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Rocky Mar 2014
The walls they paint with yellow-baige,
and i think that they are in a cage.
For the paint can be a stardust of Orange-green or mountains of Azure,
They should let go of the greys,
And sacrifice the 'sure'...

Painted objects will bring them rage,
and i think that they are in a cage.
You can paint the moon crimson-blue in the little corner of the wall,
And there can be a landscape of rainbow dots.
or children playing under a fall.....

If these things sound unusual to you,
for a suave sitting room,
then i bet my pants, you'll stay with creams,
and mild shades of gloom.
For although you'll enjoy the company of many,
you are actually on a stage.....
And unfortunately my friend, i regret to inform,
You too are in a cage!
Rocky Mar 2014
How else can a man study patterns…..
Of man’s nature and the nature of men?
If not by storing and keeping in the recesses of his mind.
And then progress can march and conclusions be sought……
With the textbook of memory ,
which Experience uses to teach its lessons…..

How else can you get lost in the Nostalgia…..
Of beautiful places seen or Wonderful Situations encountered?
Or mould yourself subconsciously….
Like the artist you admire or the principles you like…
If your mind does not register those beautiful and enduring moments of awe.
Oh Memory ! take my imagination even higher……
So I can continuously keep inventing and not always be Raw….

But then on the other hand, I also remember tears…..
The bouts of sadness, my stupidity, my fears…..
I wish I could have died then and not commit all those errors……
Again and again they come back to haunt me even after all these years.
“Go away please” I beg you to leave me alone…….

And Somewhere from the unknown, Memory’s voice beckons,
Look at the big picture and look at the present ,
For although you may have suffered intolerably then and even thought of dying….
Look how everything is alright now and Pessimism is lying!
Rocky Mar 2014
There she lives far away in the universe.......
She smiles a little knowingly and grins a little movingly,
but she knows the future so she doesn't worry.....
And the fact that she doesn't worry makes me fall in love with her.

But she lives far away in a far away universe.....
while i live here with the bridge and the river,
But i hope our universes bridge or hers i discover.....
But i dont really care becoz i also equally love the river.
Rocky Jan 2014
Perhaps the things that i was exposed to, you may not know;
and i may not know what walls you have crossed;
but all the barriers between us lay broken,
when you understand even those words that remain unspoken.

You know when i'm happy,
You know when i'm sad,
You can tell for sure, even if i'm a little bit upset.....
And if you blame yourself for it,
You suddenly become silent
and I find your eyes have become wet.

So one day i will take you to the beach in the morning.....
And talk all nonsense for hours without once saying “I love you”,
and I’ll suddenly become quiet,
For in my eyes you’ll see, the words were just a token,
A Noisy distraction to all my thoughts that you already know,
and Words which remain Unspoken.....

— The End —