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Robert Zheng Mar 2018
my flower
i am the bee

let me
push and pull
at your tinfoil ****

watch you
wafting your smell

delicate petals
didn't even notice
how they fell

spicy nectar
simmers on my
tongue and throat

i nestle in flour cocoon
among fibers
tender strung

where i start
where you begin
its blurred

your pollen
your taste
spread by my word
Robert Zheng Oct 2017
your heart rate
you hear
a breath
a glassy visage
a call
to be kissed
seek the ripple
the depth
your visceral struggle
torrential contention
purge it just be gone be rid be done find peace find relief


manifest a contemplative clench


a drop

a splash

a wipe

pull your pants up
vissaj or vissij?
Robert Zheng Jul 2017
a plum, a peach, a pause
youth and vigor's jaws
gradient morals
homage to William Carlos Williams' "This Is Just To Say" and my old teacher, mr. v, who taught me a plum doesn't always have to be a plum
Robert Zheng Jun 2017
I've never been quite taken to the idea, the concept, of religion but I've always been fascinated by worshippers and their gods

Deities deified and dyed with the colors and patterns that they don't quite find as their own but their them is not theirs or through their own thoughts and how their image is cast how they've found they've been wrought

Who's the god

God's god
a mob
Wanted to toy with run-on, no-break phrasing and reading speed and, of course, a humanized and pitiful god
  May 2017 Robert Zheng
Damien Ko
I am an idiot when I see you
Oh how I drivel and babble

My thoughts scatter I'm not alright
I plan some words and plan awry
Train of thought spiral into daydream
Making sure I say what I mean
to say. Because my word I chose
I'm one bizarre

I am an idiot when I hear you
Sonorous and soft sense
Blast I've become too tense
Dismantle me with words
Ones that yearn to be

I am an idiot when I touch you
See how I tremble

Hands touch too tender
Hands touch too excessive
I feel I may be oppressive
I dance fingers with wonder

I am an idiot when I think you
One giant fantastic

Simple things odd things
Honestly anything
It comes to mind
And I turn to find
That I am much too silly

An idiot is what you do to me.
I tried something different. I am a fan of how the structure turned out I suppose
Robert Zheng May 2017
I like mandarin oranges
I like the way they taste
I like they way they look
I like how they fit in pockets
I like their straightforwardness
I like that they are easily segmented
I like how easily shared they are with others
I like how I can hold a few in my hand at once
I like the feeling when I peel it all in one long peel
I like running my thumb under the skin as I peel it
I like the way they make my hands smell afterwards, orange-y
I like how people seem mildly impressed when I am finished peeling
I like folding the skin back into its original sphere like I never peeled it at all
I like when people play along when I give it to them even though they know it’s just skin
I like putting the peel on my head like hat or fake hair and pretending it’s normal
I like pinching the peel and looking at the little spray of citrus
I like ripping the peel up into little, tiny, itty-bitty pieces
I like having that little orange pile on my desk
I like knocking the little green ****** off
I like chewing on the big pieces of pith
I like looking at the word pith
I like saying pith, pith, pith
I like mandarin oranges
My way of celebrating mental health awareness month. Or making myself seem like a serial killer. One or the other~
Robert Zheng Apr 2017
i collect stamps
not the mail kind
not the male kind
not the may hill kind
not the mayo ill kind
not the may hue kind
not the maim yew kind
not the mwaya view kind
not the mwayam myeil kind
not the amaway yilovski kind
not the mynsigwi malomisten kind
snot snee smail skind
rot tree trail rind
trotsky braille grind
hot bree hail's tine
don't tell me what is and isn't poetry *******
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