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Rose Bernhard Aug 2011
I've fallen so deeply in like.

I barely know you,

but your smile,

and the way you make me laugh,

and the way we talk awkwardly,


And the fact that you make me forget about everyone else.

I dont know what to do.
Rose Bernhard Aug 2011
He pushed me up against a wall and kissed me till the sun set.

He tour down my walls and made me feel alive again.

He showed me what real life felt like.

He make me act like a fool.

Then he ignored me,
tortured me with silences,
killed me with a lack of love.
He cut me open and fed me to the dogs.

He broke up with me,
And made out with my best friend.

boys **** sometimes.

But he also taught me that even after being ripped up and tossed in the garbage,
i am still a girl with love,
with happiness,
with life.

A girl willing to give love another chance.
Rose Bernhard Aug 2011
A fresh start,
but dread,
and longing,
hang heavy over the heads of the children.

It is not an issue of sanity,
of hunger,
of theft,
or of disease that concerns these young souls,
but an issue of the heart.

The blood of a precious love has been spilt,
the once white page,
splattered with lies.

Lust and longing,
two things young lovers know not about.
A trip to Seattle can change the fate of two people immensely.

He was a boy from a city,
A boy who dealt with the slurs *** and Flipper every day,
despite his straight qualities.
She was a Nepali beauty,
accustom to getting what she wanted.

They were stuck in relationship far beyond their control.
desperately in love,
dreaming of a boy out of reach.

One night,
Can change everything.

The air remained heavy with the wish for rain,
the sun tired from it's long day of work,
and the crisp white clouds begging for a breeze.

on a plane home.

wishing it were different.


Lust, Love, Desire, Deceit.

We all want to find that perfect someone.

But when you're only a babe,
don't take anything too seriously.

You have a whole life,
of guys,
and dolls,
just waiting for you.

— The End —