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R Jul 2017
This pain i feel,
This emptiness that makes  my eyes water,
This sadness which has swallowed my soul,
Is something you can never feel,
The feeling I want to get rid of,
At times i think i left it all behind,
But it keeps finding a way back,
And says "i am home"
R Jun 2017
Maybe it’s the scares you gave me,
That keep reminding of you,
Your words that cut though me so deep
That left forever open wounds,
My story says you hurt me so badly,
But my silly heart still keeps calling out for you.
this poem has nothing to do with my life atm but maybe once upon a time it did or in future it might :P
R Jun 2017
So this is a story with no ending, no lies trust me it’s a never-ending story a story without a plot, just a quest to be satisfied from all that one is craving for and an endless cycle of lust.....
thats what life is
R Jun 2017
She was the one who fished out my heart from the black hole of pain and sorrow and I was the one who scarified her for my final escape.
at times we do things to others we promised we would never do after it happened to us, random thought
R Jun 2017
How cruel is the world to **** someone's dream,
And chop down one's wing.
To fill someone's life with so much struggle that they stop believing'
How cruel is this world to fill tears in the eyes that dared to dream
So cruel to make them quit their so loved passion and dreams...
R May 2017
Today I sat there and looked at the mirror
I saw someone I didn't recognize
Someone who was full of anger and pain
Someone out of her own light
Who was she I asked myself
Her face seemed known yet alien
Her firm hands then started to shiver
She ran her fingers through her silky brown hair
Maybe it was an act to show like she no longer cared
I kept asking who is she to myself
Her eyes rolled out few tears but her lips gave out a grin
What could have caused her so much pain I asked myself
Today I sat there in front of a mirror and couldn't recognize myself
Today I sat in front of a mirror and saw someone else...
R May 2017
He was there and so was she,
He had just arrived and she was all set to leave,
He looked at her
And thought “maybe she won’t leave”
But he stood there like a buffoon
And watched her clear her way
“Maybe next time “
She thought rolling her suitcase,
I will stay,
If things decide not to be so very complicated.

at times you need to leave to sort out things and remind them your worth

— The End —