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Ruthie Jan 2011
Lost within plain sight.
Heart rhythms of sinus gone to tach
my heart beats for what?
So lucid and everquestioning
just taking space in my mind
questions unanswered
drifting in the universe
lost within plain sight

Minds racing.
Here is the future,
so out of reach.
Culturally deceived truth; it's all relative.
Society smells of it, lies and ludeness impacting.
Exposed indefinite maliciousness
life and the revelation therein,
being ever lost; within plain sight
Ruthie Dec 2010
Free falling, gasps, shallow breath.
All inspired eyes gazing in wonder,
where life leads next, anticipation.
Leary yet Eager to learn where pieces fit.
Left now, in astonishment here I sit.
yours truly
Ruthie Dec 2010
where were all those dreams we had so many years ago
seasons change as does everything left inside we grow
slide on next to me I'm just a human being
I just need someone to ecko in my unknown future seeing

You say it's untrue the fact not theory he died for you
as unprepared you are for a disaster or suprise so you are
just as you will be when time comes to trim your lamp
in that moment all eyes will be open and truth uncovered

Then comes the stamp in your forehead and hand
From darkness driven to end what has been given
without blemish or spot they denied him
now they sit in the inferno and rot

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
little do they know the soul remains aglow
the spirit prevailing one way
the spirit prevailing another

Now is the time to understand and thrive
He is the purpose for all we feel that is good
never doubting the raw and absolute untainted truth
always being diligent to tell and remain

It is in deep sadness I will say all will not make it that fatefull day
demons devour lives turn sour what appeared  bliss before
now turned to vile so greatly impure '
we all our entitled to be what we may"

Now weaping and gnashing of teeth
satan and demons surround as a wreath
in deception and slay they now know they turned away
from somthing that could have saved them

Don't ever deny the end will arrive
maybe tomorrow so put away your sorrow
allow your heart to ripen let your savior in
you know it's true from every being within

I am writing to warn not discourage
never lose hope for we all fall short, have courage
don't be decieved study to show yourself approved
overcome and conquer we can win this
I have my armour do you?

Saint Ruth~

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Ruthie Dec 2010
To long misunderstood
I wish they somehow could

It is the way of thinking
thats left them sinking

Always wonder why they stay
In this world so cold, cast away

Let them understand Lord your mercy and grace
Forsake me not without you I'd perish away
Ruthie Nov 2010
Encased smoothed wrought to new
Axiomatic taken to within

        Effort yearned cognizant
        waiting for the monest of solitude
               broken away from demure
               Found anew expressed outsplendor

                   Turned to diffident through omnipotence
                    obsolete in disguise from degregation
Ruthie Nov 2010
Listen soldier to the tale of tendor nightingale
Tis a charm that soon will ease your wounds so cruel,
Singing medicine for your pain in a sympathetic strain
with a jug, jug, jug of lemonade or gruel.

Singing bandages and lint; salve and stearate without stint
Singing plenty both of liniment and lotion.
And your mixtures pushes about
And the pills for you served out
With alacrity and promptitute of motion

Singing light and gentle hands, and a nurse who understands
How to manage every sort of application.
From a poultice to leach, whom you haven't got to teach,
The way to make a poppy fomentation.

Singing pillow for you smoothed; smart and anguish smoothed,
By the rediness of feminine invention.
Singing fever thirst allayed, and the bed you've tumbled made
With a cheerful and considerate attention.

Singing succour to the brave and a rescue from the grave,
Hear the nightingale that's come to the crimea.
Tis a nightingale as strong in her heart as in her song,
To carry out so gallant an idea.
Florence Nightingale
Ruthie Nov 2010
isolated thoughts amidst the night

gazing in wonder what an amazing sight

never underestimating the mystery laid out

always respecting the massive power

appreciating the view hour by hour

what should I fear but that which thought it

built and named with perfect ease

always a treasure to you and me
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