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18h · 78
Not again.!!
It's been six months
Still this virus is driving us right around the bend
With track and trace .
When you sit in for a meal.

Still most people haven't got a clue what to do.
Some like ignoring the rules
Custer cases
Death and dark ages

Too steps forward .
Too backwards.
More restrictions
Local lockdowns
Added frustration.

Spring and summer
Almost over
Winters is around the corner.

What can we do
accept this rule
Or two.
Grin and bear it
like all of us.
When will there be a gimplse of hope
When the virus is dead and gone.!
Sep 5 · 261
One of a kind
I see a story one of love.
Inspiration of dreams one from afar
I see hope for a better future
One of complete satisfaction
I see a driven person
Seeking expectations
I see a reaction of contentment.
I see a very a beautiful person with a very special heart.
Aug 26 · 80
Staying safe
Lockdown blues
Locked in some bad habits
Late nights
Lazy days
Followed by
Junk food.

Lockdown blues
Left me
Feeling lonely
In a hopeless situation.
Craving sugar
Gaining weight

Lockdown blues
Held me prisoner
in my mind
Also invaded my thoughts
It invited illusions.
fear of the unknown

Lockdown ease
Had me relax with ease
It gave me hope
In the midst through the storm.
It made me jump for joy.
A last I could be free .
One day at a time.
Please ūü•ļ
Don't ever put me through that again.
Aug 21 · 677
Mental health
Dark* shadows
I didn't invite you
You invited you
I wish to be alone
My  emotions belong here
Beside me.
You see
They are me.
They run cold
The pain reacts to poison
Leaving unsovled
I  wish not to lie on a bed of self-pity
But my head is mash
Its confused.
And sad.
Aug 21 · 155
Every breath, I breathed
Struggles to sail in the cool sunrise morn
silent cries
Fails to reach those anxious thoughts
Memories are hidden
Stored  away  
Beneath a broken heart
I lie here bewildered
I feel nothing
The things that used to be.
Are no more.
I crave yesterday
Like a lost vision
I long for the life I once knew .
Until then I sit
and wait
I wait .
Aug 17 · 412
Escape goat .
I am just a pushover
I let family run rings around me
Iam  just soft
For my own good.
I feel taken for granted
Not worthy
Or appreciated.
I feel so lonely and sad.
Aug 5 · 289
Cruel remarks
Think before you speak
unless you regret it later

Words are powerful
They either build up
Or destroy.
Aug 4 · 209
Dark is the hour
Shattered windows
Moonnight tears
Covered up faces
Fighting back frustration
Track and trace
Isn't an option
It a command
Like a government plan
Crashing economic ground
Family's left reeling
without hope or reconnecting
Children's education forgotten
No plan
To Reunite false hope
Withers a storm of season  cradled by the sea.
Children drowning
Life becomes hulunation
Virus silences the nation.
Lack of pity
With little empathy.
People loose heart
Become drawn apart
World leaves in fear
Because of new episodes
Mountains rages
with burnt out favours
Politics are ***** to the core
It must take back control

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
But just now I won't give up hope .
I hang on tight to God's promises with all my might .
Fighting until the end .
I will master a plan.
Aug 4 · 102
We live in a world of. uncertain  times.
Not knowing is the worst
What happened to mankind
The unpredictable
Biggest threat to the world.
Anxiety disorders
Bringing shivers down our spine.
Lord ūüôŹ help us we pray
In our hour of need.
Aug 1 · 177
Upside down failure
Comes from
Not giving up
Soldering on
Jul 30 · 187
Come to me.
I long to know you
In the secret quiet
I long to know you more
For you brow to enter my rest.
Come child rest on the ovil tree.
Let my presence quieten your soul.
Be still and know that I am God.
Turn your eyes to me.
Walk with me.

Such walks established who you are.
Learn to know me
My blood washes not only your heart but your hands.
Come to rest in the river of life
Come as a child
enter the garden.
You heart is troubled by the things of this world.
Come turn your eyes upon the one that loves you.
Gaze with all your heart
Look upwards
And pray
Rest in the beauty of the king.
Jul 29 · 152
I spoke to you all a while back
I whispered some secrets in your ear.
But  those whispers  left
They fell on deaf ears
I sent clouds thunder storms
¬†lightening,  with my name above
Still you haven't seen the light.
My tears Fill endless buckets.
Of empty souls
That are left crying out for mercy.
But now the trumpets sound
And scores of panic are heard from people near and far.
Judgement has begun
Will ever be the same.
My life is in your hands.
I awoke from a vivid dream
I knew I had been given another chance.
Of  wiping the slate clean.
What if
This wasn't a dream what if it was the here and now.
I dread to think if I wasnt right with my maker.
At last i looked into the mirror
Only to see
Jul 27 · 127
Bucket list
You see I am afraid
Of reaching the end
I am afraid of dying
Without doing the things I need to do
I need to fulfill
Leave a legacy of love
Change lives
Make a difference.
Wether it is through my poems
I need to do something
to reach all mankind
Make the world a better place to live .
Jul 22 · 242
Be careful
What we watch read and listen to especially before bed plays havoc
in our minds
Also Feeds our heart .
My husband is an example of this.reading crime stories before bed apparently to wake up with heart palpitations for no reason.but he often reads disturbing crime stories I guess if we put cabbage in it also has to come back out .
Jul 20 · 172
Stranger within.
I look into your drawn eyes
I realise the tired
Person you have become
You ask me who iam
Why have you come.
I can't fight back the tears
You are a shadow of dull personality
As distant memory of  the past.
There  is no *future
it's gone
Let's face it
You have gone
I don't know you.
I did .
What happened to your sense of humour.
It's died with you
I miss you *Dad

I  cry tears of sadness
For the dad I once knew.
Lost in a body
One in soul
Your spirit will move on
To a better place beyond
Oh dark is the soul
Without God
Tread carefully
with a clean heart.
Better late than never.
Oh how I miss you Dear Dad
Jul 17 · 197
Lockdown/ meltdown.
Jul 15 · 189
Don't leave me
Say you will stay
I'll; miss you
Don't let others belittle you.
Your pen is inspiring
Don't blot out those words.
Carry on
We love your poetry
It's inspired right from the heart
We need you .
You need us .
Dear friends.
Dear don't loose heart ūüíĒ
Jul 14 · 112
Like it or lump it
Someone hates the words I write
I write them from my heart
I don't want to tread lightly on  toes
Not. Become  people's enemy
I write how I feel.
It's not always going to be to someone's taste.
So get over yourself.!!
Jul 14 · 113
Leave hello poetry
Someone thought that my poem
But it was a quote.
However they disliked it
And wrote it was silly .
But when I replied saying that I experienced it fist hand.
They deleted the comment and blocked me

Maybe I shouldn't write anymore maybe my writing is *******.
I write quotes free verse my style isn't rhymm..
Jul 13 · 179
Black mark
Pride of man
Is the downfall of sin.
Be First to look
At your own short comings
Before you  cast judgement.
Jul 10 · 257
Up above
Eyes of fire
Roar down
On a world
Of sin.

The grey skies
Shed tears
Of hurting people

Black heart
broken life's
The blame isn't God's
It's an escape
Of an unconfessed heart
Jul 10 · 235
Don't Quit
When the road is tough
When we are finding it rough
It's when we find
We must not give up.
Jul 8 · 188
I am a true mighty warrior
Foaming lands of silver
My lack of gold
Doesn't hold me close
I choose my surroundings  
Open far and wide.
My wings take   me far and
Beyond .
To rivers
I see
I often known
For my virbrant colour's

I nest close to the ground
I am a protected specie
And I fight for my right
I am not to be hounded
Or taken
For granted
I am a rare we bird
Look after its brood
Next time you catch a glimpse of me
Smile from within.
Jul 4 · 469
Looking through the glass window
I see beyond theses scars
I see the beauty
deeply embedded
In your heart
Your heart is flawless
I see your pain
I know it's a struggle
I know your hurting
But it's a step further
To inner healing
Jul 4 · 110
Rocking the boat
Dreaded silence  
Everything  has to be quiet
Because  you suffer.
So everyone else should to.
You expect your family to pussyfoot
Your moods *****
They smell like vapour
Your darkness spells rage
The blood in your viens are running cold
Ice cold
No warmif
No  kindness
No hospitality
Like you could cut the atmosphere with an knife.
Walking on eggs shells ...
Don't know wether iam coming or going .
Jul 1 · 163
Trust me
I can't fight your battle
It's yours only to fight .
But through the storm
I hold your hand.
I will carry you
in the palm of my hand
Jun 30 · 701
Me .‚ėĻÔłŹ
Not been myself  of late
The person I used to be.
The person I am now
Not sure what to expect
At first I walked in fear
Afraid to do what I used to do
I gradually began taking baby's steps
Doing the things I used to do.
But suddenly the normality
Feels weird
Perhaps even strange .
Not sure what I want out of life  
But I know I don't want to go back to the old way of living.
Jun 30 · 110
Beyond the darkness .
Sometimes it is hard to see the colour's in the rainbow.
Because the other side
there is a light.
That never fades away.
Don't give up on life
God has got this
You are a stronger person
Because God wants you to reach to the other side of the rainbow.
Were the ‚õÖ sun shines on a *** of hope.
In theses days of of frustration
Lost of business
A loved one .
Coronavirus  has shattered our lives .
Remember this God is waiting
For our reaction.
To this whole thing .
Never like before have I held on to my faith .
Things are about to change
It isn't like before .
Life will be different
But with God it is the same.
God doesn't change
He is the same today.
Jun 25 · 132
If I could write a song
About  2020 then
It would be a learning
Of life
I would be movitiated to change .
The not so good habits
Change them into good habits
I would meditate
And night.
Just to see
The hope it could bring .
Hope for the future.
Brighter days to come .
A world without a selfish cry.
To come running
And help Thier fellow brother.
Lets us remember
Our dear Lord and Saviour.
Your one and only true and living God.
Jun 17 · 232
Your light covers my darkness
When I feel alone
When enemy seeks to destroy me
You stretch out your wings of protection.
Upon my life.
You cover me
You shield me in the Pam of your hands.
You forever watch over me.
You soar like eagles
High in the sky.
The armies of the Lord
The Lord *rescues
Jun 14 · 195
Voice of heaven.
Sunrise early morn
Birds cheeping
a new song
of hope

A new day is dawning
When I will arise.
Before the world
I seek justice
A king
To come
But not of this mankind.
I am who I am
I will come soon
Men ravage nations
Spread hate
Crime increases
But my people
Won't be forgotten
I have forgiven
Many chose to reject my
Offer of freedom.
Many hate who I am
Even your own family
Cannot see my true light
They are blinded
They walk in darkness
Has hell begun on earth.
Is this a glimpse of reality
If this is a part of hell
What will eternal darkness look like feel like
I not waiting to find out.!!
I accept that I need to get right with God
Save me O God
Test me see if there is any wicked way in me.
Jun 13 · 247
Lost my way
Each day
Don't know if what tomorrow may bring.
Is this it.!!
Next week was my vacation date.
Oh well
This morning I went back to bed.
The weather is damp
Bored me
Fed up
Do need cheering up.‚ėĻÔłŹ
Jun 11 · 120
Children's book.
What if
It came true.
Your thoughts
A part of you
The funny side.
Could it really.
I  mean
Be a tall possible .
It's a possibility
It's no fantasy
I speak it
I shout it
I dream it
Its prophetic
One day I just know it
I feel it .
Mr Ketchup's .
Collection of funny stories for children.
Jun 7 · 360
Looking inward.
I never felt so calm
As I entered the rose garden
The vibrant exotic colours
The shapes
The smell of perfume
To a quiet place of
A moment of contentment
Lost in wonder
The beauty
But the outward beauty of nature
Short lived
It reminded me of  a lasting beauty
One on the inside.
Created by Gods perfect clay.
After all God made us.
To be in the likeness of his image.
Sometimes that inward beauty can be dented
by our impulsive behaviour
That's why God reminds us to to be in the world  
yet not of it.
If  we are in Christ the old nature as ceased and the new one has just begun.
Jun 3 · 299
No viewer's ..
Art you experiencing technical problems I haven't had any views for my poem published 11 hours ago .
Remember  me the poppy sighs
I grow amongst the hard ground.
Waiting to bloom into the most enchanting red colour
They hurt me
Trampled on me
Broke me
Tore my delicate petals out.
I live no more
in a shady cool spot
My seeds lie dormat
Beneath the ground.
until next spring
My roots break forth with *life
Once again my petals open up
with a new song.
Beautiful *glorious

Rise and shine my beloved
My *precious
Jun 1 · 216
Beautifully she shone from a vibrant red rose.
The perfume of a lily
Her eyes sparkled like the evening stars.
Her smile wilder than the ocean.
Her hair
her feet .
Resembled a longing for love
She had the most beautiful eyes.
But they told a sad secret
Of slavery upon her brow.
Alas her dream was about to unfold
Happy ever after
May 30 · 327
Tribute for a friend
Never fade
Of someone *special

May 27 · 287
Tick Tock
Life is beautiful
Life is loveable
Time is short .
But without God
It is meaningless.
It's a shadow of loss.
May 23 · 166
Set -back
No matter how you feel.
Get up
Get dressed
Show up
Never ever give up!.

No matter how you feel.
Pod on
Trod on
Race on!

Because no matter how you feel
We"ll¬†¬†all get there in the end.ūüėĀ
May 21 · 307
Punctuation mistakes
I not perfect
But I can learn.
I have amended
Put right .
Any mistakes
For my Mr Ketchups sake!
May 20 · 180
Camera lenses.
The Future seems so far
Yet so near.
A time to reflect
On everything so dear
Our future is a date with our destiny.
A time to move forward
with past experiences
Moving forward in delight.
Dreams .
Bringing them to fruition.
Our thoughts of creation
Moments of wisdom.
Paths of .
Our ambitions
From darkness into  light.
May 19 · 138
Mr ketchup's Dark moment
One cold December morning . Mr Ketchup felt the urge to leap out of bed quickly.
But today was rather a special day his wedding day. Mr Ketchup
was very determined not to ruin his big day.  Or so he thought.
Mr ketchup busied  himself in the kitchen making breakfast.( Boom !! -- the whole house was in darkness . Oh bother he mumbled Mr Ketchup. This wasn't  happening  but it was.
He frantically searched through drawers and cupboards. For a torch at last he thought  he pulled out a weird looking candle.
"Oh , well he thought to himself this candle will do the job for now. But poor Mr Ketchup hadn't any lighters.
Oh what a nuisance I haven't time to trip down to Haggis house. As you can imagine Mr Ketchup vowed nothing would get in his way and ruin his big day. He quickly pulled out his crumpled blue coat and off he trotted to haggis house. Quickly he ran down the road puffing and panting. At last he thought arriving at haggis front rusty door.
Bang bang. Thud crash Oh dear Mr Ketchup hadn't noticed  the trash can. Oh my Goodness me he went for a sixer landing head first in the fish stew.
"Mr Ketchup," are you okay."?
"No he replied. " looking dazed.
"There let me", help you said Haggis."
Mr Ketchup had made a quick recovery and explained to Haggis about his dark moment.  Haggis was able to save the day.
And gave him a lighter . He even had a torch .
Mr Ketchup finished the last of his tea and said I need to get cracking. You jump into the shower upstairs what a horrible start to the day. I pop down to your house and fix the fuse box.
Collect your suit for your wedding .Mr Ketchup hurried  upstairs for a shower. He pulled back the curtain to find a big hairy spider. He loomed liked he'd met with a ghostly face.
Oh how he hated spiders at least of all hairy ones. I am not getting into the shower with that thing. He snapped
I just give myself a scrub down in the kitchen sink. Off he went downstairs to finish the job. When suddenly all the lights went BOOM. Oh no not again cried Mr Ketchup. That's torn it now.
I never be on time for my wedding. Poor sweet potato face will think I have abandoned her.
What ever shall I do now.
Just then the door slammed behind Haggis.
"I am glad that's over and done."
"You, are back mumbled. Mr Ketchup?"
"Oh, not again." Trouble just follows you everywhere."
The time was racing by they were both in need of a shower.
Red pepper knocked at the door. And asked them if she could help.
They raced back to her house in her old banger.
Soon they were all smart and ready to go.
Soon the big rover arrived to take Mr Ketchup and Haggis tothe church. At least for the time being .
Well I am not so sure. !

May 19 · 163
Mental institution.
Life become a dragon
Of miserable
Of unstoppable
Sad newsletters
Of our life's
On going
Of daily orccurance of
Our daily whereabouts
According to government
May 14 · 161
Spring is a season for something new leaving the old .
A challenge of changing our characters.
Spring drives me further
to complete unfinished
business of endless tasks.
Spring motivates me
pushes me forward to be the person I have always strived to be.
But struggled with Identity.
Spring is a new day dawning.
A Ray of hope of yearning
Spring is the sound of birds chirping.
Quiet little buds blooming
Spring  is inviting enchanting and exciting.
May 12 · 199
Mr Ketchup's new mask ..
Mr Ketchup  struggled to get out of bed . He hardly slept a wink .
Cough cough into the early hours of the morning. He found it difficult to breath.  "Oh Sweet potato face I  don't feel so well." "Poor you ,we will just have to keep an eye on you."  
"Okay," he coughed.
"Hurry along now, my dear ketchup  I will fetch you a hot water bottle ..and your favourite comic the Beano"
Mr Ketchup hated being so unwell He always liked being on the go .
And now he had the coravirvus ..he felt so miserable. He had to self-isloate  for seven days .and his wife.for an extended  period of Fourteen days. This was most annoying, he had plans to  do things ..but most of his plans were grinded to s halt because his friends and the  whole town in Butterworth, had to all stay at home .to stop the spread of covid -19 ..Mr Ketchup felt sad he felt so cut off from his friends,
"Oh bother," moaned Mr Ketchup, That wretched coravirvus why could it not disappear for good." But Mr Todd the prime minster made it so clear:! STAY AT HOME
Mr Ketchup didn't like being told what to do, but this time things were different.  He couldn't break the law after all.  All his friends were law abiding .
"Oh well," he sighed at cat.
coughing again. the cat ran upstairs for its life.
Poor Mr Ketchup.
Sweet potato face made some masks on her sewing machine.
Mr Ketchup faced turned red.
" Hope you don't think I am about to wear one of those things.?"
"Oh Ketchup dear, don't be awkward!."
" Huh who's being awkward dear!."

"Well stop. Being difficult Ketchup."
Mr Ketchup turned away feeling annoyed. He walked away and shut himself in his room.
And wondered why on earth should he wear a mask.¬†¬†As he had time to ponder he realised  his behaviour was childish. He decided to give it a go .
Actually wasn't that bad.  He tried his mask on and laughed and laughed ..
"Oh no, not another three weeks lock down!" moaned Mr Ketchup.
"Twenty more days in the dog house.
I have reached the ripe old age of seventy plus seven.
Oh Tabby, what ever shall I do now?" sighed, Mr Ketchup.
His friends  were really worried about him lately he had a very dry cough and his face looked red as a beetroot.
He certainly  looked  a bit under the weather. It meant that he now had to stay indoors to stay safe.
Nothing else for it Mr Ketchup¬†¬†was used to being out, he loved to galavant all over the place. Shops were he liked to go.¬†¬†His belly would rumble¬†¬†loudly and off he went to the cafe. He couldn't be bothered to cook. Mr Ketchup didn't¬†¬†like washing up. He often got scolded for leaving heaps of ***** dishes in the sink. As for trash¬†¬†can it smelt like rotten eggs. Upstairs¬†¬†in cupboards¬†¬†were stacked all topsy turvy.  Everything came flying out all over the floor. Washing piled high. Complete and utter chaos. Poor Mr Ketchup he really got himself into some muddles.
Mr Ketchup  felt a bit peckish off he went to the cupboard.
he sighed old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard¬†¬†and it was bare. He opened the fridge and a ghastly smell of soured milk filled his nostles. "Puke,"  he thought. until he lifted the bread bin, lay mouldy old bread.¬†¬† "That's torn it now," he thought, "I haven't a thing to eat but porridge and I hate it."

Picking up the the phone he dailed his friend .
"Haggis, I am in a bit of a pickle. I need you to go shopping for me please."
"Okay." Ketchup  replied Haggis."
"My bread has gone mouldy and the milk is sour." coughed Ketchup."
So off he trotted to the kitchen to look for a
scrap of paper and a pen. But to his dismay he couldn't find anything to write with. He tried a drawer, it was jammed tight. He heaved so hard that the drawer came off its hingles.
Mr Ketchup went flying up in the air and landed right on the trash can.
Poor Mr Ketchup he looked like the cats dinner he smelt awful a bit like fish stew.
Oh fiddle sticks why does everything go wrong.
Cough cough he splutted all over his cat. The poor thing ran for its life.
Mr Ketchup slowly recovered from his fall he scrambled to another draw near by he wasn't in the mood for anymore mishaps. Mr Ketchup scribbled a long list of shopping  in bright red lipstick  but Oh dearie me it sounded like a lot of Gobbledygook.  Moments later Haggis appeared and looked puzzled.
"What ever has happened to you?"
"Nothing!" snapped Ketchup."
Mr Ketchup  couldn't help but notice the expression on his friend's face.
He went indoors slamming the door shut.
It was the worst day of his life and now he wasn't looking forward to more weeks of the lock down .off he went trotted up the stairs to the bathroom.
Oh dearie me the day hadn't ended it had only just begun.

Mr Ketchup  slowly dragged  himself  upstairs put the plug in the bath leaving it to fill up.
Something caught his attention. Mr Ketchup became distracted.  He started sorting out his clothes, but O dear they had peculiar holes in them.  He pulled out his favourite pair of tartan trousers.  "Oh crumbs what has happened to my trousers.
Well as you can imagine it wasn't  a pretty  site.
The moths  made a right meal of Mr ketchup's trousers.
He wasn't amused. He was annoyed.  Mr Ketchup tided his clothes away .
hurried into the bathroom to find his bath had gone very cold..
Oh Mr Ketchup what are we going to do with you!
Mr ketchup has several friendships and is a funny and awkward character at times he often gets himself into muddles sometimes requires  the help from his friends.  Haggis Neaps his wife Sweetheart  Sweet potato face. also Ruby The Rude Raspberry. His cousin mr chips his uncle and Tornface tomato.
May 8 · 115
What happened .!
Our world has changed
The things we trusted in are gone
The hugs we took for granted are no more.
Our world has
Our economy bust we put our hope and trust in theses things .
And what is left .
We are left with fear disappointment.
We never thought that this could happen .
I never thought that this could happen.
What if in the midst of theses things we could find peace
God never changes he stays the same yesterday today and forever.
You can put your trust in God .
In midst of adversity.
Lord open up my heart to receive your ever unchanging grace and love..and peace
May 7 · 345
Your battle
May 7 · 111
Rest Assured
Many roads have I have wandered
Unsure of the path I was about take
A journey into uncertainty
one I thought which I wouldn't of encountered..
fearing every breath.
An atmosphere of dread even death
I wake up each morning
Thinking what will befall me.

Then I think  to myself .
Nothing can and will
Seperate us from the love of God.
Know matter what happens .
We can rest ourselves in the arms of Jesus.
Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.
For thou art with me .
I know in my heart that God has a very special plan for my life..
I smile gazing at the blue skies
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