Ryan Kane Jun 23
And in the end
she broke my heart.
Both as a lover
and as a best friend.
(c) Ryan Kane 2018
Ryan Kane May 15
Hey, everyone, I don't know how many of you remember me, but it's been a long time since I was really active. However, that is going to change and even though I will be getting more busy in my life within the next couple of weeks, I will still be making plans to continuously be active on Hello Poetry.

My hard drive got wiped a few months ago so I lost allllllll of my archived and unpublished poetry I had ready to be published on Hello Poetry, so its been a struggle to write again.

I've also been working on other writing works like short stories, but I absolutely LOVE Hello Poetry. When I joined in 2014, I was instantly overwhelmed with how amazing this community was and still is. It was better than other previous poetry community (cough cough WP).

I can't wait to start publishing again and I hope if you remember me, and liked my old world, you'll like my new stuff.

If you don't know or remember me, hi, I'm Ryan :)


- 5/14/18
Ryan Kane Mar 20
You are the light that guides me to a clear path in life.
You are the calm that keeps the hurricane away.
Without you I would wander aimlessly through the prickly bushes
and would be without shelter, without loving arms to secure me after a frightening day.

If *** didn't love me, he would not have gifted me with such a pleasent gift to love and to cherish.
Someone who makes me feel an eternal bliss.
My goodness, I love you, and I've said it without hesitance even through our rough times because you are my goddess, my liz, you are all mine.
(c) 2018 - Ryan Kane

Long time no see. I feel like I had to post something soon haha Just a little something I whipped up for a girlfriend I was seeing a while ago.
Ryan Kane Oct 2017
When we met it was like a fourth of July event. You cared about my thoughts like someone paying four quarters for two cents.

And when we began to talk it was like two friends that haven't seen each other since their high school graduation, but we only knew each other for less than one of Earths rotations.

It took me 152 days to build up the courage and ask if I could make you mine. That smile you had when you said yes is still tracing around in my mind.

But how quickly love comes around just to be dismissed. The smallest things I did would get you overtly ******.

Though, I was supposed to forgive you cause you're excuse was you're a "classic *****"? Thinking back, I don't know why I didn't just quit.  

Because it was revealed that empty feelings and meaningless words were thrown around by you like a stone at two birds.

What really gets me is I was told I could once again trust literal moments before you turned those promises into dust.

You destroyed me and buried me alive. Then went and told me you're sorry while looking me in the eyes.

It's fine, I'm over it because my heart really belongs to someone better. Someone who still sees the beauty even in the bad weather.

So when you see me post "I miss her", don't be mistaken by thinking it's you because I never got over her, you were just a rebound that didn't come through.
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(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Ryan Kane Oct 2017
You sent a spark to my heart
and set a fire in my soul.
With you I'm not afraid of shattering
like the relationships of old.

Around you, the inspiration fills me up
like a candy dish before Halloween.
For once in my entire life
I feel like someone is the person for me.
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(c) Ryan Kane 2017
Ryan Kane Sep 2017
One day I would love to be forty winters deep
with ***** days, tired eyes,
and all we do is sleep.

In the confines of our cozy home
we hear the cracking of a fire.
Cherishing the delicate love we have
that seems will never go expired.

The temperature is freezing, but
your gentle touch keeps me warm.
We can lay in each other's arms
and listen to the storm.
(c) Ryan Kane 2017

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Ryan Kane Sep 2017
She has loveliness like the glistening night sky,
but she'll leave behind a dishonest legacy.
She spreads her "love" to everyone
but for some reason decides to exclude me.

She knows this too but drowns in her denial
and in the midst of her night
she can no longer see.
To her love is overrated, it does not exist
but she still says "I love you" to me.
I tried a hand at blackout poetry, but took a 5 word poem, and made it longer. It's been a while.

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