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romanov Jan 4
i do not know
i never will
all i can do
is drown in sorrow and sink.
romanov Jan 4
a victorian era delinquent
in the winter streets of gloomy London
i pass a cholera degraded body

i will not squeal
i will not shiver
i am the ripper

i steal lives
i do not give
my eyes are dark
clouded by sin
you can not **** me
only i
can tear me limb from limb

in victorian streets of London
i walk
romanov Dec 2019
the stench still clots my senses
the piles of bodies
and the rivers of screams

the now lonely shoes
and forgotten glasses

the beds that now are empty
yesterday bore lifeless bodies

the chimneys, that spat out death
are no longer hungry for flesh

these memories must not be forgotten
for they are sins of ours
that no god will forgive.
romanov Aug 2019
what happens when the garden dries out?
of course, all the flowers die.
the petals cover the ground like skin covers it during the war.
romanov Aug 2019
i don't know what is freedom
all i've known is war
dust, bullets and screams.

save me from this terror
build me a bridge
thousand miles long
so i can pass
to the green forests
because that's where i belong.

singing songs
with the birds
i will no longer feel lost.
romanov Aug 2019
in the fields
row on row
where the iron grows
was a rose

it bloomed with
every new moon
and when the money occurred
it got stomped down
with the dirt.
romanov Jun 2019
throw my body in the ground
with no sound
pour it
make the earth drown
I will be its ship
and alcohol will be the sail
that guides the souls to be ******.
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