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Robyn May 27
Cover, hide and close
your eyes
a treasure
a door

with one look
emotions revealed
a past no longer concealed
a story unfolds

like a thief,
a glance is stolen.
oh my soul
so vulnerable.

With every blink
every tear
a piece is sold,
a piece of my old soul.

My eyes, so young
so blind
a window
wide open

a free pass to any thief who enters.
Robyn May 26
Once more
Just one
Before you go

One touch
One kiss

O ur worlds collide
N ight and day
E ternity together
Robyn May 26
I love you for eternity
oh my soul
my sacrifice
I'll give you my life

Just promise,
I love you too.
Light me up,
fall in love.

I will follow the moon
I will stalk the earth
I will find you
I will be right here.
Robyn Jan 1
Shadow cast
Shivers run
Eyes turn
Up above she lay hung

It was difficult
No one knew
She was tired
And her spirit too

Took a rope
Tied it tight
And jumped into the light

There she lay hung
Nothing left
A constant reminder
Of what we do best

We push
We hurt
We ****** our own
That’s humanity

That’s my home
Robyn Oct 2019
the water is luke
closing the tap as i let it run
i knew this day would come

the scars reveal my attempted past
my reflection ripples
as my salty tears drop
it is time

the cool blade kisses my skin
as i slide it deep across my epithelium
opening what i know will forever be lost
but forgive me, i have to do this
at all costs

— The End —