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Rony Joseph Jun 2011
My Way
In what moment the sky opened and discovered my weeping,
The enchantment of sigh by a smile.
I ask a writer born of the pain?
The glance of a lost world, listens to the tears of time
I was on my knees clearly I learned to fly with Angel wings,
A rainbow, the chill of a hidden winter,
Although behind schedule half of my life each word walks inside my inner sanctum  
Renascence of my soul, discovering an ignited flame,
Now the breeze will bring a page of my heart,
There it is where the moon and the stars illuminate a desire to write.
Here I buried a sincere smile with the world  
Who can define passages with your eyes closed?
Velvet of oneself blankets the aura
Pardon is necessary to be able to enchant the shining moon
They need peace like a wanderer needs air
I discovered my blue hands in a full moon with tears
Becoming melodies of its soul,
My way but in fact I must share it with all you,
My shades that in the middle of a nightmare became a night with desires to love,
At those moments I said who would dare to fly with me
Saving the reality of my life.

Reserved Right Rony Joseph 2011
Rony Joseph Nov 2010
The closeness of heaven
Underline my pain
The Simplicity of joy
Senseless regrets
A tentative smile
Strolling naked
Where the suns sets,
A foregone conclusion
Arrives at the altar
Fear stood hand and hand
With her last kiss
Undeniable passion
See me through
The windows of my heart
Symphony’s of doves
Pushing the sun closely to ecstasy
The Tenderness of wings
Brought my inner self
Face to face with reality
Once her mind synchronize
With my invincible essence
Our thoughts became one
As the moon drop her last teardrop
Life became unbearable, the silent whisper
past through a nail on the
Other side of her realm.

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
Rony Joseph Jul 2010
Do not take for granted the odor of the earth.
Enjoy her watery mouth
Trembling as fruit falls.
Kiss the origin of the sun
Planted like a flower in the middle of a field.
Since I awoke to the journey of truth
Her tongue unveils the passion of life.
Fly away, Fear!
Let me dream a good dream!
A sea of expectations forces me to grasp
My feet beneath a cloud
And dance as a child born soundless
His love a gift from above.
But the kiss scares from the abyss
lying naked with Red Rose.
The balcony allows the eyes to undress the stars
Sailing around the moon
Where the pond of memories sinks beneath her desires.
The guilty found remembrance of the blind lady
Judging unjust hands embracing between bars of gold.
Satin affliction embarks on escape and solace
Hunger for verse reaching the point of boiling.
Hidden agenda for a desert sky
Full of emotions
The perfection of silence sings to the sun
Expressing the language of your soul
Filling the void left by the valley
Of sweet words…

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
Rony Joseph Jul 2010
This is the light of the mind
Mystery Behind a ****** veil
The beauty of the moon
Where her face walks in its own right
Breathe in the enormity of the clouds
Gliding like pure cotton,
The gray sky becomes one with the soul
The bride is waiting for words to come calling
The stillness of thin air
Unlocked images beyond the breakwater
Remembering the unsolved labyrinth
As the cliff whistle to the stool pigeons
Bringing good news to the earthen womb,
Fighting the courage of shutting up
Forcing myself to unload my senses
Unselfish thoughts of a blue grievance
Between the sun and the clouds,
The outrage of the pierce Violet,
A cold glass of water glances at a beautiful pearl
Stashing the glamour of an oceanic mirage
A love affair chasing you through twilight
An enormous trill for the unknown
Driving you closer to a hole beneath
A disturbance of mirrors
Finally straight from the heart
I felt a silent outcry
Waiting for a shatterproof soul
Against the natural odor of true love

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
Rony Joseph Jul 2010
Derail the tracks of unconditional love
Down spiral the only tear left took a highest honor of wisdom
Harmonious ritual; ease my pain
The story unveil the need for peace
Temptress of humility Sing for the doves
Rejuvenate a fig tree with a forbidden fruit
Sentiments clash in front of a wave
Light years approaching your crossroads
Faith became my realm
Passing through a breeze
Salute my mind inside a rollercoaster
Understanding each layer of Respect
The power of life Simplify the true
Bringing fort the voice of compassion
I ask for my freedom Relentlessly
The era of amour kept Lasting impressions
Coming on butterflies winds
A long time waiting for time already loss
Seeking the ultimate rose
And fall in love,  
The discovery of the road brought
My lonely heart to swim and blood
Outside reality kindness settled for one more chance
The winds of the summer promise my youth an escape
A time for folklore of laughs
Simmer the imminent reality
Years pass through my eyelid without the brightness of her eyes
The puzzle of a dying emotion sinking deep in my veins
Where do I go from here?
A manifestation of a doorway clash
Certain majestic aphrodisiac relinquishing my love
A disappearing act of loyalty bound
In the middle of Welcoming Thoughts in silence,
Her essence standing at the end of a cloud
Transporting an illusion closer to heaven…

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
Rony Joseph Jul 2010
A countdown pronounce peace
How you ever watch a butterfly sing?  
Possibly the eyelid seeks redemption through a twilight
Pressure points incubate the seriousness of forgiveness  
The world turns a page inside the pain of child lost in the wind
Predictions cause traditions unveil reality
The standard finally arrived, stronger manuscript of heaven
Passion between solaces came through a whisper
The host intrigues by the road,
Feathers contemplate the last breath from a princess
Seeking the life missing from childhood
Sadness embraces winds blowing a symphony of passion
Time stood with expectation of retreat to my realm
Since I was invincible, the harpoon crosses the finish line
The lighthouse watches the fire rise through thoughts of Indecency,
A collaboration of hands holds the secret of sadness

I can still hear the wind crying out to the heavens
Forcing myself to sleep from a nightmare brewing in the air
Crystal clear the night unveil my nakedness
Sitting beside the moon, where did I leave her heart?
Inside reside the yearning desire of reaching for the stars
Granted a syllabus with sharp edge pointing at the sun
Transparency holds my hand
Walk behind A shield derailing
stray bullet from piercing my shamefulness  
The life of unsung heroes, the reality of dreams can be overwhelming
Right after the door is shout, slowly descent a crucial impression of truthfulness  
Bring back that cat eye’s steering at my rear view mirror
Exactly at the right moment
I open my soul…

Rony Joseph all rights reserved   2010
Rony Joseph Jul 2010
A Night for a Rose

The arrogance of passion
Touch me in places I didn't know existed
A gallant prince silently Hunts for the stars
Midnight brought Feathers descending slowly
On stray wave thoughts hang on the balance of peacefulness
Deliverance bottled up inside the pain
The thickness of an iceberg
Keeping a glacier glue to the sky
Insane minds swinging with the sharks
The discovery of your eyes in the middle of a blossom rose
Strings of my life squeeze a breath of air
Your hands unlimited creation, a rhythm breakthrough a kingdom
Swift passage through earthly possession, franticly speaking
Fear has left me breathless, reneged against the machine
The exception of a butterfly, the ways of the moon
Straight face keeps false pretence of many eyes
Unpreventable desire of lust
Continue their journey upstream
Deeply pondering, my words became clouds raining on your parade
The door close behind the red lights igniting my way out
Surrender in front a passion passing you by
For a longest I can remember love walk away from my senses
The letter awaken your nakedness in front of the mirror
Softly I lay beside a broken lover
For miles I believed the touché of my lips will heal you
The strike of a guitar playing with the stars
Shine a knockout blow for the undesirables
The wave unveil the true meaning of lost
But the light always shines bright
On my heart…

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
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