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Apr 2016 · 400
The Two Things I Love
Hailey Davis Apr 2016
I really love cigarettes
And I really love you
I used to think I didn't have
An addictive personality
I'd quit smoking
If you asked me to
But I could never quit
Being addicted to you.
Apr 2016 · 10.2k
Hailey Davis Apr 2016
I have been told plenty of times
by plenty of guys
that they love how submissive I am, but
that it could get me into real trouble one day.

Oh, little do they know
that it has gotten me in trouble long, long ago
my submissive nature made me afraid to say no
before I had given the situation any kind of second thought
I had told him that anything goes.

That "anything goes" left me aware of my worth;
maybe not to others,
because it was myself that was hurt.
Apr 2016 · 437
Smoking like a Chimney
Hailey Davis Apr 2016
he leans in to tell her
"pretty ladies should never light their own cigarettes"
and they say chivalry is dead

sharing 'shrooms, spinning rooms
my love for you
keeps me higher than cloud nine
Apr 2016 · 696
First Date
Hailey Davis Apr 2016
there wasn't enough syrup in my coffee
there was enough sweetness in you
to last me through bitter sips
and quiet laughs
a bond only to be made stronger by flesh
the sun gone, and we were alone
nothing left but the sound of a name
once hated in my ear
your voice made it sound like pure gold

— The End —