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thorn Jul 21
**** around and never come down
thorn Jul 19
it doesn’t matter who buried the knife first
we both had a blade hidden the entire time
thorn Jul 4
I really hope this kills me
Existence is a night sky
And Freedom is a shooting star
But I’ll shoot for the moon
And meet you at Mars
thorn Jun 21
I love feeling my heart get weaker
I mean hey
I asked it to stop pumping a long time ago
thorn Jun 15
i should've been able to indulge in it
thorn Jun 13
Summer this year doesn’t feel like all the others
I can’t help but see the calories on a can of Arizona tea
Abanonded on a park bench
When did that become all I could see?
thorn May 21
you can't make dying a competition
when the winner is the loser
and the loser is the winner
don't find peace
"she's still sleeping"
"it's not like her to sleep in this long, i'm gonna go check on her"
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