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Rubii ü Jan 2018
She's lonely, but she seems happy
She's tired, but she moves forward
She's down, but she doesn't drown
She's hopeless, but she's not careless

They say she's pretty,
but she feels ugly
They say she's smart,
but she feels dumb
They say she's talented,
but she feels incompetent
They say she's strong,
but she feels weak

She has no one, but she ain't gone
And that she,

**Is me.
  Jun 2016 Rubii ü
i feel like a bird with 2 broken wings
a knife twisted in my heart
cutting through my soul's strings
broken and shattered with no armour i stand
my pieces can't be put together
I'm no puzzle or spelling bee letters
shattered glass sits on the floor with my reflection torn apart with it
like every piece of me lies beneath my feet
within my reach
but I'm too weak
i can't pick up any piece
my heart still broken with only stitches to fix
i lay down my heart to the broken things list
where i had laid my soul once and my thoughts once
now my heart belongs there
where it hopefully will be repaired
im so scared of the life i will have to face
im an exploding star turning into a black hole
taking the life out of every light like a machine
like I'm made of steel
and i feel like every time i try to touch the light i consume it ,
break it and break every inch of me too
thats what a super massive black hole would do
I'm just like a monster
i still feel used
my eyes are tired of crying
they burn like the fire inside me
my tears had run out like the ocean that once ran through me
i lay down wishing for help
crying out , looking for a friend

— The End —