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Rocket Aug 2014
god i hate that there was anyone before you
i hate that i ever kissed anyone else
maybe the creepiest thing i've ever written
but ****
Rocket Jul 2014
my head hanging out of windows
and your arm around my waist
this feels like
I fit
this feels like
with you is where I belong for now
and exactly where I want to be
he's not a stupid boy at all
Rocket Jun 2014
i had a dream about him last night,
and it ended with me running away looking for your arms instead
I ran through mud with a smile on my face
because I knew where I was going
was exactly where I wanted to be
ungh why do i write anything
Rocket May 2014
when we're hopping fences to go lay under the stars
and we're on our way to the middle of the field
and you trip me right into your arms so you can lay me down with kisses
and i laugh and you smile and we lay around a while
until we hop the fence again to get a little more comfortable
in the back seat of your car.
we didn't put on music and i didn't need music and i wasn't even thinking of music at all because all i wanted to hear were the sounds you made in between each time i brushed your cheek with my hand and you looked at me like maybe with me was exactly where you wanted to be...
maybe I'm starting to believe you when you tell me you actually like me
you are terrifying and all i think about
Rocket May 2014
kissing you sounds really great
anything with you sounds really great
and even after you've unleashed your stressful week into our conversation, insulting yourself and unloading your stress,
after you've told me you're terrible...
I've never liked you more.
(you just make me like you more)
(and more)
what. boy, boy, boy bosgfgojhdsfigjdfshgijh whoa, you're something else
Rocket May 2014
but somehow all the funny quirky things you do
make me laugh and roll to my side and then look you dead in the eye
(you can turn our silly moments into serious ones)
and somehow when you're there, I never have a nightmare
(or when I did you said, "that can't happen because I'm here and you're here and we won't let it" and the nightmare didn't last)
something about this boy
something about this boy
...there's something about this boy
i exist i exist i exist - flatsound
Rocket May 2014
even on these nights
I'd still like to see your blue eyes and sad smile
(even though I wish it wasn't sad)
man, i like you
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