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The Natural Order will suffice for the Christian--lest he/she falls to the Satanic trickery of the occult. Wanting a supernaturalism out of the context of ones relation with Christ.

Do not be confused God is supernatural but you are not. Those supposed Christians whom suggest that Natural Law is not enough are spiritually filled by the New Age.

New Age i have wanted an experience with the divine...and now i have it. As the witch places the flesh and spirit in the air -uttering the words of such epiclesis- their flesh and blood become christ.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
It is not synergy.
Trash man popery comes
to go to the dump for fulfillment, and still no return of old high church, as Reformed eat the corpse and defecation of Newman.

Too Catholic?
This Reformed Catholicism?
Your Westminster Confession is a lie?

In the trash for edification,
as the bread turns to the body
and the wine ~ blood.

Too Catholic?
This Reformed Catholicism?
Your Westminster Confession is a lie?
Another victim.

'Popery gives their blessing mocking vestments, stained glass, ceremony, ritual, and liturgy. As the high church Presbyterian church wonders...

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
A heathen game of bingo;
take a chance
and twist your mind
or anothers,
to some sort of feeling or incident.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor

White Man


Catholic Wife


You have not done enough for the Black man,
and you do not care enough for the Black man...
be my homeboy.

White patriarchy
by anti-heterosexist
civil right
love affair.
Come have ****** relation
with your family,
and the World.
Come World have ****** relation with
and we will call it Jewish?

World peace
if not for bigotry
then whom?
'Not just for Bible study...

The degree from pastor's teacher
and thesis regarding the student or professor
has been blessed
and now the mind of God realized.

Now being able to purvey God's will
as the next text book topic is heeded,
this one eagerly expounded.

The inventive sermon like many,
exuberantly calls the listener to faith.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
Romans 13
looks elsewhere
at the wide gate?
atop the temple?

In Hell as rich man looks upwards
for 13 sheckles
and Herod?

Pleaing he suggests, Barnabas, the thief,
as if he was a murderer.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
you could say
pink maybe
brown also
but not
Octoroon or Quadroon,
she course
but not

© S. Wesley Mcgranor
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