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Emilio May 2016
simply because
you make me smile
Where are you?
Emilio May 2016
"I felt like I was emotion-impaired; heartless.
And I dread for nothing but life--
I tell you stories of mine like how death tells a joke.
But I have known you for days and never talked about infinity
Or gone to Marianas Trench

But there are so many words that I should be telling you;
You should know that we're made up of atoms.
And these reflected light--hoping you have read each word.
Because, I can't tell how light should travel or where
like freedom,
like words, like languages;
Like art
Thank you and.. just thank you.
Emilio May 2016
**** happened;
The stillness of the night,
The ****** ****** life.
Everything happened
because it happened
No ***** and **** the
Sometimes, you just have to do it.
Emilio May 2016
seems to be twisted
when I said those words.
And trying to suppress my soul
from being irrational...

No, It was my
I think I like you
Emilio May 2016
As I walk down the streets at night
alone but there was no fear;
I smiled,
looked at the sky;
Remembering small talks
and text messages.
I think I like you.
Emilio Apr 2016
I see your face
I see ghosts
of us.
And I know I still love you.
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