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arra 3d
It's my 23rd year
   Sure time flies so fast,
It all happened,
   In a blink of an eye
But, 23 is sure different
  Growth is still there,
But I learned to let go
  Of the toxics in life –
Of the things that makes me unhealthy
   I learned to let go,
I learned to move on
But no worries,
    No heartaches
No regrets
   And, I am still in the path I chose
But this time,
   With a different surroundings
More challenging
  Still haven't slept properly
But, I have taken my rest
Then I let go, move on
And grow

Thank you, year 23
See you again after my 24th
arra Nov 24
I am too happy
        to write a poem,
Words can't describe my feelings

I am too busy
         to write a poem,
Crumpled paper on the floor

I am too sad
         to write a poem,
My mind is not here

I am unmotivated
        to write a poem,
I need motivation

I have too many excuses
          why I cannot write anymore,
but I want to, i just cant
hello there! i missed you all. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that u are having a great day
arra Nov 2020
they made you of
the things they fed you
you choose
they made you choose
from the options
they provide
and they think
they build you up
you build you
from the limited options
you build you
and you keep on building
until they expand your option
until you get your own opinion
you. build. you
arra Oct 2020
have you killed yourself
in your mind
for once
is it normal?
or maybe isn't
i killed myself
at the exact time
i hang myself
at the same place of this house
in my mind
to make me sleep
to fall asleep
it's not normal
wishing you be safe, always
arra Aug 2020
2:14 in the morning
Haven't slept for three days
My eyes are heavy
My thoughts are crazy
Happy moments
Sad ones
Things I wish I did
Things I don't know why I did
My eyes are heavy
I need my thoughts to be empty
I touched myself down there
It's wet
I keep on caressing
Like someone was touching
And I know I'm almost there
Until I see myself
Hanging on the ceiling
On the rest room
On the kitchen
But I'm almost there
Until I see blood
In my head
In my wrist
A slit on my neck
And my eyes are heavy
And I'm almost there
The next thing I know
It's 2:14 in the morning
The next day after.
arra May 2020
Today is a normal day
Just like yesterday
It's sunny
All colors are flashing
But, nothing strikes at me
Just like yesterday
The feeling is the same

I've been sick for so long
It's inside, you know
There is a hollow
I am trying to patch
They say cry for help
And there is
But no one will understand
Will you understand?
If I choose Z
From my A-Z plan
Will you understand?

Today is a normal day
Just like yesterday
But, today will be different
Still boring
And then
I've been thinking, if someone wanted to commit suicide, let them. It is something that they have think of, that they have chosen from the choices they have. Let them die if they want. And you are not accountable for the loss, neither them.

I'm not promoting suicide, I'm not also telling you to do it, but out of all the choice you have, why will you choose it?
arra Apr 2020
Lo siento
gomen nasai
Es tut uns leid
Syngnōmēn ékhe

For the suicidal thoughts again
Self, hang in there.
Lately, I'm having my suicidal thoughts again, without any triggers. This lockdown is giving me so much anxiety. I hope this already ends as well the pandemic may have the cure.
Take care everyone
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