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Ryan Kane Jul 16
What will it take to break from these chains
that I locked myself in and lost the key?
I'm not a magician,
I don't have a trick up my sleeve.
And people pass me by, but don't even blink.
Unless I ask for a shot, then they pass me a drink.
(c) Ryan Kane 2019
Life and Reality are more real than you know.
Twitter: @RyanWritesFict
Ryan Kane May 11
I've waited for him to sleep
just to have a few minutes alone
so I could hear the softness in your voice
while you whispered over the phone.

I've waited up for you
well into the deepness of the night
so you could cry on my shoulder
when he would cause a fight.

I've waited for the day
he stopped knowing I was your friend.
I so badly wanted to tell him
that I've been in his bed.

I've waited for the day
you and I could stop the secrets.
It was thrilling at first
like winning you was an achievement.

But you're not a prize;
you're human, like him.
So I said goodbye to both of you,
letting everyone win.
(c) Ryan Kane 2019
Ryan Kane May 10
It was supposed to be a fling.
I wasn't supposed to fall in love.
But that's exactly what I did
and her touch was better
than any of my favorite drugs.
(c) Ryan Kane 2019
Ryan Kane Feb 24
On a night so soft
With a cup of tea so warm,
I now understand that
Happiness can arrive
At such simple times
And in such a simple form.
(c) Ryan Kane 2019
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
If I ever loved a woman,
If I ever gave it my all.
You were the woman I loved,
You were the reason for my fall.

Not the drop from grace,
but the plunge into love.
You're the type of soul
that I used to dream of.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
I'm exhausted from the fallout
of this bittersweet symphony.
I'm falling away to time with
this long clinging misery.

I've grown weary of writing
such dreary poems.
How many times can I express
how much I feel so alone?

If nothing is going to change,
maybe the problem is me?
But I'm as complicated as a math problem
that asks to find the x to the c.

So what happens from here?
After I'm worn out from writing this grime.
Do I give up the only thing
that I ever saw worthy of my time?
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Happy Holidays, everyone :)
Twitter: @RyanWritesFict
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
Your eyes have a deep, calming scene.
Your breath smells of sensational winter green.

Our lips plant a passionate kiss on one another
that will grow a romance like flowers growing in the summer.

Oh what I'd give to feel your touch.
Oh your hand is what I'd clutch.

The passion between us can fill an entire room.
I enjoy from what our friendship bloomed.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
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