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Ryan Kane Dec 2018
If I ever loved a woman,
If I ever gave it my all.
You were the woman I loved,
You were the reason for my fall.

Not the drop from grace,
but the plunge into love.
You're the type of soul
that I used to dream of.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
I'm exhausted from the fallout
of this bittersweet symphony.
I'm falling away to time with
this long clinging misery.

I've grown weary of writing
such dreary poems.
How many times can I express
how much I feel so alone?

If nothing is going to change,
maybe the problem is me?
But I'm as complicated as a math problem
that asks to find the x to the c.

So what happens from here?
After I'm worn out from writing this grime.
Do I give up the only thing
that I ever saw worthy of my time?
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Happy Holidays, everyone :)
Twitter: @RyanWritesFict
Ryan Kane Dec 2018
Your eyes have a deep, calming scene.
Your breath smells of sensational winter green.

Our lips plant a passionate kiss on one another
that will grow a romance like flowers growing in the summer.

Oh what I'd give to feel your touch.
Oh your hand is what I'd clutch.

The passion between us can fill an entire room.
I enjoy from what our friendship bloomed.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Ryan Kane Nov 2018
cough, cough
There's a whisper in the air...

                     A voice, exhausted,
                     attempts to scream and see
                     if anyone is still there.

             But no one talks back.
And they haven't in quite sometime.
      From now on I won't complain.
        and just reply "Yeah, I'm fine."
(c) 2018 Ryan Kane
Ryan Kane Jun 2018
And in the end
she broke my heart.
Both as a lover
and as a best friend.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Ryan Kane May 2018
Hey, everyone, I don't know how many of you remember me, but it's been a long time since I was really active. However, that is going to change and even though I will be getting more busy in my life within the next couple of weeks, I will still be making plans to continuously be active on Hello Poetry.

My hard drive got wiped a few months ago so I lost allllllll of my archived and unpublished poetry I had ready to be published on Hello Poetry, so its been a struggle to write again.

I've also been working on other writing works like short stories, but I absolutely LOVE Hello Poetry. When I joined in 2014, I was instantly overwhelmed with how amazing this community was and still is. It was better than other previous poetry community (cough cough WP).

I can't wait to start publishing again and I hope if you remember me, and liked my old world, you'll like my new stuff.

If you don't know or remember me, hi, I'm Ryan :)


- 5/14/18
Ryan Kane Mar 2018
You are the light that guides me to a clear path in life.
You are the calm that keeps the hurricane away.
Without you I would wander aimlessly through the prickly bushes
and would be without shelter, without loving arms to secure me after a frightening day.

If god didn't love me, he would not have gifted me with such a pleasent gift to love and to cherish.
Someone who makes me feel an eternal bliss.
My goodness, I love you, and I've said it without hesitance even through our rough times because you are my goddess, my liz, you are all mine.
(c) 2018 - Ryan Kane

Long time no see. I feel like I had to post something soon haha Just a little something I whipped up for a girlfriend I was seeing a while ago.
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