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 Nov 2019 c l e o
Orion Lesneski
Razor Blades,
They take away the pain,
But they hurt the ones I love,
So that’s enough,
To keep me from slicing up.
 Nov 2019 c l e o
a crush
 Nov 2019 c l e o
the first time we hung out,
i couldn't stop smiling.
i'd cover my face when i smiled,
hoping you wouldn't see me blush,
but i just can't explain how you make me feel.
you are so cute,
and funny,
and all around lovely.
so how could you ever fall for someone like me?
 Nov 2019 c l e o
for all of my life,
i've been told that i would be going to hell,
that i'm destroying god's creation,
that god hates me.

the same god that is supposed to be all-loving.

then you have the audacity to ask,
'why aren't you a christian?'

it's not that i hate religion,
i just can't support one that has dehumanized queer people
for hundreds of years.
 Sep 2019 c l e o
 Sep 2019 c l e o
maybe in another life, i could’ve made you stay
 Jan 2019 c l e o
You have survived the worst yet by conceiving the worst yet.
i know we are not close
we are pretty far apart
but that doesn't mean we can't fall in love
i know you already told me your answer
and i understand completely
but if you are so sincere about wishing you were here
then could you maybe just take a chance on me?
because one day we might be close
so am i just nothing to you now?
is that what is happening?
every little thing is scaring me
shadows of darkness
lurking around every corner
deafening sounds ring in my ears
i jump because of every noise i hear
i'm scared
i told him i was afraid of the dark
he holds me close and whispers
"i'll protect you from the monsters"
i didn't know he was talking about the ones in my head
this never happened but i still like to dream
 Oct 2018 c l e o
I've dreamed of love
What does it feel like?
Maybe it could be mine one day
What will it feel like?
Like whispering at 3 in the morning
Is everything a little numb?
When our souls are connecting
Or will we be so lost in a whirlwind of feelings
That when the petals are falling
It was just a little thing
A little fake
A little time in space
A fantasy

Will that love be strong?
Battling tough winds and temptations?
                                       Or barricading my heart and lungs?
                                        Each year becoming less lovely
                                                          ­               Less free and more ******

         Will we wake up one day
           And just walk away

But maybe that love is not for me
                         Maybe those dreams and hopes
                             Are just letters of apology
                                               From the one who made love
                                                   To say that they are sorry
                                                           ­         But all the matches are made
                                                            ­                And I am going to be lonely
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