ronnie Jul 11
all i ever wanted was to be enough
enough to live
but even life
told me
when it came to me
when it put it's face up to my face
so i could see

that i wasn't.
ronnie Feb 25
I looked for him
I looked for him in the lines and lines of my paper
but never in between them
I looked for him in music
in the way the second part harmony came in
but never the two part harmony together
I searched and I searched
and in the process I was-
he was
I was picking up the scattered pieces
whatever was left of him on the ground
trying to bring each little part
back together again
so it could
so he could fit in the palm of my hand
and I put him back where he belonged
around my neck
just right below the collarbone
that way,
when someone asks me where you are
I will always be able to say
right here
- Ashes
ronnie Jan 31
You saw the flowers growing out of me
When all I saw was the thorns

The thorns start to show
You pull each one out
Carefully, one by one

I look down
You look up

You said

And that was all I needed
ronnie Oct 2017
My heart speaks to you in languages you cannot understand yet.
You can only hear it beating....
ronnie Sep 2017
She would tell me how she felt on certain days.
Some days she wouldn't, but I knew when I looked at the colour of her nail polish.
When her fingernails were yellow I knew she was doing okay.
She would tell me she felt warm instead of cold like on most days.
When her fingernails had clear sparkles on them, I knew she was
She told me she couldn't wait to finish her book.
I tried to understand her.
But this was the only way I could.
I saw her again but this time she didn't speak.
her fingers were in her jacket.
She looked straight ahead and never turned her head once to me.
We sat for hours until she got up, and took her hands out of her pockets.
She told me she wanted to die.

Her fingernails were blue.
ronnie Jun 2017
we were running
we were running so fast until our knees became very weak
your hand was in mine
we came to a stop
and looked at what was in front of us
what is it? I said
you kept staring and you said it's fresh air
but it was more than that
it was dreams
it was fear
it was life
we unlocked the cuffs around our wrists
and we kept staring

and i knew

it was freedom
ronnie Mar 2017
the pain starts to slowly settle in
i don't beg
i don't think
i don't forgive
but i feel
but i see

i ask

but what is


if you're not allowed to have it?
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