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I call to tragedy
I rub the ground's dirt on my skin
Let wastewater drip down my chin
I'll have algae cover my eyes
and my tongue in the mouth of a fish
The ocean looked bigger than my
and I wanted to be swallowed up by something else
So I dropped in the water to feel engulfed
and be forced to forget about myself

I looked at the true underworld,
the proof a god had wept
The killing feeling inside of me
released as I was swept

And my thoughts became ocean,
forgetting all about myself
It was ocean and only ocean
bigger than grief itself
I'll feel eleven pains for you,
Eleven pains until I give you up.
I'll analyze the rains for you,
The truth in rain before I let you go.

I'll let fire heat my brain, for a while feel insane
I'll let venom in my veins, for a while feel the chains

Forgiving not forgetting
Receiving or regretting

If I let you in or go, I'll heal
As long as there's no mask for you to peel
If what you feel is really real
Then I will fall and seal the deal
I wish those words ran like a river
I wish those words could spill from my hand
I wish they could dance when written on paper
I wish they could erupt lava unto the land

I wish my words flowed as good as water
I wish it had rythm meant to be read
I wish you could see the meaning stacked under
I wish the Earth rumbled hearing it said

I wish I were a crafter, creater, a conductor
A wordsmith when giving it form
I wish I were creative enough to write masterpieces
I wish my imagination was a storm
Don't get in the bed.
He wants you dead.
Run away from his house.
He's cat. You're mouse.
Drive away in your car.
You're in for a scar.
Get away from the man.
Run away from that man.
I let you go
I let you go
Can't hang on if he won't hold.
I let you go
I let you go
Truth won't spill cause I'm not bold.
I let you go
I let you go
I have confessed and some I've told.
I let you go
I let you go
But you won't know until they're old.
I let you go
I let you go
What I want isn't bought or sold.
I let you go
I let you go
I let you go, cause you won't fold.
You let me go
you let me go
And that is why I let you go.
I let you go
I let you go
I let,
Prendeme fuego
Soy memoria para borrar
A quemarme no me niego
Pon mi alma a volar

Vivo con ojos ciegos
Soy un cuerpo hecho para enterrar
Todo y nada lo riesgo
Solo vivo para soñar

Set me on fire
I am a memory to erase
I won't deny to burn
Make my soul fly

I live blind
I am a body made to be buried
I risk everything yet nothing
I only live to dream
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