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Oct 2014 · 941
art, heart n soul….
runu swayam Oct 2014
designing n expressing…
a field I chose,
as there’s no right or wrong…
where one can sing
one’s own painted song…

surfing the waves of life
ignorant of my inner strife.
I flew on wings of dreams
till I chanced upon, one day
on the spiritual door, up stream

spirituality then happened to me.
I equally happened back to it.
ever since its been a love lore

all boundaries now diminished
like baby inside mother…
the ‘doer’ and the ‘doing’
the seeker and the sought
have merged into each other…

is there an ‘other’?

‘love’ and ‘spirituality’ to me,
are one n the same thing.
both facilitate the connect of self,
oh so deep within.

the door to immortality
both hold the key.
let the truth unfold
you don’t have to plea.

love is my breathing,
art my signature,
spirituality my anchoring,
absolute soul my true nature.
6th Oct 2014, Interlaken, Switzerland

the moment i landed here in Interlaken
just a few days ago
i felt an affinity unique.
ever since i have been flowing
as if poetry is me.

a unison of a sort
a tryst with me, my self
Oct 2014 · 286
matter of 'matter'
runu swayam Oct 2014
nothing matters
as everything (here) is 'matter'
the illusion of matter
why should it matter?
Oct 2014 · 853
Who are we?
runu swayam Oct 2014
an enigma…
a line…
a dot…
or a shine?

Who are we?
a sum total of our illusions…
or the choices of our delusions…
a window to our mind…
an absentia…
a presence…
or total blind…

Who are we?
or mind…
or spirit sublime…

a lung…
a heart.
an *****…
a gland.
or an invisible cast…

the ‘hold’
or the holder…
or a super natural plast…

Who are we?
the question perpetual.

Who are we?
question which shows ‘void’.

Who are we?
the question itself, a void.
filling, is but our indulgence.

to live our mind
to play our mind
we locked our ‘self’
we chose to forget.

The ‘self’ is.
we chose sleep.
the reverie we love…
but enough we have seen
and lots we have been.

the inner self beckons.
the sound of beyond…
we hear but neglect,
we respond some,
then again forget.

the waking, the reverie.
the ebb and the tide.

we lesser mortals,
ignorant of our shine.

some of us have woken,
we can’t lie now…
we hear the silence,
we know the flow,
we know that space,
where death doth not show.
Sep 2014 · 417
runu swayam Sep 2014
Love is the beginning of
complete self compatibility...
Complete self completeness.

Love is yore, love is allure
Love is addiction, love is pure

Love is food, love is water
Love is filling, love is fodder

Love is book, love is home
Love is socks, love is rome

Whichever way I go, whatever route I take,
Love thus, I see and find in all shapes n makes…

Love is a spectacle,
love is in the ‘beyond’

love is pure magic
which makes me respond…

love to you and love to me
love is my best expression
of my within

love to me is ecstasy
love to me is soul
love to me is beingness
love to me is explore

love is not a mirage
love is not a soliloquy

love is there in all of ‘me’
love is my whole.
love is my completeness
love is my soul.

the oneness…
the rhapsody…
the addiction..
that I have with love

makes me my own self love
the source. the object.
the giver. the taker
all at one

— The End —