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She said that biting my nails was a bad habit,
as she pulled a puff from the lipstick stained cig.
Habits, I can tell you all about them, she croaked this,
Men, War, Love -- Forgive me for being redundant.
I shook my head and released a laugh that seemed to
float past her, with little acknowledgment, little care.
Men, War, Love, Drugs, *** -- I've had it all inside me,
I've witnessed it tremble through and pass, with gradual
recklessness. I've seen and felt it all, but I wonder if I've
experienced glimpses or the entirety of what life has had
to offer me, bad or not, true or contrived. And this, this
wonderment is my most terrible habit; it will destroy me,
through and through, until nothing is left but a smoldering
foundation; a shell, burning through cigarettes and life.
 Aug 2016 Ryan Galloway
 Aug 2016 Ryan Galloway
You did not even have to ****
that pretty daisy
and watch as its petals rain
on the ground to know that
she loves you
Remind myself that I am alive
Break my heart several times
Show my history like a map pinned where I started
Where I stayed
Remind myself that I need to move
That I need to run
Run away, or run to
Remind myself that I need to run to you
Because when I am next to you I don't need to
Remind myself
For it is with you I know I am alive
And it is next to you I don't mind staying
 Oct 2015 Ryan Galloway
Ciara A
I died
when you asked
her out

I died
when your lips
touched hers

I died
when you told me
that you love her

I died
when you left
me all alone

And when I died
you brought her
to my funeral

That's when I died
all over

The two week long sunburn
The smell of cucumber and melon
The warmth of your sheets
As we cocooned
For two whole weeks
As grasshoppers bloomed
I felt as if your room
Was the start of something magnificent
Your mattress a holy monument
To the rebirth of the desert flowers
After the two week long miracle texas rain
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