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Oct 10 · 138
Ron Gavalik Oct 10
Celebrate charity
Pursue justice
Never confuse
one for the other

–Ron Gavalik
Sep 28 · 12
Keep Pumping
Ron Gavalik Sep 28
I may never understand
you. For certain,
you will never understand
me. That’s okay.
It’s the mystery, baby
that keeps the heart pumping.
I can’t think of another reason
to allow the blood to remain
in my veins.

–Ron Gavalik
Sep 24 · 286
The Gist
Ron Gavalik Sep 24
The value of food
is completely unknown
until the hunger sets in.
I can say the same
for love.

–Ron Gavalik
Sep 17 · 63
Death by Stink
Ron Gavalik Sep 17
Old lady perfume
wafts through the café.
The smell of wildflowers
rolled through baby powder
baffles me. That scent
is an asexual surrender
of life and love.
That stink is the active ******
of the will to go on.
It is malevolence
in the wind.

–Ron Gavalik
Sep 17 · 470
Slide Right
Ron Gavalik Sep 17
If you can't spit fire,
swallow hard,
and then slide out of the way.
Words and time
are far too valuable
to be wasted
by the amateurs
of life.

–Ron Gavalik
Sep 15 · 31
Humans Need
Ron Gavalik Sep 15
Humans need
less inspiration and more answers,
less hope and more truth,
less spectacle and more words,
less *** and more love.
We need to listen and understand,
drink water, eat good food,
laugh, kiss, and weep
until a long sleep.

–Ron Gavalik
Aug 16 · 209
Blood Sport
Ron Gavalik Aug 16
Dating is a blood sport
where one must scrape for life.
If the match is won,
you help each other limp
together as champions
through the struggles of time.
If the game is lost,
you stare out windows
alone, always wondering
about the life
that could have been
had you triumphed.

–Ron Gavalik
Aug 12 · 146
It’s on the wind...
Ron Gavalik Aug 12
When the poetry doesn't work,
don't sweat it.
Get up from the chair
and go for a walk,
pet a strange cat,
befriend a blind man
on the sidewalk.
Few items are made of paper,
and the best poetry
is not printed on it.

–Ron Gavalik
Aug 8 · 249
On the Lookout
Ron Gavalik Aug 8
When I had joy,
I didn't know it.
When the joy left,
that's when I knew.
I've been trying
to get the joy back.
That work is a struggle.
There's sweat and strife.
Still, I'm optimistic.
The joy will return.

–Ron Gavalik
Jul 14 · 74
Ron Gavalik Jul 14
If you seek an education,
go to a university
or a trade school.
If you want to learn,
talk to the bums, the ******
the immigrants in fields.
They’re the experts
on humanity.
Their wallets are as empty
as their stomachs,
but their souls
are dipped in gold.

–Ron Gavalik
Jul 4 · 94
Ron Gavalik Jul 4
I stood in a pool of ****
in front of the ******
after watching a beautiful film
about a man who gets the girl.
Irrational tears clouded my vision
and blocked the putrid scents
of real life.
My body wanted me
to live in that story
a little longer.
That was nice.

–Ron Gavalik
Jun 27 · 54
Run Currents, Run
Ron Gavalik Jun 27
I was born in a room
on a triangle of land and soot
between three rivers.
Just like the rivers,
I’ve been running
toward the fire
and from the smoke
all my days.
I’ll let you know
when I make it.

–Ron Gavalik
Jun 15 · 170
Ron Gavalik Jun 15
At 6:00, I drank
to remember,
to swim in the nectar
of consequences secreted
over a lifetime.
At midnight, I drank
to forget.

—Ron Gavalik
May 29 · 133
Breathe, Struggle, Live
Ron Gavalik May 29
In the pursuit of truth
and justice and growth,
we cannot celebrate our angels
without acknowledging our demons.
Each of us are flawed humans.
We are magnificent disasters.
In our mutual struggles to breathe
and survive a mad world,
every step we take
and every word we speak
is a work of art.

–Ron Gavalik
May 10 · 36
On Demand
Ron Gavalik May 10
Sitting in the late night bar,
I fingered a bottle cap while
another tragic love story
streamed through my head.
The light from a beer sign
reflected off the whiskey glass
to form a shimmering horizon
that gently cradled the cap.
Thats when I realized
sunrises can happen
whenever and wherever
we need them.

—Ron Gavalik
Apr 14 · 62
Standby Mode
Ron Gavalik Apr 14
I really don't know
how many glasses
of whiskey I've drained
or how many hours
I've stared out windows
while waiting
for the world to awaken
from its drunken slumber
and begin to improve.

—Ron Gavalik
Mar 25 · 718
In waiting...
Ron Gavalik Mar 25
Back in the small town,
we hung around the gas station
in the afternoons and at night.
We drank cartons of iced tea
and laughed about nothing.
We watched others live
the lives we wanted,
but weren't quite ready
to begin.

—Ron Gavalik
Mar 11 · 549
Daily Realities
Ron Gavalik Mar 11
Inside the café, a cute artist
with blackened fingertips
sketched in her notebook.
A handsome boy took the next table
and waited patiently for a chat.
Sketching with a fervor,
oblivious to her surroundings,
that artist and I shared a truth.
Imagination is often preferable
to the daily realities
****** upon us.

–Ron Gavalik
Mar 10 · 94
Ron Gavalik Mar 10
I've grown so tired
of hating you,
but I’ve hated you so long,
it's all I know.
After the foul odor of death fades,
fresh air will replace
that which we cannot change.
Staring out the window,
my chest tightens from dread.
The pollution we’ve spewed
may have scorched the soil
where new trees must grow.

–Ron Gavalik
Feb 18 · 120
every day
Ron Gavalik Feb 18
Create art
every day
If you cannot
then make just one
piece of art
which is the work of life
Make it imperfect
and worthy of memory
every day

–Ron Gavalik
Feb 10 · 118
Stumble Beautifully
Ron Gavalik Feb 10
There are people who love
what you do.
Others will always hate
what you do.
The majority have no idea.
Those are the souls
I observe on sidewalks
and in restaurants.
They are confused, angry, lost.
They stumble beautifully
through the fire.

-Ron Gavalik
Feb 2 · 142
Freedom Revealed
Ron Gavalik Feb 2
Laying on my back
in the alley,
drunk and sick,
I gazed at the blanket of stars.
The cosmos above revealed
itself as an endless sea
of lost hopes
and sacred prayers.
In that moment,
I was free.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 29 · 36
Truthful Rejoinder
Ron Gavalik Jan 29
The poets in the digital age
hunger for constant approval.
As cowards, they hide in fear
behind the mob's outrage.
In a constant search for validation
within shallow mud puddles,
every penned word betrays
the pursuit of truth in art.
Lost in a fog of redactions,
I just don't know
if these poets will ever find
truth again.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 26 · 303
Unknown Source
Ron Gavalik Jan 26
Sometimes the sadness
comes like a sucker punch
to the back of the head.
The assailant disappears
into the crowded street,
and we are stuck
nursing a painful wound,
never really knowing
its reason or cause.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 25 · 585
Acidic Reveal
Ron Gavalik Jan 25
There’s a psychopath
at every job, a guy ready
to talk your ear off about socks
or a woman who admits
she has a fetish for hairy *****.
I met them in restaurants,
on construction sites,
and in bland offices.
As time went on,
the psychos disappeared.
I mentioned this to a coworker.
He stared at me cold,
the way I once looked at a guy
who went on and on
about his ****** addiction.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 21 · 83
The Snatch Life
Ron Gavalik Jan 21
Murderers and thieves
lurk around every corner.
The honest ones use weapons
to get what they want.
The others allow selfishness
to slowly manipulate weak men
into the madness of poverty.
All remaining strength
sapped away, the defeated
pray for death.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 21 · 247
Something Else
Ron Gavalik Jan 21
The guy who wore a scarf at the bar,
he chose not to write
because he's ‘no Hemingway.’
I told him no one stops me.
Memories of Ginsberg, Frost, Thomas,
and even Bukowski's drunken ghost
make me feel at home in my words.
That didn't change the guy's mind,
so I told him to drink up
and do something else.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 17 · 54
Throat Scars
Ron Gavalik Jan 17
When we hit the whiskey,
we felt very good
for too short of a time.
The cowards and the ******
didn't disappear into the night.
At least their filthy claws
couldn't get a grip
on our throats.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 15 · 125
Loser Lesson
Ron Gavalik Jan 15
I was once beaten
by a large man
with red fire eyes
and froth on his lips.
Don’t worry, baby.
I gave as good
as I got.
That day, I learned
to survive.

-Ron Gavalik
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Jan 13 · 57
Free Souls
Ron Gavalik Jan 13
The lovers and the fighters
both know that bitter
sweet tinge of struggle.
They are also the free souls
who deliver truth and emotion
upon apathetic servants.
Adorned in empty gray suits,
the mob lives only to criticize
those who rise above
the mundane.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 9 · 37
Ron Gavalik Jan 9
Lily's hands were soft.
Her red nail polish
didn't contain even one chip.
As that dame stroked
the inside of my thigh,
the scent of an agenda
lingered on her breath.
So I started the car.
We didn't speak five words
during the ride back.

-Ron Gavalik
Jan 7 · 211
Convenient Love
Ron Gavalik Jan 7
A dead Christmas tree
was set out with a neighbor's trash.
It lay sideways, stripped
of half its needles.
A brown cat sniffed
one of its branches,
but then sauntered away.
All relationships eventually
lose their charm.

-Ron Gavalik
Dec 2018 · 166
Flame Dance
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
It was just past 2:00 am
on a lonely new year's eve.
I drove across the Rankin Bridge
and noticed a gold flame dance
atop a stack at the mill.
I stopped the car
in the middle of the bridge
and walked over to the rail.
In the darkness above the river,
the suffering didn't exist.
It would return
with the sun.

-Ron Gavalik
Dec 2018 · 113
Modern Weeds
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
I’m trying  <!DOCTYPE html>
<html> Baby, I’m trying <head>
<!-- HTML Codes by -->
I’m trying <title> to see through
all the weeds "width=device-width">
<style> of our modern landscape
but I know my search {:left;background}
is a futile effort.{font-family:Arial, sans-serif}
{font-family:Georgia, serif} This is our world
now, and I’m just trying ;14px;font
to see
the madness
of the weeds.

-Ron </head> Gavalik </body>
Dec 2018 · 353
The Maxim
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
The writer’s job
is to build the words,
not perform for applause
or join cheap cliques.
The printed word, baby,
that’s the nervous anticipation
for the 300 pound *****
who ***** the best ****.
Words are the hit of whiskey
after the sun drops
below the buildings.

-Ron Gavalik
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Dec 2018 · 98
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
Sitting on the cellar steps,
it was difficult to not admire
the rainwater that flowed
with determination across the floor.
Powerless to stop the flood,
I made a choice
to enjoy the fresh perspective.
So many others made feeble attempts
to control the inevitable
with sandbags and prayers.
I took a hit of whiskey
and then communed
with the storm.

-Ron Gavalik
Dec 2018 · 142
Cold Walk
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
Christmas shopping,
much like a belt of whiskey
or a short vacation,
gives us a chance to unplug
from the daily anxiety.
Transported from the grind,
we take simple pleasures
in considering the lives
of those around us,
the others.

-Ron Gavalik
Dec 2018 · 74
Thank You
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
I am grateful that so many
of you continue to enjoy my work.
I write, bleed, and share truth
for all of us at no charge.
All I ask in return is that you
at the top of my profile
and honorably support my efforts.
Thank you.
Happy Holidays.
Dec 2018 · 37
Steel Bars
Ron Gavalik Dec 2018
On the construction site,
I dropped a shoulder of 2X4s.
While retrieving the planks,
I cursed the sky and the job.
An older guy barked at me,
‘This ****’s better than jail.’
His wisdom taught me
there are two prisons:
one with and one without
visible steel bars.

—Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 564
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
A terrible lover is similar
to a terrible piece of chicken.
You can choke it down
as expected, or cast
the remnants away
and move on.
Neither option is ideal,
but only one
is grounded in truth.

—Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 309
...went on
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
The night went on
as the madness kept coming.
There was nothing
I could do
to stop it.
Eyes closed,
I prayed long and hard
for the dawn.

—Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 88
Bland Turkey
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
I’ve never preferred turkey.
That bland taste is the reminder
of the bland jobs and the lovers
with bland imaginations.
When we give thanks,
I bow my head in reverence
for the perpetual fight.
That dash of ferment
snatches a glimmer of life
from the march toward
our insipid decline.

—Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 105
Walk Away
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
There was a time
when the sight of your lips
made me want to **** you
inside bar bathrooms
and atop the kitchen counter.
Those days are now gone,
and I no longer have any desire
to own you. There is nothing
remaining inside to give or say.
So I will walk away
alone, upon tired sidewalks
to never love again.

—Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 73
Reckless Contour
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
An older woman at the bar,
danced alone near the jukebox.
Eyes closed, she swayed her hips
to some kind of old school jazz.
Cigarette smoke hovered around her
on the makeshift dance floor.
The smoke contoured to her body,
it clung to her reckless past.
The chain-smoking drunkards
hollered and giggled as cowards.
One of them would **** her
before the night ended.
All I could do was watch
and write this poem
in my mind.

-Ron Gavalik
Nov 2018 · 103
Ron Gavalik Nov 2018
After the most abhorrent violence,
during times of misery and sorrow,
a wise man will sit in a dark room
and reflect on his truths.
In rage, he will curl his fingers
into the tightest fists.
In sadness, he will weep
for all that has been lost.
In his chair, the wise man will drink
his whiskey, and then he will stand up
and fight back against the hate.

-Ron Gavalik
My city. My community. My life and my love.
Oct 2018 · 264
A Call to Disarm
Ron Gavalik Oct 2018
Today, my Jewish brothers and sisters
in the greatest city on Earth
were gunned down by a man
poisoned with hatred,
that bitter hit of political rage.
Tonight, imperfect souls will gather
to hug and weep and scream.
As we gaze upon so many fierce tears,
I pray we absolutely never
go quietly into that goodnight.

-Ron Gavalik
Oct 2018 · 181
Ron Gavalik Oct 2018
I've met many men on sidewalks,
at jobs, in bars and cafés.
Some of these men held
strong principles. Others
sold their minds and bodies long ago,
usually to rather low bidders.
Of all these men of youth and age,
colors and religions, I still prefer
my own company the most.

-Ron Gavalik
Oct 2018 · 124
Slithered Words
Ron Gavalik Oct 2018
The best poem
came to me last night
while shaving.
I didn't write it down,
and now,
much like the shaving cream
that slithered down the drain,
those words are gone.

-Ron Gavalik
Oct 2018 · 34
Howl and Chase
Ron Gavalik Oct 2018
I really have no idea
how anyone can love a writer.
We're great observers,
but terrible people.
Marry a carpenter or a welder.
They know how to build
things worthy of your heart.
All a writer can do is howl
at the moon in madness
and chase the dreams
that never come.

-Ron Gavalik
Oct 2018 · 264
Ron Gavalik Oct 2018
I often have no clue
what words will come
when pouring blood
onto the page.
The soul has a life
and a will of its own.
Sins and truths, much like smoke,
live in the surrounding air.
They wait for someone
to inhale.

-Ron Gavalik
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