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  Jan 2016 rohit chhabra
Manisha Uniyal
The  path, which I couldn't see
In the woods and near the sea
Tilted grass ever so green
Black damped and scented soil
Under the shade of the trees

Away from the gaze of the sun
But shinning in moon light
the path so close
Kept hiding from my sight    

White flowers in the weeds
Leading to place never seen
Misleading Illusion to the eyes
Of the jungle, river and ice      
Blue waters and crystal sky
Island of dreams, the other side
this world I did explore
when I took a step more

  Jan 2016 rohit chhabra
Lark Train
We loved: Juvenile
And lived: For a while
But I: Couldn't see
That you'd: Turned your back on me.

You left: I watched you go.
My life: Walked out the door
We grew: To new depths
My heart: Your greatest theft.
  Jan 2016 rohit chhabra
The shoes I bought
Are too big for me
But I love them
I love them dearly

I strapped them up tight
I redid the laces
Put on layers of socks
Crammed ***** of tissue to
fill the empty spaces

I submerged them in water
In a pail, to the bottom they'd sink
I left them in the sun
In the hopes that they'd shrink

I just wish that they'd peer through their eyelets
And see me for all I've done
I will not cease to fill the voids
And fulfil the love I've begun

The shoes I bought
They remain too big for me
But I still love them
I love them dearly
  Dec 2015 rohit chhabra
Suhani Arora
This is a farewell song,

The last words that I’ll ever exchange with you.

It’s a goodbye.

The end of everything.

Treat me as a stranger now and I’ll return the favour.

If some day, you run into me,

Do not take pains to smile or say hello, because I won’t return it.

Because a part of me won’t let me smile even if I want to.

Because my veins will tie my hands and stop me to reach for you,

to wave at you,  to embrace you, like I once did.

Because this is the end

It’s a goodbye.

You murdered my existence

There’s a part of me that’s always going to hate you,

A part of me that’s always going to remember you,

And remind me why storms are named after people.
  Dec 2015 rohit chhabra
It's a story of heartache 'n heartbreak
I once had a boy or he once had me
I was on my knees 'n the snow was cold
so was he

no sun rays, no fire glaze
all i got was a disapproving gaze
frozen still i could not move
he walked away

I chased his footsteps on the snow
possessed by rage
I didn't realize it was a blizzard passage
No way ahead
No way back
No way to go

But he was long gone out of sight
had left in me no will to live, no fight
Broken soul frozen cold

Back in summer we lived 'n laughed
so enchanted i was, he played his part

But a game indeed it was for him
bitter 'n sweet however it was

I had my head in the clouds
till i came across
a world so unfamiliar 'n strange
'n a strange universe
verse to verse
The story goes
heart left without beats
it bleeds
every drop of blood
As pure as the love i lived
in every breath i breathed
every day of every season
summer or rain
I loved him just the same
Or so i thought at the time.
No matter how ******* up things are it always gets better..
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