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Ryan Kane Jul 2021
WOW! It's been forever hasn't it? I don't know if I have any people that actually liked my writing so much where they cared about where I was. However, I still feel like I owe an update.

I can't remember the last time I posted, but I'm sure it was pre-pandemic. It's been a wild ride since and honestly has been since the summer before. I won't go into details, but there has been a lot of life changes. Some horrible and some great.

I miss writing poetry, but I'm not sure I have the talent to anymore. My brain feels so unorganized that I can't focus on writing and I'm kind of short on time these days, but I would really like to get back into the craft.

Hello Poetry was the first place that took my poetry seriously. I have a deep admiration for this site. So I may be posting stuff once again soon. If not anything new, probably stuff from my Wattpad days.

Anyways, I'm working on a person blog where i'll be posting poetry and original fictional stories. So keep in touch and I hope to see you all soon!
- Ryan Kain
Ryan Kane May 2020
Two young souls sat within the towering grass of an endless field.

They watched an infant universe dance out from a bottle, new life revealed.

As they watched and studied, their minds were filled with questions where the answers became lost in a void.

The boy so curious, he became furious because no answers to the burning questions made him annoyed.

As the patient child gazed in amazement at what they just discovered, the impatient child stood up and over the bottle, his foot hovered.

The patient child jolted upward and screamed a piercing sound
as the impatient child's foot hit the ground.

Under his ****** foot laid the remnants of an early life.

With no remorse, he walked off while the crying child held the shattered pieces in her hand and asked "why can't we have anything nice?".
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Ryan Kane Apr 2020
We're nearing the end
and it's come so quick.
What else is there to do
but wait and sit?

We had plenty of time to change,
but we continued to waste our potential.
Now mother nature is done with us.
So to her, our doom is essential.

So let the violins play.
Let the trumpets sing aloud.
Humanity had several chances,
I hope we're proud.
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Ryan Kane Mar 2020
What's it like to be found?
No longer sleeping in the ground.
The coffee pours to the floor.
A family broke, a heart torn.
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Ryan Kane Mar 2020
How many times can I not sleep?
It's getting worse everyday,
I'm losing more sleep every week.

My bloodshot eyes worry my mother,
but I can't talk to her
because I'm nothing but a bother.

I don't sleep walk, I day walk.
When I think I'm thinking
people actually hear me talk.

My mind no longer reacts.
Everything's a blur
I have an increase in panic attacks.

I pop a sleep pill
and I try to lay very still.
My alarm clock went off again.
Another sleepless night at the end.
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Ryan Kane Mar 2020
Life is just a compilation
of sad, and depressing beats.
It's the world's worst mixtape
created by a "fabricated" being.
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
Ryan Kane Mar 2020
Whisper me some words.
Lead me to your home.
Let me kiss your body
while we're all alone.

Show me that deep love.
Set my soul ablaze.
Make me forget my name;
make me quiver for days.

Love ain't so easy,
but with effort we can make it.
Love is quite a feeling;
it's best if we embrace it.
(c) Ryan Kane 2020
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