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Ruby Watson Aug 2013
with Each step  
          I've seen
         the circle
                        [& been seen]                  
                                              Caught in
                                                  times of
                                                              it... again                  
                                                               "­Oh, yes!"
                                                           ­                  (without a doubt) 
.                                                        ­             

;~) simply descending the spiral stairs
to the cellar,
R x
Ruby Watson Jul 2013
Sand to glass.
Topaz and yellow blend, in fired isolation.          
   Can you see the beauty,or   only how much we are our island?

Floating... unseen in an ocean.                                                        
  ­                          Swimming... in the filth  of flotsum and jetsum, (which constantly surrounds us)
Sinking... into the detritus of lives staining this shoreline.            
Drifting... with each swelling high tide. Chosen by the moon.    
     Drowning... left bereft and barren by such far flung lows.              

                 Barefoot, I've walked amongst the driftwood you left laying; Collecting all
                        those pieces (bits you kept hidden), loves un-worshipped or love never given.

                                             -Kept safely now-                                            
in pockets of my salty flesh, being sweetly rewritten.

     Keep an eye to the sky, and an ear to the waves of you're known.

Perhaps, one day, you realise,
(when the stars shine bright within your sextant)

 - so I wait here,
                                                     by this water wide -                                                  
              with fingers and toes deep in our sand              
        Until the sirens' call reaches you again,
                                  and upon yonder watched crest you send a malia,                          
from a soon forgotten land of words.
Ruby Watson Jul 2013
Take the long route South, and linger...
where shaded valleys seek horizons.
Burrowing, amongst fragrant meadows,
as soft breezes rise.

Ruby Watson Apr 2013
Not many people noticed the box
she carries in front of her.

Undefined, yet heavy.
Bottomless,  not deep.

Only he
ever saw inside -
on that last day
she ever cried.

made him turn away;
He left her
alone on the street.

for the next bus,
she never felt it
start to
               ­             k
*listening to HINDER: Homecoming Queen...*
give it a listen :)
Ruby Watson Jan 2013

          flip side            
of dreams,            
     ­                                                  but                                        
                     ­      a sigh...

A very English goodbye, & goodnight ;~)
Ruby Watson Jan 2013
Across grassy cliffs,
on dark nights, let them stray far
from the path they choose.
Ruby Watson Jan 2013
Feathers bristle, as we sit too close
on a single spindled branch, breaking.
Each trying to outsing
the dawn chorus.
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