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Ryan O'Leary Oct 28
The pyre of evil
is being primed
and the fuse just
waiting to be lit
state of empire
return to cinder*

And the world
will be a better
place for us all.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 28
.                 \

Time is a quote of arms
Ryan O'Leary Oct 27
The Arc de Triumphe
has never witnessed a
French victory not even
by the Gilets Jaunes, so
what, if it is blown up!
Ryan O'Leary Oct 27
God has made a postal
vote, couldn't make the
election due to a dispute
in Hell about a reserved
space for Joe Biden who
is not welcome there nor
is Hilary Clinton so they
will have to settle for a
place in Purgatory until
Satan changes his mind.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 27
Americans use the term
God fearing which seems
ominous, considering this
Lord of minds in a domain
of liberty and trust are both
birthrights of the country yet
governed by consternation.

Perhaps instead of God fearing
Democrats should substitute
Law A Biden Citizens, or would
that be too presumptuous when
one contemplates its association
with state sponsored corruption in
connection with Hunter and Joe?

Trump may be a rogue, but he
does not hide the fact, sneaky
Joe is a viper and even though
I have no vote, living here an
Irish citizen in County Cork,
I'm a feared of a Democrat win.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 27
Inhaling exhaled smoke
from the lungs of Covid
carriers is tantamount to
contracting Corona Virus.

W.H.O. has suggested this.

Ryan O'Leary Oct 27
If we were to look at the
racine or the root cause of
our worlds woes from an
etymological perspective
we would discover a Latin
based derived explanation.
Amarum  Amer  America
the progression of a word
which describes bitterness.

Metaphorically narrated it
can go like this. Universal
winds and tides have their
origins in the West, where
there, also exists pollution
factories, whose products
are delivered by Amazon
and Fed-Ex during night.

Yes indeed, a brilliant sun
rises brightly unblemished
in the East making its way
across the Sky over Ireland
and The Atlantic Ocean then
begins its downward spiral
as it passes over Amer-land
where it gets darker & darker
and darker, le destin du mal.
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