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Did you ever hide your dreams?
It's time to look inside
Streams of life

Did you ever dream about  where to go?
Did you ever want to know unanswered questions?

Unlock your dreams
Unlock your dreams
Follow the stream
Follow, follow, follow

After you have been shaken
It's time to reawaken
It's. Time to look inside
Time to decide

Did you ever dream about your life?
Unlock your dreams
Unlock your dreams
Unlock your dreams

It's time to know
Where you should go?
Did you ever dream where you will be?

After you have been shaken
It's time to reawaken
Unlock your dreams
Unlock your dreams

Did you ever hide your dreams?
It's time to look inside
Streams of life
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
Cody Shull
I've seen you before
On the same streets I no longer take
I've never seen you since then
Always I wondered if I would ever see you again

One with the rain
Drenched in apathy
Entangled in pain
I confess to you bashfully

Lost within myself
Seems like forever
I think I may need your help
Yearning to be together

If you ever find these words
Please know that they were written true
They were only meant for you

Cody Shull, 2017
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
White jeep
That's where I hurt your head and you cried to your mum
The same one that my grandad crashed
The mafia wanted to exchange me for money
I didn't understand

I found a gun in the kitchen draw
It was pretty cool

And someone's wheels rode over my mums knee
They planned to throw her off the bridge
But she woke up  

And two men made an offer with two angry dogs on their side  
A deal went wrong and they took her dignity
Afterward they threw her on the steps like trash
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
Have you ever felt
So morose that your chest aches
Numbness all over your soul
A big hole, where there should be
The heart

Emptiness, the sickening feeling
You feel so
You don’t seem to matter
You are nothing to anyone

Your Life means nothing
Your existence means nothing
You are invisible
Why bother

All you want to do is to lie in bed
Perhaps, sleep for a while
Better, sleep for a very long time
Possibly, and, never wake up

Do you feel like that?
Cause it’s how I always feel.
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
you're like a germ,
twisting my insides
into outsides, ruining
this facade of happiness

you're like a thorn,
in my side, painful and
ever present, constant
prickles and discomfort
 Jan 2017 S Layaan
Jack Thompson
You're the beauty I left in patong.
Rainy days in Koh Samui.
Now knowing leaving was wrong.

I miss the feeling that laying on top of me wasn't close enough for you.  
Seeing such a genuine need to not feel alone.
Like we're perfectly at home.

Gentle kisses on you're head
Cuddled up tight in bed.

You tell me over and over how you'd rather be alone.
That caring heart that asks me if I'm okay everytime I roll over.
Tells me something different.

You're the girl that may have always gotten away.
I've never known exactly what to think.
What's in your heart you never say.

If I had more time here something nice we'd make.
As the end draws near
It's a shame we're only half baked.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
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