Bella Mar 15
I have always loved the raindrops on my skin
summer rain
or rain when spring just started

the scent of beauty
the scent of being carefree
the scent of being alive

I am so in love with the
Bella Mar 14
so in love with you

your skin against mine
all I need
all I want

you whisper i am so in love with you

And I am trying to believe it

Because why would you love someone like me?
Bella Mar 13
What do I know about this world?
What did I ever?

am I lost
am I searching
did I have found
and am I just blind?

The beauty of this world
seems unbearable
so tragic
so perfect

Do I ever fit in?
Bella Mar 13
I sit and think
what is life
is it worth it
is it even worth fighting for

but then I hear a tragic story
here and there

and I reflect and think
I am healthy
I am alive

I should live

— The End —