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Robyn Jan 2021
A person addicted
an abuser of substance,
slave to poison.
Pursuing an intoxicating dream-

Is it truly preposterous,
the desire to escape reality.
Leaving behind the the grey
of a long forgotten world.

White lines, like snow
paving the path to a baseless illusion.
A ticket out
even if only transitory.

Robyn Jan 2021
I’m sorry
Sorry in advance
For the pain I am about to cause
Robyn Jan 2021
Have you ever just taken a moment,
A moment to breath and consume every atom that surrounds you? Life, what a blessing. The very word that has become so basic and yet it is sophisticated in every way. A four letter word that breathes adventure and stories to every being.
We have become so wrapped up in a continuous cycle of habit, that we don’t even realize that’s it’s like to break away. It’s time that we sit down to enjoy the small treasures that God has provided us.
Slow down
Robyn Aug 2020
I remember,
I remember the days
Young and old
Warm and cold

Knitting while the TV blared
Coffee and politics in the A.m
Jam and toast after soup

Gardening a sacred time
Whispering to the leaves
And smiling at the blooms
Every petal a new memory

Warm meals cooked with love

A smile that could light up a room
And eyes that made you feel safe
A strong woman that changed my life
A teacher for eternity

My grandma
A kind woman
A woman
Whom I love with my heart and soul
Robyn May 2020
Cover, hide and close
your eyes
a treasure
a door

with one look
emotions revealed
a past no longer concealed
a story unfolds

like a thief,
a glance is stolen.
oh my soul
so vulnerable.

With every blink
every tear
a piece is sold,
a piece of my old soul.

My eyes, so young
so blind
a window
wide open

a free pass to any thief who enters.
Robyn May 2020
Once more
Just one
Before you go

One touch
One kiss

O ur worlds collide
N ight and day
E ternity together
Robyn May 2020
I love you for eternity
oh my soul
my sacrifice
I'll give you my life

Just promise,
I love you too.
Light me up,
fall in love.

I will follow the moon
I will stalk the earth
I will find you
I will be right here.
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