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 Sep 2020 rosy
Datore Fargo
I could,
send this letter,
but you’d never read it.
I will write it,
and sweep it,
beneath the carpet.
Maybe you know,
possibly you don’t,
I could never tell,
even if I wanted.
Why is life,
so unfair,
leaving bitterness,
on my tongue?
I desire,
to know,
the answer.
This will be the start to a series of poems written in letter form. The letters will come, they may be often, or not, but they will be written.
 Apr 2020 rosy
Farheen Khan
 Apr 2020 rosy
Farheen Khan
If I really had to hurt you one day
Let it be Now
And never
Feelings are difficult 💔
 Nov 2018 rosy
Abigail Hobbs
And your soul will be replenished
once you're showered with
what you crave
and yearn for the most
Your roots spread
and dig
and grow
You'll spurt into the tall blades
into the night sky, even
Your curled petals
will open to this world
What do you need?
Your stretched petals will tell you
And so will the sun,
the great source in the sky
Grow and grow through the garden
The garden is your home
to rest
to replenish
You need a home
You need others akin to a home
Flowers need love
And love you shall receive, child.
 Oct 2018 rosy
To the father I never had

You missed out on so many moments
I spent alone
You left an empty feeling in my heart
that will stay with me for my whole life

I think, I imagine of having you beside me

I cried a million times
why am I part of the unlucky ones

Are you a cloud
Are you the wind

What time do you sleep
What is your favorite color
do you drive into the horizon thinking of someone that's not me

I never really felt my youth
my childhood
I felt half full
You weren't there to balance out my troubles

I wished on shooting stars
Hoping you would appear
so I could fill up the empty hole I have inside me

Are you the rain
Are you what makes the ocean blue

Are the dream I have
Never to come true

You are what I miss
You are what I lost


Is it me who you miss
Is it I who you lost
 Oct 2018 rosy
she was the maker, he was her muse
a creative girl with everything to lose

she colored her canvas with her bleeding heart
she loved him and watched her world fall apart

she got her heart broken but kept a blank face
knowing that there are some mistakes you can't erase

she gave up her art, a lover betrayed
her pure white mind turned a darker shade.
And then there were seven.
 Oct 2018 rosy
I remember the evening
that we sat clinging
to paper cups
of coffee gone cold

over secrets spilled and memories told
two bodies cursed
with hearts grown old

behind your eyes
I found new worlds
A winding road stretched out for miles
to a small cafe at the end of the isle

Sweet pastries filled the mouths
of those who sat beside us
and stayed for a while.

How the hours went by,
people just passing through
The descending sun ending
a forever with you.
 Oct 2018 rosy
Jun Lit
 Oct 2018 rosy
Jun Lit
Nilisan kong hubad ang pinaglunuhan,
Enero, Pebrero, Marso ng kabataan
Lubi-lubi ang awit sa tiyang kumakalam
balatkayong pinasikip ng mga agam-agam
mga ala-alang pilit naglulungga, inipit na liham
sa yungib ng pipíng isipan.

Sa pagtalikód ko’y hiniwa
ng balaraw ng panghihinayang
ang banig na naidlip saglit
sa magdamag na paglalamay
banig na nilala ng mga dekada
mula sa mga hibla ng pagsusumikap.

kaibigang nabingi sa tawag ng luho
Walang alinlangang maririnig mo rin
ang tibok at bulong ng puso
Ninais ko sanang samahan mo ako
at ating anihin
ang mga uhay na mula
sa binhing ipinunla
sa mga alapaap.
Ninais kong lasapin
ang matamis na bunga,
pinahinog ng tiyaga
at patuloy na pag-asa.

dagtang makapit,
luhang mapait,
kumikirot ang lupa
sa patak ng namuong dugo
ng bayaning nagbuwis
ng sariling pagsuyo.

Kikitlin ng Nobyembre
ang bawat naiwang himaymay
sa lamig ng yakap ng amihan
- akala’y dakila ang dayuhang niyebe.
Mamamaluktot muli sa maigsing kumot
hanggang sa magising
sa aguinaldo ng Disyembre
at pagpasok na naman ng Bagong Taon
walang kamatayang panahon
aasa na naman sa ****
na iba ang pangako at iba ang tugon
sa dalangin at maraming tanong

Ah sanga pala, Abril, Mayo, Hunyo noon.
Oktubre - Filipino word for October; for several years now, sometime within my birth month, I unconsciously start to reflect on events in my life and the places I call home.
 Oct 2018 rosy
She's my walking rose
Walking down the road
Discussing right and wrong
Trying to figure out how to stay strong

She wants to grow,
She wants to know
How it's supposed to go,
She turns her color on
Turns a shade of pink yellow white black or red
Only the rose knows,
walking as she goes,
her time is brief
she thinks maybe that's a relief

Her road is long
When she's in the middle of it,
She knows though
It's all a dream as it passes on by.

My rose
She wilts in the dawn
Rises in the night,
I tell her I have one more road to go
My walking rose
She whispers, "I know."
 Oct 2018 rosy
You are
 Oct 2018 rosy
You are autumn.
Chilly outside, but inside, you are warm.
Being around you is like being curled up indoors with a book,
Wrapped in your own universe. Maybe some hot cocoa, a little sugar.
Maybe tea, bittersweet and rich with thought.
You are colours bursting with life,
Blazing reds and yellows against a brilliant blue sky.

You are serien.
You are the leaves that crunch,
when you step on them.
You are the smell on August chilly mornings
That melts into a sunshine filled paradise.

You are autumn.

You are also winter.
Frostbitten on the outside in a facade of cold,
Bitterness that has built up through the year.
But underneath all that you are clear, starry skies.
You illuminate things when it is least expected.

Underneath the cold you bring warmth
Comfort and shelter from the raging storms outside.

You are waking up curled in blankets on a bed
That calls for you as you try to wake.

You are a hug when it feels like nothing is going right.

You are winter
You are fall

I wish you were mine.
This is a poem I wrote about a crush I have on someone that will never know that I exist.
 Oct 2018 rosy
When the glass runs out of sand
Gently guide me through the night
Sit by me and hold my hand
Be my comfort and my light

Gently guide me through the night
Let us chase the shadows down
Be my comfort and my light
Let me see you smile not frown

Let us chase the shadows down
Though I see your eyes do weep
Let me see you smile not frown
Until such time as we may sleep

Though I see your eyes do weep
Sit by me and hold my hand
Until such time as we may sleep
When the glass runs out of sand
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