like ever
Floating river
Made of silver
Its felt great, ever
I wanted it to lasts forever

No other One could give me the genuine love like yours
You remain the best ex girlfriend
I can write bunch of pages
There plenty of images
Running through my mind  
The sweet memories we had
How could I ever flash them
On my mind
This is somehow an ever floating Love
I wish you all the best on
Your life journey
You'll always be good to me.
this is what I wrote for my ex gf I can't get over her
 Aug 2014 Sabelo Gasa
Sabelo Gasa
I'm lucky to have somebody like you
I can do anything, just to be with you
I've been in different relationships,
I never find someone like you
Someone that treat me like you do
I can feel the pleasures of romance
Everytime when we're together.
You draw all my attention when i see you,
Everytime when I'm thinking of you
I find myself smiling constantly.

You're the one that
blows up my stress
You're the one that
light up my day
You're the one that
calm me down when I'm over reacting
You're the one that
Can read every single mood im in
You're the one that
press all the buttons of romance that I have,
You're the one that
Make everything easier for me
You're the one that
I will spend the rest of my life with
You're the one that
Keep me smiling.

You accept me for who I'm
You accepted me for
who I was.
You've been that way
right from the start,
Even when my bad past comes out
you think it cool
You never judge me,
You let me be.
You got what it takes
You got what man needs from a woman
You make me happy
All the time
You keep me smiling.
 Aug 2014 Sabelo Gasa
Sabelo Gasa
If not for you
I wouldn't know what true love really meant.
I'd never feel this inner peace
I couldn't be content . 
If not for you , i'd never have the pleasures of romance.
I'd miss the bliss, the craziness of loves sweet, silly dance.
I have to feel your tender touch
I have to hear your voice
No other one could take your place,
You are it I have no choice.
If not for you I'd be adrift.
I don't know what I'd do.
I'd be searching for you my other half
Incomplete if not for you.
 Nov 2010 Sabelo Gasa
I'm here,
just here alone,
laying on this very bed
wishing you were next to me.

Is it so crazy that I
feel your warmth, your arms
wrapped around me.
I smell your scent,
that ongoing cologne,
so unbearable.
Those eyes,
oh wow, those big brown eyes,
just looking down at me.

Is it sad to say that I already
miss you like crazy?
It's only been a few hours,
but all i can hear
are the ticking sounds of the clock
and your whispers.

The pleasures that run through
my very own soul, my body
when you express yourself.
My hands tremble, waiting,
just waiting to feel your skin again.
My lips waiting to be kissed.
Mind spinning like a rollercoaster.

Am I obsessed?
Going nuts? Crazy? Pathetic? Weird?

I lay my head on my pillow, turning to my left,
a smile forced with my lips.
I'm staring at, holding onto, kissing,
what could have been you.
Love Is A Thing
impossible to understand
Love Is A Thing
which no one can command
Love Is A Thing
completely indestructible
Love Is A Thing
whose secrets are unknowable
Love Is A Thing
that can cause you much pain
Love Is A Thing
which you cannot tame
Love Is A Thing
that is sometimes binding
Love Is A Thing
whose ropes are so binding
is nothing else, but
First poem I ever wrote! It was during the middle of Math in grade four.
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