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May 2015 · 829
Pandoras Box
Rose Phantomhive May 2015
Sometimes I wonder
about poor Pandora
who opened that box
that wretched box
hiding so much
the sun wasn't so bright
the days grew long
as human emotions
echoed with lies
her temptation
cost us all.
May 2015 · 16.1k
Rose Phantomhive May 2015
Honesty Is Right
Or so people thought
Until the truth starts to hurt
Bending the rules
Lying is ok
When Honesty Hurts
Lying Soothes
I think to myself
When I lie
I love You
May 2015 · 314
Rose Phantomhive May 2015
I scream I cry
On the inside
While my mask of bliss
Breaks a little
piece by piece
How much longer will this last?
I whisper to myself
Tears Rolling down
When everyone turns around.
May 2015 · 324
Silent Song
Rose Phantomhive May 2015
A day before the holiday of green,
a girl was born.
That girl
turned into a lovely soul.
Her dreams of the future
too big for her head!
She wants to sing and dance
to the music in her head,
a melody of ideas only she could hear.
She keeps it locked up,
that tune in her head.
So no one else could see
that song her heart played
the occasional blues
changing into rock n' roll
not even she could know what the future holds.
But she dances on,
that silent waltz
twirling through life, all alone.
Her dark brown eyes always watching,
Maybe one day she will be joined by a similar soul,
ideas untold.
Until that day comes she will dance to the rhythm of her mind
when eyes are turned away
her true colors shine.
A little poem about myself.

— The End —