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1d · 62
Inner turmoil
Perhaps there's no words
That can
my inner pain
To loose
a parent
The void
the gap

Left empty
I can't
I look to the stars
I know you are free.
But my earthly prison
Feeling of abandon ment
No joy
one can hold
6d · 48
When loosing a loved one
The pain is beyond belief
Can't describe the emptiness
Sinking  feeling .
You think this
is to much I can't handle it
Jun 1 · 87
My your heart is  peeling
The tears keeping on seeping
There's never enough  words
To get you by
Emptiness  fills no void
Is this God what it's all about
The sin of Adam
Keeps us bound
In chains  of grief
My heart will ache
For I know I miss you.
Forever until  we meet again.
Jun 1 · 40
Dad you couldn't hold on
You were suffocating
You couldn't swallow
You were struggling
You passed away today
From dementia
Your gone
My heart
Breaks forever .
May 23 · 89
Deep wound
Sharing past
Deep wounds
Deeply embedded
In blood of your vein's
Mother's separation
of her child
Utter desperation
Like a choked up viper
Unable to breathe
Your last breath.
Dark closet
May 14 · 65
My heart weeps in pain
for life I once knew.
beneath ocean sea
The waters roar over black mountains
The skies thunder with rage.
Seas give up Thier dead
Winds howel like mad dogs
The earth disappeared
The heavens roar
War breaks loose
Last whistle blows
Apr 28 · 245
It's a shame
I  haven't
same get  up and go.
This covd 19
has taken its toll
I've become to attached
close to home.
I dare not try to roam
I feel confined
From  old  journeys
Now  lay so dorment
It's a different normal
I'd rather stay knitted
in my wee bubble.
I  become a rekuise
Goodbye I just have to sigh.
Apr 13 · 100
Why are we afraid
to die
I don't
I believe
I am not afraid
But iam afraid of
Never crossing that path
with my loved ones again.
Apr 12 · 192
Wings of a feather
Are like a fragment
of a heart
needs tender loving care
Cared  for
If the feathers wither
Bird dies
Like a wounded heart
Disease takes over
We carry needless burdens
Hanging on to bitterness
It cuts in like a knife.
Destroys human life.
Apr 8 · 172
I ....
cried out
until I cried no more.
I hid the anguish
in my soul
the pain blocked the flow
Of blood around my veins
The viper stole my peace
It embedded my hope
It grounded me from my faith
It stored up countless wounds
Darkness clouded my being
But God never gave up on me.
Even when my mind rejected his very being.
He stuck with me .
Even when things were tough.
Time after time I blamed Him.
I accused him
Yet he remained faithful.
Even when my heart was in a dark place.
Until one day I received your forgiveness again
Faith love hope Freed forgiveness forgives
Apr 6 · 130
Bumpy road
Grassy snakes
Slippery vipers
Canal fresh
Rebels Rebel
Stared at  the four soured walls.
Punished excess weight again.
Lost cause
Gritt me teeth
Released from a cage ...
Apr 6 · 213
I can't
Can't even
Apr 6 · 1.9k
Apr 6 · 99
Covid19 has robbed me
Robbed my dad
Of  dad and daughter relationship.
I am so mad
I feeling
Poor dad 😞
Is on his death bed.
Things will never
be normal
For me
What's the point
I feel like I have given up.
No energy
Feel so down
Feels like
Black hole
I can't see any light .
Well not in this world as of yet..
Apr 5 · 200
Darkest cloud
Life is not
Come what may
It has its
Its unpredictable
You take a tumble
You got caught out
Quite by surprise
The moment hit you.
You fall down like
A ton of bricks
You try on your best smile
But inside you want to cry.
You take off
to a quiet place
To gather up your thoughts
for at least a while.
But time shoulders on
You just break down
and howel  like an dog.
Saying why me
What have I done.
Jesus says my child don't
Do this alone.
You can't bare my cross all alone.
I waited for you.
To say I'll hold your hand
Through the storm.
Walk with me
I will carry you through.
Into my light
Present you with an everlasting crown.
Mar 30 · 138
Time twisters
If only we could
Turn the clock
What would we
Love more
Forgive often
Bear no grudges
What would you do
If  you could start over .
Serve God
Win souls
Or just idle chatter .
Remember the year 2019.
No covd-19
If I could turn the clock back.
I'd dream again .
Mar 28 · 560
Stuck in a rut 😳
So what if I cannot face it
Getting back to normal
I can't
I just got to used
To being at home.
I can't travel far on buses
I don't want to go back to church
Because it's a crazy new normal
I've sunk to far into depression.
Things are different now.
Don't know if I can face
The uncertainty
Of the way things have come to be.
Mar 24 · 320
A bright star
You created a light
You were that light
So that many would follow
Your shinning light
In the darkness you were
That light so many would follow
Being sanctified in the light.
Mar 20 · 123
Who's to blame.
I hate the fact that humans
Blame God .
For the state of the world.
Won't accept his plan of redemption.
God didn't need to mend our relationship between him and us .
He could have just left it there.
But know
He had empathy
So he freely gave up his heavenly throne.
To  come down and give us another chance.
Shouldn't we be thankful.
Not complaining
Willing to accept were we have gone wrong .
Failed miserably
Take a step
And accept his perfect gift.
Of   being regenerated..
Born again
Give life .
Peace .
Mar 18 · 324
Who's face hurts now
A  heart sighs
Looks into  a tear glass window
The mirror is cracked
Tears run down a  broken  pane
Voices  cry
But aren't heard
Instead they are just ignored
Mar 4 · 293
Dead end .
Sing me a song
I'll tell you a secret
Whisper the words quietly
I will hum  you  a song

Write me a poem
I will lend you some ink
Can't wait
I have writers block
Mar 3 · 374
Heaven gates
Will you be ready
To meet the Lord Jesus
Just never know what's
around the corner

What will you do if
You say no.?
Will you have regrets
Will it be to late
Or will fate
Be your slate
Remember the thief ..
Said remember me
Jesus when you are in paradise.
Mar 2 · 400
Uncertain times
The feeling of were I"d like to be
But  not  were I want to be.
Feb 23 · 119
New world order
It's on its way
Should we be worried
Then pray
Feb 17 · 103
Trees are tall
I stand among them brave
Quietly whispering
Springfield breeze
Gently move amongst
The cool fresh air.
Robin's sing a song or too.
Rising of snowdrops
Fills the air
Feb 16 · 469
65 🎊🎉🥶😰😬
Feb 16 · 142
Me birthday Ma brown
"It's me birthday."?
"What, about it".
" Where's me card."
,"What." A canna hear ya."
" Put ya ear plugs in Ma brown."
" Na Woking, ya no "
" Lake, am away ta the pub "
" What Paw Brown, ya canna."
"How na."
" Cos ya spant ya Dosh in tha bookies."
"But ya na answer me question ?
" Canna hear ya "
"Awk, woman "
Feb 9 · 373
Seeds of doubt .
A wounded  heart
inflicked on bruised reed
All it knows is profound pain
It seeps into a seared conscience
It knows no value
It taints relationships
It stirs up a heavy heart
It self -seeking
Carries a weight of baggage
until it burns out the soul
Feb 6 · 322
Above and beyond
Cries reach down
to aching heart
Who knows no peace
Feb 5 · 148
Suspicious mind
I know you took it
So why not admit it
How could you
You broke our trust
That hurt like mad
Now am broken
Feel used
Trust past stolen Se
Feb 3 · 136
Rock bottom
I have felt unmovatived to do anything about the house
The news  -tv are driving me  insane
.I feel cut off  isolated .
Not sure we're my life is heading
It feels like like everyone is hiding behide a mask.
I feel lack of interest in cooking
I forgot to wash my hair for two weeks  
L just lie in bed and mope
Not caring
Feeling anxious
What's the point .
To life .
Given up
On me .😔😞
Jan 28 · 512
How many meal worms
Does it take to rot
Until they fester
Jan 27 · 426
I can't help it
If I make mistakes while commenting
People shouldn't be selfish
I suffer from arthritis in my hands
They have swollen up like balloons
I am Human after all
Stop putting me down
Look at your own short comings
Before you make  harsh judgements .
Jan 22 · 125
Come Eliot what's happening to this site.?
Jan 22 · 120
Lovers affair
I remember the sweet Cressing of your soft lips
The look of tenderness within those sparkling blue eyes
I felt a river flow through my veins
When your ******* were full
They led me to a garden of silks
I withdrew into a restful sleep of contentment my soul gave way to peace
My eyes were always close
waiting for our next visit to paradise.
Jan 20 · 695
Bad gateway 505
Jan 19 · 146
Boring lockdown
Cant do the things
That we used to do
See family
have coffee with friends

Boring lockdown
I think am about to have a meltdown
What can I do
To keep busy
Because I'll just go insane
Someone give a clue what to do
It's no funny
Being glued to the house
with just the blinking telly to watch
Cupboard love
I sigh my wasteline has stretched an inch or too.
Please give something to do
I need some inspiration or too
a plan to st some things in motion
I need a goal to to sort my frustration.
Jan 17 · 430
Consider this
If a jobs worth
Then it's should be done
Proper care and attention
Jan 14 · 163
Yesterday thoughts
I wish I could smile
But I have to sigh
I wish I could laugh
But I have to cry
I wish I could be happy
But I simply feel sad, I wish I could fly
But instead I am imprisoned
I wish I coul have fun
But instead iam bored
I wish I could have better days
But instead they are bad
My life is meaningless
Bound by lockdown
Chained by restrictions
But for now
My life has been put on hold.
Jan 11 · 371
Just to say
I know you are hurting deep inside
The pain is to much to bear
Life struggles
Hold on through tough times
Time will eventually heal.
But now your heart is broken
It needs tender love and care.
Each piece gently put back together
You need to search your heart
Let the anger go
But don't loose heart
Hold onto God with all your heart .
Jan 9 · 559
A loyal
Is a
In return.
Jan 7 · 483
Life is not the same
am not the same
I am barely getting by
I cannot sleep
Can't function
Hardly eat
I lost my way
My spirit is dampened
I am not me
Life has robbed me
From the way I used to be.
Jan 2 · 244
Deadly pandamic
Oh cov-19
Oh covd
Do you really have to wash as away
No matter the game we play.
You always slay
Oh covd
Won't you just go away.
People are tired
Not wanting to engage.
Oh covd just take a hike
Haven't you just taken enough lives.
Oh covd we pray
Just go away.
People are now just tired.
Must you carry on
and keep tearing  down
We haven't given up hope
Because we will fight you
Till  the end.
Dec 2020 · 233
Don't forget me 😫
Isolation caused loneliness
Pandamic became a case of hundreds
But mental health issues
Over ride virus
Now we've have a pandamic of mental health issues
Caused by
The after affects of lockdown
Job losses
Family breakdown
Violent abusive relationship s
Gonna take more than a vacation to cure a broken generation.
Dec 2020 · 240
Happy Christmas
to all my fellow poet's .
On hello poetry ☺️
Hope next year improves for us all .
And we all get through this madness.
Dec 2020 · 118
Christmas should be about love
But love all year round
Not just on Christmas day
Giving gifts not from the heart
But not from the mind
What's your reflection this Christmas
Still  in this difficult year Christ came as a babe to give us hope.
Dec 2020 · 110
In our darkness hour
Let us reflect
On the past year
See what we can
Learn  from
Move forward
Let go
Build dreams
Dont get stuck in a rut
Dont let this cornovirvus
Disillusion you
Or disappoint
Guard yourself
Stay safe
Most of all enjoy
The season
Because their is a reason
God loves you.
Wants you to know him.
Conoavirvus  lost death despair sad grief lonely
Dec 2020 · 148
Grinch who stole Christmas
Proper gander
Mad mistrea
Hyper nonsense
Fake news
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