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We can't forget to whisper,
Sweet nothings in the night.
Please don't forget I love you,
When words turn into fight.
The hardest days have come,
But the best days are never far.
Stay with me my love,
Let's not let our hearts grow hard.

Our love is still here,
Hidden in the thorns.
The smallest little fingers,
Reaching out for me.
The darkest circles,
Lining my eyes.
The sweetest love,
You'll never see.

In the darkness of the night,
In the warm glow of the dawn,
You and I sit by the window.
Another sleepless night,
Have you learned to protect your heart,
From yourself?
To discipline your mind when it wanders?
Just like a small child,
I need guidance.
Recklessness rages as a river,
Through my soul.
A need to detonate.
To drastically change my path,
No matter that it’s the scenic route.
Can I learn to protect my heart?
From me?
Rose Amberlyn Aug 30
Delicate lines,
You drew yourself in the corner.
Painted bars around your dreams.
Said no to in between,
Trapped yourself in the extreme.
You smudged the lines on boundaries,
You highlighted your flaws.
Nothing in this picture,
Is what you would have drawn.

It’s an art.
Hiding behind the lines.
Rose Amberlyn Aug 30
Her room is painted white.
A blank canvas.
Whispers fill my ears, of all her
She is not me.
I have to remind myself.
Empty of memories,
Full of furniture.
I can see her growing here.
My little girl.
One day these coos and cries,
Will change to words.
She’ll sing songs instead,
Of lullabies.
I’ll savor every moment.
Every sweet little song.
In this room,
With the white walls.
My baby
I don’t decorate my lips.
I hear my words for what they are.
I see my actions as they pass,
I no longer cling to scars.

I’m no longer made of glass.

I took off my dress of glue.
The one that had words stuck to every stitch.
Mean, bossy, ugly, spoiled, selfish
- *****.

I’m a work in progress.
I don’t try for perfect days.
I don’t cry for what has passed.
I live here.
I have now.

If you stay long enough to watch,
You’ll see,
I finally know who makes me happy.

Just me.
Rose Amberlyn Jan 31
You hovered next to me,
As I glided on two wheels,
And slowly you took your hands away.

You whispered soft,
That sugar plum fairies would dance,
Through my sleeping mind.

You gave me love,
You gave me life,

You took it away.
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