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Robin Amaral Dec 2012
I have stood on this edge

between soul and circumstance

between sun and storm

where scars and ink

circle the night

in a silent prayer

of love

and compassion

moved by the mystery  

the silk wings

of a sunshone ray

guided by the whisper

of the poetic moon

where the spirit moves gently

to the kiss of

freedom ~

Copyright © 2012 Robin Amaral
Robin Amaral Jul 2011
Cherry orchards are beautiful this time of year

memories of you  , I

surrounded in the comforts of spring

warm and pastel light

a beginning

we lay within those purple flowers

I never knew the names of

pink blossoms slipping from the sky

like the snow thought left behind


how they burn within  

yours ravaging the soul

your hidden heart torn

the words you couldn't say

and your bed of novels  

how your dreams floated on others words  

and you wished , and wished ,  and wished

that somehow  ,  I was the one  


I lay on the rock by that tiny lake  

my eyes closed

and you tickled my ear

"wake up you beautiful man"

in your delicate hand , a blue feather

you wearing a sunny halo

the gulls circled and called in the sky

you curved your body over mine

I lay awake at night

eyes staring back into the black  

trying not to remember

and it's raining

I think of you crying

tears you were never afraid of

buried in loneliness

and I swing at the night

reality crushing  

with no goodbye

your final gesture

and now ,

I walk along this shore

under the struggling sun

and I hear a cry

on the wings of a gull

remembering your face to the sea

and little purple flowers

here , alone

copyright 2011 Robin Christopher Amaral
Robin Amaral Jul 2011
isn't that how it works ?

missed sunrises

charcoal shadows on a rainy day

an unfamiliar knock at the door

you ,  standing there

not knowing why

I was the quiet one with a million thoughts , jesus and ***

thoughts so many tried to pry from my mind

ideas caught and tangled

in this superficial world , iconic and moronic

you called me a runner

I just knew how to listen

and just knew when

to go and begin - again

maybe you were afraid of my fearlessness

or was it that , so many other friends fell to their own

I remember them  

your unhappiness

in how I could be happy alone

how you confused need and want

your love caged in jealousy

if you could only change


my social sarcasm

cliques and their ******* games

and you spinning

a carousel of questions

who am I ? who are we ? where are we going ?

you kept grasping for that gold ring

I kept riding ...

your gone now

and it's still raining

slippery sidewalks

no rainbows  

just us  


of auld lang syne

copyright 2011 Robin Christopher Amaral

— The End —