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ron parrish Jun 13
The winds of time

blow memories of you

through my mind

A sweeter love,i shall never know

as the winds of time gently blow

the smell of honeysuckle in the air

two young people in love without a care

Forever and always

your love shall be mine

if only in my mind

For I have touched your soul

and you have touched mine

and I will love you till the end of time

The essence of you shall always lay gently on my mind

two souls searching for solace

as we move through time

you have brought me from a boy to a man

and for that I will always be in your debt

and something I will never forget

but fate wasn't kind to you and me

our love could never be

so I will dream of you from time to time

and the essence of you will always be on my mind

Romeo romeo where art thou romeo

I'm in your heart and in your mind

where I will remain until the end of time...
ron parrish Jul 2018
Catching moon beams,

walking on crystal air,

gliding over the ocean,

full of love,without a care.

Sliding on a rainbow,

jumping on to a star,

fire racing across the water,

as i drag moon beams on the way.

Moon beams glowing,

in her eyes,

as i watch,

my beautiful venus rise.

The smile on her face,

lights up the skies,

as she walks on my moon beams,

i get lost in her eyes...
ron parrish Jun 2018

The sky is as black,

as my heart is gray,

the magic is gone,

there's nothing more to say.

A few years,,

not very long,

but enough memories,

to make me feel alone.

A walk in the woods,hand in hand,

feeling the soft touch of her hand,

the tenderness of her sweet kiss,

i will alway's reminess .

And you,

i will truly miss...
ron parrish Jun 2018
She said karma would get me,
but little does she know,
karma got me long ago ...
ron parrish May 2018
my girlfriend said she was putting me on a diet,

no more sugar she said,

well one day she was at work

i was dog sitting while she worked

i got so hungry for some candy

loaded up the dog and went to the store

yeap,i bought a whole bag of candy

went home and i was in hog heaven

watching the game eating candy

well time for her to get home so i hid the candy

she came in and sit beside me,have you been eating candy

hell no honey i'm on a diet

well a few minutes later that **** dog

came into the living room carrying that bag of candy

she screamed out i knew you was eating candy

i jumped up and said

**** that's the smartest dog i have ever seen the **** thing went to the store and bought a bag of candy

she looked back at me

and asked whos credit card the dog used,,,hers
ron parrish Apr 2018

sweet words of love

lets you see into my soul

let's you see

the love that I hold

let's you feel

my warm embrace

my words

take you to

a special place

our souls embraced

our hearts entwined

the love we feel is real

if only in our minds

for I have touched your soul

and you have touched mine...
ron parrish Apr 2018
I go to bed,
with you, on my mind.
and i dream ,dream of,
what could have been mine.

sweet,sweet dreams,
i have of you!
but sweet dreams
is all i have of you.

sweet,sweet love
brought to my heart
from above

then put,to a poets pen
to fill my heart
with love,yet once again...
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