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Ryan Kerr Nov 2014
I am not my body.
The width of my arms do not translate how big my soul is.
I may look like a twig fallen from Charlie Brown's Christmas tree
But inside, I'm a galaxy expanding like space itself.

You are not your body.
You are not your concrete imperfections.
Nothing physical could ever represent your true appearance.

The next time that you're with someone,
Close your eyes and look at them.
And see their true form in your mind.
I know it's all been said before, but I just felt like writing my own version.
Ryan Kerr Jan 2014
The garbage that you throw away from your home
Is just moved to a more innocent creature's home
Because the fact is
Everyone is guilty
We're all helplessly killing
Ruining the earth one plastic bag at a time
So tell me
Was that package of chips really worth it?
Ryan Kerr Nov 2013
Mother Nature has a way of helping all of her beautiful creatures
She offers chamomile for when your mind is keeping you from sleeping
Passion flower for your constant worries and woes
Coffee to keep your eyes open
Ginko biloba for when you fail to remember
St John’s Wort for the melancholy that you can’t shake
Lavender for your head’s physical pains
Ginger for those cramps that seem paralyzing
Feverfew to relieve you when you’re overheated
Cannabis to escape all that troubles you
Mint for your when your stomach upsets you

Mother Nature’s healing powers should never be overlooked
She will tend to your wounds
Internal or external
Because Mother Nature cares for you
And you should care for her too
Not done with this one quite yet
Ryan Kerr Oct 2013
If I became blind,
I would still be able to envision the wonders of the world in my dreams.
But after I wake up,
I would no longer be able to see this nightmare of a world around me.
Ryan Kerr Oct 2013
At this moment, you could be breathing in particles from another galaxy.
Foreign bodies flowing through your body like tiny meteor showers.
Bacteria marvel at the minuscule asteroids in your lungs.
Cosmic dust could be the annoyance in your eye,
Or the dirt under your finger nails.
The truth is,
We all have the universe within us.
Just like the universe has all of us within in it.
Ryan Kerr Oct 2013
Endless streams of chemicals pumped into my veins
For the white coats, I was simply an experiment.
Prozac, Lexapro, and Wellbutrin
Every one of them failed to help.
But that's when I realized,
That you are the only remedy I could ever need.
Ryan Kerr Oct 2013
Let’s go on an adventure together
I want to get lost with someone.
When I‘m in your company, everything is better
We could walk in circles, and I’d still have fun

We could get lost in a familiar place
It doesn't matter to me
As long as I can see a friend’s face
When I’m not on my own, I’m as happy as can be

My mind is a puzzle
You, my friend, are my missing piece
Without you, the rain will drizzle
With you, the rain will cease

We can run away for a while
Leave our worries in the dark cells we call our rooms
I’ll look at you and smile
We’ll forget about our inevitable dooms

Let’s lie underneath the breathtaking night sky
Look for shooting stars
And wish for our troubles to pass us by
So together, we can break free from our iron bars
A poem that I wrote earlier this year.

— The End —