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Ronald D'Aguilar Jan 2015
If the eyes are truly windows to the soul,
Looking into yours would lift up one's spirit.
But to gaze in mine would surely take a toll;
Upon innocence, my troubles would be writ.

I don't mean to instill any sort of fear,
Or any discomfort, which could start to grow.
I just want to preserve you as you appear,
The purity you have, I lost long ago.

Time seems to melt away whene'er I'm with you,
In your arms is where I feel that I belong.
To show that I care, there's nothing I'd not do,
I will not be convinced that this could be wrong.

You are more amazing than I can dream of,
I just want to be someone who you can love.
Ronald D'Aguilar Jan 2015
All I want is something real,
But illusion has it's charms;
With which, my thoughts, it would steal,
Causing me a host of harms.

Can you stop just for to feel,
And ignore the false alarms,
The result could be ideal,
Just feel safe within my arms.
Ronald D'Aguilar Dec 2014
The pain is immense.
Shiny metal teeth laughing.
I hate this zipper.
Ronald D'Aguilar Dec 2014
Blankets and pillows;
I am unable to sleep.
I want to cuddle.
Ronald D'Aguilar Dec 2014
Stop focusing on the things
you think are negative in life.
When you think of pain,
think of the strength that
enduring the pain will leave
you with for the future.
When you think of endings,
think of new beginnings.
When you think you are lost,
think of what you might find
while you're there.
You wanna talk about
a gateway drug? Forget ***,
try some thought.
Thought is a gateway drug.
If you let yourself think freely,
the next thing you know
you will be writing about it,
and maybe eventually
singing about it.
You might start to
act out your imagination,
and if it is creative
instead of destructive,
you might end up
changing the world.
Maybe there doesn't "have"
to be pain, suffering,
hate or sadness,
maybe we just think that
because we have never seen
a world where there was only
love and joy and compassion.
But, there was a time
when no one had seen
the other side of the ocean,
so their continent
was the whole world,
and there was a time
when no one had seen
an aircraft so it was
impossible to fly.
Maybe Utopia could exist,
but definitely not while
you keep on believing that
it is impossible.
Not really a poem.
Ronald D'Aguilar Dec 2014
Birds fly in the sky,
What is it like for them there?
Flying beats walking.
Ronald D'Aguilar Dec 2014
I try to express myself to you,
But that is not so easy to do.
When I reach out, you turn away,
I don't know what more I can say.
For some reason, still I try,
Until I almost start to cry.

To cry I would have to care,
And that is something I can't bear.
Because I know that you do not,
Regardless of how hard I've fought.
Now I wish I knew just what to think,
When you don't even so much as blink.

From these thoughts I'd much rather hide,
I've always said, you can't hold back the tide.
I wonder how I'm supposed to feel,
Hot as ember or cold as steel?
It seems now that you've made your choice,
I wish you could have heard my voice.

If only I could go back in time,
And be a man and not a mime.
Then maybe I'd have the chance,
To take the lead in this dance.
Only time can truly tell,
Will I ever escape this hell?
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