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S Aug 2013
With loving you,
I’ve lost myself,
And I don’t know how to find me,
I search inside my soul for answers,
Without a clue of where I could be.

Seconds turn to minutes,
Minutes into hours,
Endless days to hopeless months,
Trapped in a whirlwind of disaster.

With loving you,
I’ve lost myself,
My worlds come crashing down,
Taking the life of an innocent girl,
The one I never again found.
S Aug 2013
Where are the words when your body is shot,
When all sense of direction is falling apart,
When your life takes a turn and you’ve lost your way,
How can you begin to know what to say?

Where are the words when your hope slowly fades,
When your faith becomes tested on the day to day,
When you feel like the weight of the worlds on your back,
How can you begin to get back on track?

Where are the words when the tears overflow,
When you’re consumed with the fears of being alone,
When your purpose here has left you confused,
How can you begin to know what to do?

Where are the words when you aren’t accepted,
When it seems like your feelings are constantly neglected,
When your heart weighs heavy filled with hurt,
How can you begin to know your self-worth?

Where are the words when you don’t think you matter,
When you question every intention of the people around you,
When you’re drowning in a tsunami of doubt,
How can you begin to know the way out?

Where are the words when you’ve had enough,
When you don’t see the point in trying to be tough,
When you’re down on your knees and **** out of luck,
You’ll find the words: **Never give up.
S Jul 2013
Lustful wishes,
Seductive kisses,
Tease me,
Touch me,
Feel my body yearn for you,
And embrace me tightly,
Never let me go.
Take me higher, as I call out your name
And praise the masterpiece of your being.
Grab my face as I exhale, our breathing in sync,
Rapidly increasing with every movement.
Look into me, see the lustful fires set aflame in the furnace of my heart.
Let me ravish the curves of your red lips in mine,
Passion taking over our bodies while our souls are intertwined before our eyes.
Don’t fight it. No thinking. Just feel.
Let the winged-love gods sprinkle the essence of desire over us as we become one.
And when it is finished, my head upon your chest, don’t let me go.
**Never let me free.
S Jul 2013
The war between my head and heart is no longer able to be ignored,
No treaties, no compromising, no other alternative other than an armed battle,
One will prove to be weak, unable to withstand the power of its rival,
A dual to the death, victory awarded to the last man standing

My head is well-equipped with spears of reason,
with good judgment as its shield,
It uses logical tactics in attempts to diffuse its opponents strengths,
While best interests are the bullets, loaded into heavy machine guns

My heart appears less official, but not to be underestimated,
It’s canons are fired with passion as its driving force,
It has no shields, no armor for protection, making it vulnerable to destruction,
But the power and strength that lives within its burning love is more explosive than any nuclear warfare

My head, while more prepared, lacks the endurance my heart has.
My heart, while superior in strength, lacks the protection my head has.

A bloodshed battle,
Both putting up a great fight,
But one must fall,
For the other to rise

Casualty of one,
My head lying lifeless on the battlefield,
Triumph achieved by my heart,
Victory awarded to its majesty

**Impossible it is…to fight the power of one’s heart.
S Jul 2013
Those eyes, so blue,
the longer I gaze in them the deeper I fall for you.

So mysterious,
as if they are doors locking away the hidden secrets of your being.

Yet so piercing, like a spear,
striking into the depths of my soul.

Never have I gazed into a pair so beautiful, so unique,
and been held hostage to their unexplainable powers.

I am trapped, with no escape,
but I have no sense of fear,
because those eyes take me to another world, far away from here.

— The End —