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Dec 2018 · 416
If I Ever
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
If I ever loved a woman,
If I ever gave it my all.
You were the woman I loved,
You were the reason for my fall.

Not the drop from grace,
but the plunge into love.
You're the type of soul
that I used to dream of.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!
Dec 2018 · 132
Falling Away
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
I'm exhausted from the fallout
of this bittersweet symphony.
I'm falling away to time with
this long clinging misery.

I've grown weary of writing
such dreary poems.
How many times can I express
how much I feel so alone?

If nothing is going to change,
maybe the problem is me?
But I'm as complicated as a math problem
that asks to find the x to the c.

So what happens from here?
After I'm worn out from writing this grime.
Do I give up the only thing
that I ever saw worthy of my time?
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Happy Holidays, everyone :)
Twitter: @RyanWritesFict
Dec 2018 · 148
12/16/18 1:36 AM
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
Your eyes have a deep, calming scene.
Your breath smells of sensational winter green.

Our lips plant a passionate kiss on one another
that will grow a romance like flowers growing in the summer.

Oh what I'd give to feel your touch.
Oh your hand is what I'd clutch.

The passion between us can fill an entire room.
I enjoy from what our friendship bloomed.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Nov 2018 · 165
Are You Still There?
Ryan Kane Nov 2018
cough, cough
There's a whisper in the air...

                     A voice, exhausted,
                     attempts to scream and see
                     if anyone is still there.

             But no one talks back.
And they haven't in quite sometime.
      From now on I won't complain.
        and just reply "Yeah, I'm fine."
(c) 2018 Ryan Kane
Jun 2018 · 275
And In The End
Ryan Kane Jun 2018
And in the end
she broke my heart.
Both as a lover
and as a best friend.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Ryan Kane May 2018
Hey, everyone, I don't know how many of you remember me, but it's been a long time since I was really active. However, that is going to change and even though I will be getting more busy in my life within the next couple of weeks, I will still be making plans to continuously be active on Hello Poetry.

My hard drive got wiped a few months ago so I lost allllllll of my archived and unpublished poetry I had ready to be published on Hello Poetry, so its been a struggle to write again.

I've also been working on other writing works like short stories, but I absolutely LOVE Hello Poetry. When I joined in 2014, I was instantly overwhelmed with how amazing this community was and still is. It was better than other previous poetry community (cough cough WP).

I can't wait to start publishing again and I hope if you remember me, and liked my old world, you'll like my new stuff.

If you don't know or remember me, hi, I'm Ryan :)


- 5/14/18
Mar 2018 · 181
My Elizabeth
Ryan Kane Mar 2018
You are the light that guides me to a clear path in life.
You are the calm that keeps the hurricane away.
Without you I would wander aimlessly through the prickly bushes
and would be without shelter, without loving arms to secure me after a frightening day.

If god didn't love me, he would not have gifted me with such a pleasent gift to love and to cherish.
Someone who makes me feel an eternal bliss.
My goodness, I love you, and I've said it without hesitance even through our rough times because you are my goddess, my liz, you are all mine.
(c) 2018 - Ryan Kane

Long time no see. I feel like I had to post something soon haha Just a little something I whipped up for a girlfriend I was seeing a while ago.
Oct 2017 · 506
Ryan Kane Oct 2017
When we met it was like a fourth of July event. You cared about my thoughts like someone paying four quarters for two cents.

And when we began to talk it was like two friends that haven't seen each other since their high school graduation, but we only knew each other for less than one of Earths rotations.

It took me 152 days to build up the courage and ask if I could make you mine. That smile you had when you said yes is still tracing around in my mind.

But how quickly love comes around just to be dismissed. The smallest things I did would get you overtly ******.

Though, I was supposed to forgive you cause you're excuse was you're a "classic *****"? Thinking back, I don't know why I didn't just quit.  

Because it was revealed that empty feelings and meaningless words were thrown around by you like a stone at two birds.

What really gets me is I was told I could once again trust literal moments before you turned those promises into dust.

You destroyed me and buried me alive. Then went and told me you're sorry while looking me in the eyes.

It's fine, I'm over it because my heart really belongs to someone better. Someone who still sees the beauty even in the bad weather.

So when you see me post "I miss her", don't be mistaken by thinking it's you because I never got over her, you were just a rebound that didn't come through.
Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff

(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Oct 2017 · 462
The Person for Me
Ryan Kane Oct 2017
You sent a spark to my heart
and set a fire in my soul.
With you I'm not afraid of shattering
like the relationships of old.

Around you, the inspiration fills me up
like a candy dish before Halloween.
For once in my entire life
I feel like someone is the person for me.
Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff

(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Sep 2017 · 399
Forty Winters
Ryan Kane Sep 2017
One day I would love to be forty winters deep
with ***** days, tired eyes,
and all we do is sleep.

In the confines of our cozy home
we hear the cracking of a fire.
Cherishing the delicate love we have
that seems will never go expired.

The temperature is freezing, but
your gentle touch keeps me warm.
We can lay in each other's arms
and listen to the storm.
(c) Ryan Kane 2017

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Sep 2017 · 386
9/27/17 6:04 PM
Ryan Kane Sep 2017
She has loveliness like the glistening night sky,
but she'll leave behind a dishonest legacy.
She spreads her "love" to everyone
but for some reason decides to exclude me.

She knows this too but drowns in her denial
and in the midst of her night
she can no longer see.
To her love is overrated, it does not exist
but she still says "I love you" to me.
I tried a hand at blackout poetry, but took a 5 word poem, and made it longer. It's been a while.

You all should follow me on twitter @RyanWritesStuff
Aug 2017 · 438
Delicate Flower
Ryan Kane Aug 2017
You gave my confidence power.
Your beauty is like a sunshower.
You're the definition of empowered.
You're soft and sweet,
You are my delicate flower.
(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Aug 2017 · 300
8/6/17 10:00 PM
Ryan Kane Aug 2017
It's ten at night
and my trust has
collapsed like a broken bridge
even though time has barely passed
since you taught me how to live.

In only a quarter of earth's rotation,
you've taken my heart
and wreaked devastation.
You poisoned my imagination
and crushed my inspiration.

I fell for your lies,
your feelings in disguise.
You were so down to earth,
but actually in the sky.

I'm shaking as I write,
I can't even hold my drink.
I'm sorry if this poem makes no sense
I can't even think.
(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Jul 2017 · 307
Bad Dream
Ryan Kane Jul 2017
You shut your eyes on me,
and squeeze out a tear.
Your lips slowly opened
to expose my greatest fear.

You grab my hands,
holding them to your chest;
squeezing them so tight
with a promise that you tried your best.

With one last kiss,
you whispered against my breath
"I'll always love you, Ryan"
" But now I must go rest."

The look in your eyes
gave me a lingering chill.
I tried to follow you,
but I could only stand still.

You hopped the railing
off the bridge we stood upon.
Falling into the water; just like that,
you were gone.

I got on my knees
and cried out in pain.
My heart was breaking,
and there was pounding in my brain.

It was then I woke up
out of breath and confused.
Was it really a dream?
or did I actually lose you?
(c) Ryan Kane 2017

Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
Jul 2017 · 316
7/29/17 1:06 PM
Ryan Kane Jul 2017
You're a breath of fresh air in a claustrophobic room.
You're a beautiful flower just about to bloom.
You're the girl in my dreams, the only one for me.
I can't believe I get to call you mine.
To lose you would be a punishable crime.
(c) Ryan Kane 2017

Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
Jul 2017 · 478
A Poem to My Girl
Ryan Kane Jul 2017
Baby, I adore you in a special kind of way;
where I only need to think of you
to know everything will be okay.

   You're my warm winter blanket,
even in the sweltering summer.
I was a blank coloring book before
and now you have filled me with color.

   I don't look at the world
the way I did before I met my girl.
  I've never admired the flowers
or soaked in the love of this world.

    You've made everything brighter,
and I don't know what to say.
       All I know is I just want you,
even on your rainy days.
Hey, everyone! I hope you're enjoying life :)

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Ryan Kane (c) 2017
Jun 2017 · 317
Ryan Kane Jun 2017
Where is the inspiration?
How do I channel it?
Do I wait in silence
for hours and hours
or does it only take a bit?

Why can't I write?
Even though I want to.
I got the ideas in my head,
but they never seem to come through.

Is it lack of confidence?
Maybe I'm no good?
Maybe I am, maybe I'm good,
but then I think
"What is the likelihood?"
Been a while since I posted. I don't know, why. Just haven't liked anything I've written. I don't even like this, but I had to post something. Have a great day!

Connect on twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
Apr 2017 · 667
Ryan Kane Apr 2017
You and I were miles apart,
but connected through the stars.
I guess their lights must've burnt out
because now you're nothing but a memory
I sing to a empathetic tune on my guitars.
(c) Ryan J. Kane 2017
Ryan Kane Apr 2017
I tend to take breaks from posting for a while. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months. Sometimes I have a reason, and sometimes I don't. This break though has been for a reason...

I've just lost my creative spirit. I know poetry is an expression of one's feelings, and there isn't a right or wrong way to do it, but I've become tired with my writings, and my subjects, and my lack of poetic language.

I've been working on myself a lot, from my mental state to my creativity and the way I carry myself. So i'm working on becoming a better writer, and I have a few projects I'm working on for when the end of my current college semester is over.

I will be posting more now, but it'll be unpublished, archived stuff. Hopefully you'll enjoy, but it's not the best.

I hope all of you are doing great! And don't be afraid to hit me up on social media. Follow my twitter, and ill follow you right back!

Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff (best way to contact me)
Have a nice day/night :)
Jan 2017 · 871
"I Love You Too"
Ryan Kane Jan 2017
You stabbed me in the back
so I stabbed my wrist.
You snickered at my pain
so I let some blood drip.

Now that I'm content,
I say "Baby, I love you".
You reply the same,
but only one of them is true.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2017
I always accept feedback :)
Twitter @RyanWritesStuff
Jan 2017 · 562
1/6/17 12:00 PM
Ryan Kane Jan 2017
Don't hide behind the lies
when I know the truth.
If you keep hanging on
I'm gonna have to cut you loose.

I need to be healthy,
I need to fix me
and I cannot do that
when you're lying through your teeth.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2017
First poem of 2017 for me!
I always welcome feedback :)
Twitter @RyanWritesStuff
Dec 2016 · 801
A Letter to Santa
Ryan Kane Dec 2016
I wrote a letter to Santa Clause,
despite my age being twenty-three.
I asked him for a ride
to where ever you are for
Christmas because I need
to see you so desperately.

I have two years of hugs to give
you, I wanna feel your grip,
with that an endless amount of kisses
to descend upon your rosy cheeks,
and colored lips.

I want to ring in the new year
with you in my arms.
It just doesn't feel like the holidays,
when you're so far.
Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, everyone!
Follow me on Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff (I follow back)
Ryan Kane Dec 2016
I just wanted to post an update to every wonderful person who follows me, and say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I know I may be a little late for other religious holidays (but I'm not for Festivus ;P), but I still wish you a great ending to the year 2016.

This time of year can be very stressful, or heartbreaking. Don't stress yourself out more than you have to, and don't feel so bad about whatever it is bothering you. The holidays are supposed to be a fun time, and a time to be cheerful. So go hang out with your friends and family, let them know how much you love them, go make new friends, have a few drinks! ENJOY!

Again, I wish everyone here a Happy Holiday, and a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Also! Follow my new twitter @RyanWritesStuff for I haven't been on much, and you can keep updated with me on there. I'll follow you back, and it's a much better way to stay in touch too.
- Ryan Kane
Oct 2016 · 696
I Fear
Ryan Kane Oct 2016
I believe out of fear for
I don't know what happens next.
So I get on my knees and pray,
tracing a cross against my chest.

I don't want to fear,
but i don't want to miss a possible fact.
I don't want to be denied access to heaven,
and spend eternity staring into black.

I fear every day,
especially since I'm full of sin.
So I pray I'm forgiven,
I have no choice but to give in.
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Oct 2016 · 600
10/19/16 1:17 AM
Ryan Kane Oct 2016
Ignoring me is the worst thing you can do.
What's alarming is you know this too.
Yet, you still continue to read my texts and not reply;
Then make up an excuse, like I don't know it's a lie.

I supply your heart with the love you need,
but you keep me waiting on one knee.
Is it because you know i'll always come back?
Maybe I shouldn't have let you in on that fact.

So I'll wait a few weeks for you to reply,
and act like it's okay, even though that's a lie.
When will I ever speak up, and let you know the deal?
Probably never, and that's the problem; I don't think you care how I feel.
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Oct 2016 · 585
10/18/16 12:47AM
Ryan Kane Oct 2016
What comes after death?
I hope it's better than this.
But if my family isn't there,
I'm gonna be ******.

I dislike the life I have,
but I love my family and my friends.
I want to keep the ones I have
even after the end.

Whether its heaven,
another life, or just a black abyss;
I want the people I've come to love,
because I know they'll be missed.
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Oct 2016 · 577
Running West
Ryan Kane Oct 2016
I'm down and out
spiraling in twists of fate.
It has me contemplating a date,
one I can no longer await.

So a sweet goodbye to a few,
and to some the finger is raised.
No more suicide these days,
but my time has come to go away.

Minimal bags packed,
and a ticket to somewhere unknown.
Somewhere no one knows the real me,
and where I can be alone.

At least for a bit.

           Until I have my mind figured out.

Running west is the only way to escape this black cloud.

                                                                                                  Mom, you
                                                                                                         should be
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
Oct 2016 · 900
Final Countdown
Ryan Kane Oct 2016
I no longer walk the line
like Johnny Cash.
I was born into this world
bold and brash,
but I couldn't last.

I'm knocked down,
and unwilling to stand.
A ten count has begun,
and it's almost the end.

"Nine" the referee yells.
Time stands still.
It's the final countdown,
and my blood has began to spill.
(c) Ryan Kane 2016
Twitter @RyanWritesStuff
Sep 2016 · 559
A Shallow Heart
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
A shallow heart
gives her fresh cuts
with puffy red eyes,
and shattered trust.
The protective walls she once built
has just turned to dust.
Love comes wrapped in thorns,
especially when based on ****.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
@RyanWritesStuff - Twitter
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Sep 2016 · 372
Heart & Soul
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
Show me your heart,
and I'll trade you my soul.
Give me your trust,
and I'll give the greatest love story...

ever told.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
Sep 2016 · 440
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
Her eyes tell a story that
her tongue simply cannot.*
Her beauty is untouched,
*but her insides have begun to rot.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
This planet *****

...I would like to go home.

I would...

                   if I had any clue where to go...
(c) 2016 - Ryan Kane
Sep 2016 · 555
Like You
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
I don't need wealth.
I don't need fame.
I don't need love
or all of it's pain.

All I need is you,
and your open arms.
All I need is your smile,
and your special charm.

I don't want choices,
I just want you.
But you don't believe me
even though It's true.

I pray one day
you see us through.
The sun will never bring warmth
quite like you.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
@RyanWritesStuff - Twitter
Sep 2016 · 328
9/4/2016 3:32 AM
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
I love watching the stars,
and taking late night drives in the car.
I wanna go dancing at our favorite bar,
and gaze at each other from a far.

Let's send cute texts while sitting close,
and give kisses to each other on the nose.
Go ahead and steal my clothes.
Let's binge watch a ton of shows.

I wanna love you until time runs out,
and wash away all of your doubt.
I'll kiss you quiet if we ever shout.
I wanna know what you're all about.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
@RyanWritesStuff - Twitter
Ryan Kane Sep 2016
It's another night of no sleep.
So I grab my hoodie,
and I walk the streets.

My mind is cloudy,
but the sky is clear.
I love when the sounds of nature
whisper in my ear.

After the sun sets,
I have no stress.
After midnight
is when I feel best.

Its 3 A.M
and I should be in bed,
but I like to feel free
so I walk the streets instead.
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane
@RyanWritesStuff - Twitter
Aug 2016 · 291
8/26/16 3:54PM
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
I'd trade in my acoustic guitar
for you any day.

I'd stop writing poetry
if it would make you stay.

Art is a passion, but you're my whole life.
Without you I'm just a blind man gambling with dice.
(c) 2016 - Ryan Kane
Twitter: @RyanWritesStuff
Have a beautiful day :)
Aug 2016 · 670
My Storm
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
Her skin is like silk

         smooth to the touch.

Her lips are soft like cotton

      which is why I ask for kisses so much.

Her eyes are caring, compassionate, and her hugs so warm.

     **My life without her is like a hurricane, and she calms my storm
(c) 2016 Ryan Kane

Aug 2016 · 453
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
Love can shape the world.
Love is what you show your girl.
Love is being there for someone at
three in the morning for whatever reason.
Love shouldnt change like the seasons.
(c) 2016 - Ryan Kane
Aug 2016 · 497
8/23/16 3:29PM
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
You broke me down,
but I will rise above.
These days
you need strength to love.


how much strength
do I have left?
I continue to try,
and do my best.
But I'm not fit
to be apart of the rest.

That's the in crowd
with the long relations,
and the couples based off nothing,
but have a strong foundation.

That's not for me,
based on my past.
Relationships for me
aren't meant to last...
(c) 2016 - Ryan Kane
Aug 2016 · 540
8/7/16 - 5:06 PM
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
I showcase you in my poetry,
I rant about you in my story.
You're the epicenter of my tragedy
because what happened to us is a travesty.

The past should be the past,
and you should be that.
Though, I want you to be my future.
I'm the hero, but without my villain, I'm not super.

You're inspirational
like the beauty of planet earth.
I believe we we're destined to meet
since the day of our birth.

I rant about you,
I write about us.
Our life story will be based on love,
unlike the others based on ****.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2016
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
She has chemical dreams and toxic wishes.
She wastes her breath on silly superstitions...
like it's nobodies business.
She kneels down and prays, but nobody listens.

She has visions that seem to come and go.
She imagines a future that feels so alone.
A time where every body is delved into a selfish abyss.
Where kids are growing up without a hug or a kiss.

Every year the bad days grow longer.
Positivity fades, and the negative thoughts get stronger.
Welcome to a future where all the heroes died.
Now its reflections of villains in these kids eyes.

Change happens when one matures.
Immaturity has become an epidemic, and we can't find a cure.
What ever happened to a soul that's pure?
She's the last of that kind, a species that's become a blur.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2016
Twitter: @RadicalMartian
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
Fragile like glass

                          Be careful with her heart

because piecing back the shattered  pieces

                                                ­   is always the hardest part...
(c) Ryan Kane - 2016
Twitter: @RadicalMartian
Aug 2016 · 828
The Time I Caught Feelings
Ryan Kane Aug 2016
I caught a whole mess of feelings.
It's something I haven't planned on doing,
but it just kind of happened.
It wasn't up to my choosing.

She paints the heavens with her words.
Her voice is more beautiful than music from the birds,
and it's cliche, but she rocks my world.
I wish we could be together, I wish I could call her my girl.

But it was only a crush.
Temporary love turned into dust.
Though the feelings still stay,
as my heart turns to rust.

Is it feelings or is it ****?

I have no clue
I just know I caught feelings.
Something I don't want,
It's something I find unappealing.
(c) Ryan Kane - 2016
Twitter: @RadicalMartian
Jul 2016 · 601
Stressed Out
Ryan Kane Jul 2016
You make me so stressed out,
I feel like the strings are about to snap.
And sometimes I wish they would
so I can walk away and never look back.

I just want to be free
like these words whenever I write them down.
I've stressed myself out
all just to make you proud.

Proud enough to call me yours.
Proud enough to accept you're mine.
Proud enough for you to not come home
smelling like another mans cologne half past nine.

I'm so stressed out
I've become dehydrated from these tears.
The scars you engraved in me
will stay visible for years.

I'm so stressed out because you've broken
what I've tried to so hard to rebuild.
I never thought death would be better
than the pain I currently feel
(c) 2016 - Ryan Kane
Mar 2016 · 546
7:25 PM 3/27/16
Ryan Kane Mar 2016
Today I cried for the first time in years.
Bawled my eyes out until I ran out of tears.
Every thing wrong in my life has finally caught up to me.
I let it all out, but somehow I still don't feel free.

My mind with my heart lay scattered in pieces,
and I'm reluctant to pick them up.
It's not because I wouldn't love to,
but whats the point? Since I've ran out of glue.
- Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Mar 2016 · 450
8:01 PM 3/8/16
Ryan Kane Mar 2016
Sonder beings pass me by.
A universe lived within each eye.
Chrysalism gives me life,
shut away in my own mind,
a loner is how I self describe.
-Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Mar 2016 · 713
4:50 PM 3/7/16
Ryan Kane Mar 2016
She sets my sites on where I want to be;
In her arms, where it feels like home,
and where my heart can be free.

I don't want to be on the other side
looking in.
I want to ditch our separate lives,
and let ours begin.

She is royalty,
precious like a gem on every level.
Her touch so soft,
and her kiss so gentle.

She makes me feel so special.
- Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Mar 2016 · 931
Ryan Kane Mar 2016
Why** can't I be happy?

                 why can't I feel it?

                                                    I know I'm loved,
                                      but my mind can't comprehend it...

                                            My anxiety just screams
                                          "NOBODY LOVES YOU!"
                                        "YOU'LL LOSE THEM ALL!"
                               Maybe I should just push everyone away now
                                  and find comfort within these four walls.

                           Because it seems like If I have nothing left to lose
                 I'll no longer have to go through with this self mental abuse.
-Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Feb 2016 · 645
12:28 PM 2/29/16
Ryan Kane Feb 2016
You turn my heart into a kick and snare drum beat.
You send a eurphoric sensation through my body from my head to my feet.
These butterflies are roaring like a lion in its den.
I believe every promise you make, I count on being with you until the end. So don't let me down, I can't take anymore broken promises.
All I ask from you is I give you love, and you give me honesty.
- Ryan Kane (c) 2016
Feb 2016 · 639
4:15 PM 2/24/16
Ryan Kane Feb 2016
I've never been so in love,
and I'm scared as all ****.
The last time this feeling came along
no one was there to catch me when I fell.
-Ryan Kane (c) 2016
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