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rofan Dec 2018
to write
to write words that were forever spoken
words that might leave
but never disappear
like a rose it lives, it dies
so it becomes part of a new life
today i might no longer speak
i might no longer hear
today i am only
and i am only me
alone in a part of something,
that is forever awaken
so the more i feel
the less i believe
like the sun
it gave light
to the moon to be bright
i want my words
the fingers that once wrote
it gave certainty
Infinity to my world
so sun,
i hope you never get enable
to make your light reach to every spot of the earth
not like my own words
that never reached
the only rose
that i wanted to reach.
rofan Sep 2018
I say love is whole
I say love is unbreakable
That love is what unites us all
But now I am just hear
Sitting in the darkness of my room
Laying old notebooks down to the ground
Reading words that I once wrought
Felling like
I am misunderstood
Felling everything
But still felling empty of it all
rofan Aug 2018
I see the stars
The moon and sky
I wonder
And I connect the things that I know
I find a reason and a why
For me to :
Give it up?
Let it vanish?
Then it comes back to me
All what is whole
All what is real
All is in inside
All what is nothing at all !.
rofan Jul 2018
you see me
i see you
but you dont see
that it has allways been me
falling in love with you.
Thank You For All The Moments You Gave me red
rofan Jun 2018
i close my eyes
and i whisper to the wind
while it touches my face gently
playing with my hair
i can hear their voices
but i could never listen to their words
i open my eyes
and there they are
people walking to their destinations
and i just stand still
near the lamp of the street
yes i am standing here
but my soul is up there
between the stars
yes my blood is running through my veins
but my heart is lost
looking for the only place
the only person
that can set me free
flying like a bird
in the only sky
that i want to fly
rofan May 2018
as I sat there thinking about how love is a fairy tale
and now I ask my self is it ?
and even now the memory still here in my heart
so why dream did you come when you are leaving?
why do you bring a torrent of pain to my heart?
ooh if I was the moon to see you every night
ooh if I was the sun to light your day
only if I can go back in time
then I will stand there for hours looking in to your eyes
but why?why did I come to you?
and why do my heart fall when ever I see you or hear your voice?
will the tears and pain will ever stop
will the solicitude will stop to
but still the spirit  is still a spirit
hard as a rock  beautiful as the smell of jasmine
and the poem will always be the only thing
to stop me from bleeding
and to heal my wounds.
rofan Apr 2018
You get deeper in to my chest
Till you become the heart of me
I shall connect my roots with you
Till you run in my blood
And my blood runs through you
I shall put my fangs deeper in to you
and I shall burn you down
Till there is nothing left of you
Not even a memory
Or a tear
Or a Whisper to the ear
it is not someone but something
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