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R Apr 2021
Giggling to hide her pain
Laughing to cover her tears
She waits for him to come
Even though he is sitting right next to her
She can’t help but wonder
If he will ever truly fall immensely in love with her?
And the words he wrote in ink,
When will they ever come to life?
Her eyes glitter as she is thinks of that day
How wonderful it will be
But are her eyes glittering
Or just tears close to rolling
Of her chin
At times you know the truth but you want to give things  the benefit of doubt. You know better but, do you really? If you do than why are you putting in efforts in a place where you know you won’t get what your soul desires, why do you wait with eyes glittering with tears for something that might never come your way from where you want them to, why so much of foolishness?
R Oct 2020
Drunk night
Air filled with smoke from cigarettes
Your feet refuse to stay on the ground

The night is full of life
But you feel empty somehow

He leans for a kiss
But sadly it’s a miss

You giggle
And ask “are you happy right now?”
A pause fills up his face
The question was too complicated

You wave and say
The night is young  
But I’ll get going now.
2018-2019 in a nutshell
R Oct 2020
His hugs,
Firm hands,
And drunk thoughts,
Her crooked teeth,
And non stop talks.
His shirts,
Her dresses,  
From the street side shops.
He walked,
She hopped,
To reach home
And cuddle their one eyed dog.
The joy of existing and being satisfied.
R Sep 2020
What is it to be a wild child?
Is it staying out even after the stars have taken over the sky?
Is it having a mouth of a sailor?
Or drinking like a pirate?
And loving American pie?

What does the world see as wild?
What does it mean to be wild?
Are actions which are reckless only considered free and fly?

Breaking stigmas is what all of us want to do,
But how much are we doing it?
And how much are we just following the hype?

I’ll take a penny for my thoughts,
Not a glass of wine.
How can anyone be considered wild until what they are doing is coming out from their own minds,
Mild down your thoughts they say,
But I try not to let it affect my choice.

Why bother fitting in?
When you can be a book,
They have a hard time defying.

What if we all become our own books..
Then maybe all of us will truly become wild,
And not just followers of the given hype
R Sep 2020
Why did you let go?
Someone asked me
I told him i did it for the memories,
To keep the picture of him safe in my mind,
To safeguard those misty dreary eyes,
Which carried innocence he thought he had long lost,
For the piousness in his speech,
Which i had once heard.
I had let go for the memories,
And those turbulent emotions
Which i had once felt,
For those ear to ear smiles which i had witnessed,
And for those arguments which no one ever lost.

Maybe someday I’ll learn to talk to him effortlessly again,
But till then he is tucked safely in my memories..
Some sweet and some savory.
That’s what poets do i told him,
They let go for the memories,
Before the happiness they once felt is overpowered by regrets and misery.
Letting go for the memories is the one thing which i have learnt...stubbornness and want just brings more grief and disfigures all the happy memories and the person you know. When i was younger i use to think i could never let go of anything, i use to think if i love, like, appreciate or want anything or anybody they ought to be with me forever. Not saying that attachment is evil but attaching yourself to emotions and good times and safeguarding them is wiser than being at war with what is happening in your right now or caging yourself in want and stubbornness. you never know maybe things might turn around with it’s own organic course and even if they don’t try not to  **** the memories or images  that have been created.Let them be.
R Sep 2020
Let my life be simple and straight,
And let it honor every soul it meets,
Let trueness indulge in my existence,
May my soul learn to be benevolent,
May it be set free.

Moshk?I don’t know what that is..
But let me not be a sinister
May i never enjoy someone else’s grief,
Let my soul learn how to honor others,
And may it never be knotty.  
This is all i ask from you good old universe,
To teach me love and kindness,
And to dance in true bliss.
R Feb 2020
He works for your dreams
I work for my own things
I stumble and fall
But then I build myself tall
You ask me “didn’t it hurt?”
trust me it did
But i like to have my own shoulder,
And snuggle myself when it gets colder.
I like to feel strong
Maybe that’s why i am ok with all my fall
Because it gives me strength
To get back and start over.
No excuses are made
I have dreams
The big picture is in my head  
I learn from myself
From every stupid step i take,
It helps me become
The person i want to be
I stumble and fall
But try to rebuild myself tall.
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