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c l e o May 30
SHUT THE **** UP!!

i can't stand to hear my own voice

I gave you everything, I'm lost, its torture being in love
c l e o May 30
read the title *******
c l e o May 30
roses are red
but in my dreams I'm blue
in my nightmares, you look yellow
in real life, I look purple
when you tell me I'm pretty I go white
but darling
i go pink when you smile
c l e o May 30
it was a mistake.
i told moon boy he wasn't enough for me
since his star friends were being quite rude.
moon boy wasn't perfect, but at least he was mine

not anymore though. i guess I was just too young.
c l e o Nov 2019
mr moon. What can one say about mr moon? Like a Californian quill he shrills loud screams and hopes to make girls cry. Their ears bleeding as his loud shrill of a voice cuts their brains in half. Still moon boy is a descendent of a shy child crying and whispering to one day succeed more than his fellows.
hets omore
c l e o Nov 2019
she sits quietly, seen and not heard but maybe, just maybe in her head

she is screaming songs of malevolence
c l e o Nov 2019
It's ok that you made me cry. One day someone will take you and hold you. They will show you the love and gentleness that puts melted sugar on your tongue and all you will ever want to do is show the world that feeling
Be nice guys
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