ronnie Mar 17

the pain starts to slowly settle in
i don't beg
i don't think
i don't forgive
but i feel
but i see

i ask

but what is


if you're not allowed to have it?

ronnie Feb 16

The Sun is pointed at my direction

But it never shines

ronnie Feb 8

i remember waking up very early in the morning
i turned around on the bed
i saw your face
surrounded with darkness with light
the darkness  from our room
and the light just peeking from the blinds
the light hitting your face
reminded me of sunsets rising turning into a brighter shade
of orange and pink
i looked down at your lips
reminding me of soft kisses
on my spine to make me forget
eyes closed
wondering what they were envisioning
wanting so bad for them to be open
so you could tell me

one more time

that you were tired

Still can't sleep.
ronnie Feb 8

I was watching her
really watching her
wondering how she could be so destructive
changing herself
changing me
changing the world around her




Can't sleep.
ronnie Jan 15

The world is dark around me
But I see colours that don't
In my dreams
I am trying to push
All of it out
But I simply can't
It will always just be there
Inside of me
In my head
I won't let it out
You will just destroy it

ronnie Nov 2016

One day I was looking into his eyes
Oh, his big beautiful eyes
I get so lost in them
And one day I saw everything in them
His eyes would light up talking about his dreams
His future
And me in it
I liked his eyes most
When the sun is on them
You could always see
The different shades of brown
You could see
You could see love,
And when he would tell me
His eyes are
"Just brown"
I would tell him
Your eyes are not "just brown"
Your eyes are the reflection of
The most beautiful things in life
The things that make people smile
Your eyes are the feelings people get
When they are so high on love
Yet I couldn't tell you any of this
So instead I just told you
Your eyes were beautiful
But God, they were so much more than that
And I wish you saw that
I wish you could see....

ronnie Oct 2016

He told me that there used to be a “spark” he never saw in me anymore looking at me with his dark brown eyes. And when he tried to bring that spark, it was never to show the flame that came after it, but the darkness that surrounded it. As he was bringing that spark in me again, lighting me on fire without realizing it, flames in the reflection of his eyes, trying to change me, trying to bring the old me back, what he never realized was that the flame was him, and that flames disappear too.

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