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rose Nov 2020
Today is a day I wish I didn’t have
Today is a day I wish you were still here
On days like today I try so hard, but always  fail
On days like today I wish I said goodbye
This pain never ends please just make it stop
rose Aug 2019
I can  see it, I could warn you but I know you wont listen
you will end up hurt
you will end up worst
you will love me, you will hate me

I can see it now, you'll love to hate me
you will hold on because you don't know any better
you will want to fix me
you will think I need fixing
why can’t you see it?
rose Jul 2019
Loving you is living a dream
Kissing you is a fairytale
Touching you is breathtaking
Holding you is a moment frozen in time

Being loved by you is a dream come true
rose May 2019
Your eyes bring warmth to me like that fuzzy cream blanket that lays beside my bed

Your smiles makes the world fade away like when you hear a love story and smile from thinking maybe one day it could be you

Your words bring love, the love that grows from within like a seed Ive planted, a seed that was more than a seed but now in full blossom because you make me love me more

Your touch brings joy, joy that never fades. Joy that lives in memories.

— The End —