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Sep 2015 · 1.5k
Robert Peck Sep 2015
1 the chemical essential to the covalent bond, that is amorous,
2 the non-verbal communication that’s equivalent to conversing for hours,
3 Vibrations
4 The aromatics of bed sheets and perspiration
5 The forte of a night club and the pianissimo of a night spent star gazing
6 Libations
Sep 2015 · 2.7k
Hump Day
Robert Peck Sep 2015
Everyone thinks they know the story about Mr. Dumpty but they only know part of it
Humpty sat on wall Badu had it right when she said it is 10 ft tall
This wall was meant to keep the savages out
You see Humpty was standing on guard because his job was to protect her heart at all cost
With her help is how he got up there at all
In the back of his mind he knew there was a chance he might …splat
Pieces of a man everywhere
At least that all the others can see
His boys tried to get him back to the old **** and quickly dump this girl
But to Humpty she was the world and without her there was no planet to live on
Only meaningless lives floating in a vacuum
No one has ever witnessed Humpty in such a state
It was so bad he wouldn’t go anywhere apart from her estate
He fell in walls  now he’s trapped in her love
Sep 2015 · 337
Many First Impressions
Robert Peck Sep 2015
I told the universe that you would be mine
Before I even met you
You walked by and I told ACE that shorty is fine !
I knew you from around the way but I just knew something about you was special
You saw me read some poems
I watched you be a poem
We had no idea what Mother Earth had in heart for us
You always saw me as that low key brotha around campus
I caught you turning up to your tunes behind that mail desk
A bond that was meant to be
Which almost wasn’t until you said to me “YOU TALK?!”
Sep 2015 · 469
Sincerely You
Robert Peck Sep 2015
Mr. Peck
I pray you haven’t forgotten to be that role model that you never had growing up. SPREAD LOVE each and every day, especially on the days you don’t want to. Don’t ever stop learning, and make it intentional. Never stop teaching those with an ear to listen. Understand that everything isn’t meant for you to understand. The universe is listening so be careful what you release. Your words hold weight , don’t drop gems on those who aren’t conditioned for it. Stay low key and stay in tune with the infinite. Inshallah you’re better than your 24 year old self

Sincerely You
Feb 2015 · 773
Robert Peck Feb 2015
If I were an artist
I’d draw my way to heaven
Or rather paint myself into your presence
after all they are one and the same
I would craft a sculpture of you
And as much as I'd want the world to see
I’m would to keep it in my heart just for me
water colors to express the gentleness in your eyes
pastels to bring out the fullness of your lips
charcoal to show the depth of your dimples when you smile
If I were an artist I would try to recreate you everyday knowing what the final products will never do you justice
your smile is so illustrious it has gold accents on it
the copper tone of your skin is the perfect hue
If I were an artist I would create these things to resemble you but I’m not so I paint this picture instead
Feb 2015 · 647
I have seen God
Robert Peck Feb 2015
I have seen God
in the cool of the day she takes deiform time and again
the second coming of Nefertiti is upon us
and she has done nothing less than conquer my mind and overthrow the control center inside of my head
she is reconstructing the constellations that I have grown used to
I find myself believing in things I’ve never seen before
The wonders of the world ponder about her 7 times a day
My eyes are soothed by such a golden aura
Her positive vibes draw me closer
Her transparency has me made a believer
I long to study this queen I've searched through scrolls, decoded encryptions but still only one thing is clear
I have seen God
and I have given serious thought to changing religion
Apr 2014 · 365
Robert Peck Apr 2014
I woke up with a nose bleed
I dreamt of you
A flashback to that summer night we broke into that abandoned warehouse.
A painting of paradise is what I left on the walls so that all who enter this place can see what making love to you feels like
Coincidentally the train that I'm on wanders by said location but instead of that old building it was just flat land
Does this mean your soul is any less gorgeous
Was everything that we've done together a waste
All that we built in vain
Nov 2013 · 1.4k
Robert Peck Nov 2013
As I lay my head I try to sniff a shirt that I let you wear because your scent gives me such a comfort it makes me feel like you are near but from me you have disappeared for the time being
Sometimes it gets weird having too much room on my bed you know without having you pressing me into the 24-inch chunk of the bed that you leave me after you get nice and cozy
I just want to find my zen in the form of massaging my fingers through your hair to help me calm myself before a nights rest
I need your brown sugar kissed skin to serve as a heater to keep me warm whilst I dream until sunrise
But you are not here
Longing to hear the music you display while telling me about your day. Deeply saddened when you are too tired to speak our native tongue.
Peace is found when you are in my arms and all of the day’s harms matter no longer
Your smile helps my eyes adjust after turning down the lights
Your kisses serve as sleeping pills I must take them carefully or I can get myself hurt
The gentleness of your touch puts me under a spell that acts as a catalyst to the sleeping pill. “You are getting sleepy…”
I wish you were here
Now it’s 3:27 a.m and I have yet to seize my thoughts of you
I find you in my heart right where I left you anxiously waiting to sing me to sleep
So you are here …
Nov 2013 · 564
Oh dear mother Earth
Robert Peck Nov 2013
Oh dear mother Earth
I grasped a still of you today

Every time I sit and stare at you I am in awe of how wonderfully my creator made you

The wind was conversing with the tall grass telling tales of when they were just little sprouts remerging from the soil, He said that they were always dancing in the daylight as time walked by until night fell and they grew fearful of the creatures that the moon cannot keep away

And the trees were filled with joy because they miss the company of last year's leaf pedals that drifted into the meadows but this year's batch are just as lovely and knows how to keep the branches warm

Our closest star was showing off how vibrant she is as the clouds gang up on her competing for the spotlight in the show on display

Oh dear benevolent Eve I tried to capture your essence in a shot

I didn't quite get it all because there are so many aspects of you were missing in it, just didn't quite make as much sense as I thought, it was worth a try
I realize your aura cannot be contained by a print but every passing eye that you come across is left with an imprint of your soul that is impossible to ignore

I wanted to be able to register the concept of your grin and try to fathom how one's ****** structure can be so well put together

I wanted to immortalize just one moment of this angelic creation as she is making music in the form of a smile
Nov 2013 · 556
Robert Peck Nov 2013
Proverbs from Papa
or Memoirs from Mama
is all I seek to obtain
Tall tales from brother
Black and white lies from the other
is all I wish to escape
Relations from expired dates
A me foreign to my current mental state
is a journey with no end goal
But the point is to make constant growth
Aug 2013 · 893
The Night is Dark
Robert Peck Aug 2013
The world is darker than it’s ever been and deeper than my life is anything but fair skin a nation divided by one thing that ties to another thing that ties to another and that one thing is what ties me to a dear friend that I call my brother

This hue I was cursed with I mean this shade I was born with I mean this tone that I was blessed with, Sometimes I’m even confused myself on what kind of gift this tinted skin is for me

I know we come from Kings whose land is rich in gold and other imperial things

But if I may be so bold or brave to say that even now white people still know how to make my people feel as if they are still enslaved

We’re stuck in a hole a certain way of living , a certain way of thinking “the mission of life is to get money the fast way even if it is the ski mask way" only thinking about the right now willing to predict the next 5 years of your life to fill what’s not in your pockets all cause you gotta get the money gotta get the money gotta get the money gotta get the money gotta get the money but you end up with no money plus ain’t nothing funny when your days ain’t sunny and your little sonny is born and you are still reaping the benefits from making your piece of change

Even if it’s not in our heads some white people never changed their minds about the way they feel about this skin tone of mine

I am Trayvon … one night I was riding my bike with a handful of my friends moving from spot to spot as we followed our plans and we had a personal escort that followed us for about a mile but he didn’t say hi or stop to ask for directions it just seems like they get off or get an ******* from putting blacks back in the chains we were once in

I am Django … young black dude no chains bro contractually assassinating to get all that I live for and showing the my community that there is a better way to live

The night is dark but in due time it will change we need to mentally put down these chains and make way toward the North Star especially in the midst of the rain, But it’s hard to believe pleasure in a life full of pain
Jun 2013 · 506
Only If
Robert Peck Jun 2013
Only if I could take a plane out of stratford as far as it will go across the ever moving waters until the gas runs out
Only if I could use every last grain of energy to power all of muscle fibers in my existence to swim to the sands that I am not familiar with
Only if I could jump onto the back of the only moving train that will get me to where I need to be
Only if I could walk around until my pupils are certain as to what is in the viewfinder
Only if I could get close enough to this masterwork so that my nasal passages can pick up it's unique scent that it sent
If only I could be near enough to physically appreciate this work of art with the gentle touch from my hands
Then I would only be face to face with you
Jun 2013 · 588
Robert Peck Jun 2013
I felt the pain in her eyes as the train waved goodbye we will not get the chance to coexist the way we are used to for at least a few years

As the train moved more further than near I can tell her eyes welled up in tears everything that we've grown to familiar with will be less frequent and more "valuable"

Not that your kisses and soft touch were never valued now I will be able to fully appreciate your fingers against my skin like an artist painting it's canvas I will cherish the touch of your lips gently pressing against mine I felt the words "I Love You" transfer without making a sound

Our anticipation will build with each passing moment longing for the moment when I get to looking into your beautiful eyes and fully express my heart to you

The fist sized ***** beating in the center of her chest is fuelled by the energy given off by the one pumping inside of my thoracic cavity

I just want to defy the laws of gravity and ride on my cloud to be where you are so I can sweep you off your feet toss the broom so I can catch you from falling because that's not how we got to being in love we jumped together

Idk about you but I feel like I'm floating in air like a feather
22 years I've been on this planet and I have yet to meet anyone remotely close to make me feel the way you do
May 2013 · 1.7k
Robert Peck May 2013
Watching all of my imperfections and insecurities trickle down the drain

Along with dirt from sweat and water from the rain

Every ***** thought and wrongdoing being washed away forever

Until the next time I look in the mirror and try to run away from my past

Perspiration forms on my forehead the further I get from where I used to be

I try to build muscle by carrying the weight of what lies in front of me

My body exudes salt water while I play a pickup game with present times; trying to figure out which way to go and decide the best move to get by each defender

I only feel clean again after I take a shower

I shower at night to go to bed with a clean slate only to wake up in need of another

The morning shower opens my eyes to the obvious things I was previously blind to

I walk around in the sludge created by society as if my skin isn’t dark enough they feel the need to cover me in mud

Rainfalls of title educated tries to fix me up only the mud is too thick and I’m not exposing my true self yet

Until I get home to shower again

I feel like myself again after I take a shower
Feb 2013 · 458
Robert Peck Feb 2013
You take steps everyday and they lead you to places
Sometimes new sometimes old
To places you want to go to and others you don't
It all started when each of our steps caused us to cross paths
Then the steps that got us to meet each other
The 21 years of steps that you took so far have molded you into this beautiful person
21 years of different steps that helped you figure out what steps not to take again
Steps that lead you to want to talk to me
Steps that if taken any other way we would have never known each other's favorite color or what each of us want out of life
Steps that got us to know each other and draw closer
I rather enjoy the step you took and the steps you are making now
More importantly I look forward to the steps that we will make together
Steps in places either of us have been
Steps to introduce each other to our families
Steps that will get us to know each other inside out
These steps that we together take will be a number of the different things but the only thing that matters is that we take them together
Feb 2013 · 483
Thoughts When I See You
Robert Peck Feb 2013
I see life
in your smile
I see joy
in your laugh
I see a hope for humanity
in the way you care for others
I see respect
in the way you carry yourself
I see a woman
in nature
I see beauty
in the way God has created you
I consider myself truly blessed because I get to see you in a way most people will never get to see, you in the most raw,uncut, unedited version and that is also the most beautiful form to hear your laugh when something tickles your soul and waking up to someone as wonderful as yourself is something that I will not take for granted
When I look at you I know that there is no way I can repeat the same mistakes I have made before
When I look into your eyes I know that you deserve nothing less than the best that I can give
I want to know you
what makes you laugh, happy, sad, angry, what calms you down, what you’re afraid of, what bothers you, what gets you excited and I am determined to find out
Jan 2013 · 434
Robert Peck Jan 2013
I'm here you're there

I know it's cliche but I really mark the days off my calendar anticipating the day I get to see your smiling face

I played it overt and over in my head, a kiss and one of my bear hugs will be the warm embrace

I wanna know do you really think about me as much as you say ?

Or do I sometimes slip your mind like how sometimes you forget to pray

Truth is we're both stuck in one spot

I have cement shoes on my feet

And you're rooted in my mind

As long as I am not there with you then you will never leave

I could be wrong but I feel as if the last time I saw you , upon the trees there were no leaves and now those very branches are changing from their original green

As I mark each X daily I feel closer to making my dream a reality of you in my arms as if I never left and the world has returned to equilibrium

Until then ...

You're there and I'm here
Dec 2012 · 719
The First Time
Robert Peck Dec 2012
The first time our eyes met my heart said hello
my lips did not move because I'm so shy
my arms felt so heavy that's why I didn't wave hi
so I hoped that my smile directed to you said all that I wanted

The first time our sounds were exchanged it was more than the wine and spirits that lifted my spirit
I was taken by the fact that you would speak to me ... in public at that
your voice was a refreshing sound to all the noise I was used to hearing

The first time our lips met I've never experienced skin as soft as yours
I tasted how sweet your soul is
I got a taste of how unique you truly are

The first time our bodies got acquainted you were stripped of all of your insecurities
I used my hands to venture the uncharted
My fingers were portraying what my eyes wanted to say
Dec 2012 · 671
Robert Peck Dec 2012
It filled up the hOuse
It weNt pAssed my Neck
StArted At my kNees
It filled up my chest
All iN the Streets
Like A pOOl tO swim iN
Most swimmers woN't dive iN the pOOL thAt I beeN iN
***** flOOd wAter thAt stretched fOr miLes
They didN't sigN checks Now their pOckets wiLL smiLe
Our hOmes wAshed AwAy And ALL thAt I kNOw
Flights tOOk us tO pLAces with twO feet Of sNOw
The cuLture we hAve mAkes this plAce we cALL hOme
New Orleans LouisianA welcOme tO the terrOr dOme
BeAutifuL hOuses next tO thOse untOuched
SprAyed X's On dOOrs stiLL six yeArs LAter
Did nOt hAve tO be there if he put his nAme On A pAper
New Orleans New Orleans the plAce we cALL hOme
We mAde it thrOugh Betsy sO hOw wOuLd yOu kNOw
Building it bAck with Nothing but LOve
WAit (God = LOve) sO yOu dO the mAth AbOve
Dec 2012 · 9.2k
Robert Peck Dec 2012
The best way to give a woman a compliment is to call her BEAUTIFUL

When I hear the word beautiful I think of God with tools crafting the earth in the perfect way not like a kids who put red and blue together and accidentally came up with purple

But THE master artist who has a plan and purpose with every single dot that is on the page and without that dot the world would not be the same

A sun rise is beautiful the way that the angle depicts the color and alters the way that the naked eye can see it

How slow time moves but how fast it goes by you can actually see it move from one part of the sky to another in moments

Beautiful is watching the ocean flow it just goes any which direction it feels with no set destination

Beautiful is God’s promise to never cover the earth with a blanket of water to clear it of the sinful nature it was in, by way of a combination of colors otherwise called a rainbow

So if man should respectfully call a woman beautiful she should be thankful she is in good company
Dec 2012 · 1.3k
Robert Peck Dec 2012
I was almost the one that got away
Instead I pushed you as far as the east is from the west
But when it happened I just didn’t have the heart to tell you what I needed to say
I messed up big time and there is no rewind now it’s just stuck in my mind
My first chance was my last time
This video game only had one life and I killed myself not knowing the level I could have gotten to
I stole your trust and suffocated it with my bare hands in a matter of moments
Trying to get you back is like do CPR to a test dummy no matter how long I keep pumping there is no reviving
I could care less about my image or anything like that but the fact I’m the reason you hurt is …
The fact that I did you like this is …
The fact that I disrespected you makes it hard for me to glance at my reflection
From the moment I open my eyes to the second I close them
Not a day goes by you don’t cross my mind
You got me dotting my T’s and crossing my I’s
All I have left are the replays of you in my head and with that cute voice of yours the things that you said
Dec 2012 · 746
Where are you going ?
Robert Peck Dec 2012
Why are you packing?
Are we moving again?
What am I going to do? I just made new friends
Okay so were aren’t moving then a family vacation?
The school year just started we can’t miss that many days dude
So you’re going this trip alone?
How that sound partna?
Stop joking around and you better unpack that playstation
He didn’t have a car so he must have took the train station

I was seven years old with no clue what divorce was
But even now while I’m 20 I still feel what divorce does

I wish I was there when he was getting ready to leave but he left before anyone came home
Even though it was my mom and my two older brothers and me he left us all alone

I’m asking my mom where did he go when is he coming back?
It had to **** her daily hearing me ask that

Where did he go?

Was it something I did wrong?
Is he still alive or are we the ones dead to him?

I never got any answers
I figured it was because I was six years old
But no one ever got answers

Jordan was attached to his hip he had to have told him something … Nah?

Ok Dallas his first born my oldest brother it has to be in his birth right to some information like this … Negative !

Now definitely my mom is older than him she should know something or saw it coming but she thought she would have too

One beyond selfish person destroyed a pretty cool family of five

And I thought everything was fine

Until about five and that after school program couldn’t keep this little kid from missing his dad only to realize that anticipation will only leave you sad

Only to forget that rule a few years later every time he said he was picking me and my brothers up and never seem to have stopped by my house to let us in the car

It’s not like we ever moved so I know he has the address

He tried to teach my brothers and I karate he taught us how to block “every single blow”

I’m still waiting for the lesson to block the devastating blow to the heart that he delivered  

I want my lesson where did you go?
Dec 2012 · 599
Robert Peck Dec 2012
Savior of my soul
Lord of my life
Son of Man
Ruler that Reigns
His words spit flames and said things that have never been heard before
A righteous man if the world ever saw one
Never fully accepted himself but always showed love to the rejected
Always practiced what he preached so everyday was a scrimmage
Til it was time for the big game
Never forgetting his main plan and knowing he is the only man who can conquer death
And he did it with one hand
With faith turned water into wine
One touch alone he healed a man that was blind
His name alone cause demons to flee  
Jesus !
Like geez how much he love us
Like geez what he does through us
Like geez his only purpose on earth was to die for us
Geez us I mean we are not worthy of your sacrifice
Geez us I mean we do not have anything that could ever pay for the debt you canceled on our behalf
All the crap we have done all the money in the world wouldn’t be able to pay off even half
But Jesus died and rose three days later to show you that death has no sting
And by his name you can do anything
Dec 2012 · 488
Robert Peck Dec 2012
The untold story that no one has heard
The myths you always hear about but never actually find the facts to prove it
A temperature it doesn’t get any colder
Or any hotter
I can stare at it with no bother
the one in my eye is my personal heart holder
The one  I see is ageless it doesn’t get any older
My eyes blink only to bow
And the occasional wink because one eye doesn’t want to miss a second of your presence
The only thing raised is my brow
The sweet treats to my eyes and keeps on doing it’s job in pleasing them
It’s everywhere and concentrated in one spot all at the same time
It reaches both ends of the spectrum
it is black and white but does not mix to make grey nor does it go together like zebra stripes
It extends past the amount of letter combinations in every language multiplied by the extent that pi stretches to … It doesn’t end
It will never die to me
It’s much more than just what eyes can see
But that is the only part you think about when I speak of her Beauty
Nov 2012 · 1.2k
Gateway to your heart
Robert Peck Nov 2012
Your lips are like pressing my lips against two clouds and embracing what is really on the inside
Or maybe more  like a fresh mango from a tree when I take a bite my taste buds are in the state of euphoria and the juice left evidence of it's presence around my mouth
Those lips of yours are like a mother nuzzling her first born
That first kiss from you were against my lips but it touched my soul and changed my perspective ...
On what exactly I'm still trying to figure out but I know my perspective changed
I started thinking backwards and seeing in reverse
Your lips fit like the missing puzzle piece that one piece that goes in no matter which way you place it so you know it has to be right
After kissing you my lips become star struck they cannot believe that they are able to embrace the grace of your mouth
It's like all the passion stored inside of you is poured out when our lips meet
Kissing you lets me know how it feels to be touched by an angel
Nov 2012 · 1.8k
Mondays Two Ways
Robert Peck Nov 2012
Mondays are like when the cops come to shutdown a party that is approaching the highest point of the night
Mondays are like when you found out your prospective prom date is interested in going with you
Mondays are like when you find out your other half is splitting themselves into more than two pieces
Mondays are like when you find your savior for the first time
Mondays are like when you fail a test you spent all weekend studying for
Mondays are like when the leaves change color on trees in autumn
Mondays are like when it rains on a day you planned a picnic date that you could not reschedule
Mondays are like when you find your purpose for breathing daily and using that as motivation to constantly progress
Mondays are like getting a broken ankle after scoring the game winning touchdown
Mondays are like when you find a pond of fresh water after traveling by foot through a desert
Mondays are like talking to your celebrity crush with spinach stuck on your tooth
Mondays are like buying your favorite pair of sneakers
Mondays are like waking up early for a class that was cancelled
Mondays are like when the flowers bloom in the spring
Mondays are such a buzz ****
Mondays are like a fresh start
Oct 2012 · 626
I Don't Know
Robert Peck Oct 2012
Oh you
I don't even know you
But I don't need to
I know you're worth it all
The way you carry yourself tells me what I need to know
I can tell your voice is as soothing as a warm bath
And your skin is as gentle as linen against my face
Your soul as sweet as candy from a valentine
I know what I need
I know I want to be with you
I don't even know you
Oh you
Sep 2012 · 755
Then & Now
Robert Peck Sep 2012
I mean look at those lips!
Trying to figure out how I made it this far and what gave me the strength to resist
I'm talking to myself on how to go about doing this  
Anxious and nervous excited and doubtful all at the same time
Like what if her mind isn't aligned with mine and she's thinking just because I took her out for a little dine that doesn't mean I get to taste her wine
What is on that pretty mind of yours?
Is it me you are thinking about or what you have to do when you get home like a few chores?
I feel like a freshman at a college where I know no one and I am constantly having the fear of rejection  
I just want to fit in
My lips against hers
I don't know if she notices that I'm having a staring contest with her lips  
She is about to get on the train  maybe I can sneak one  then hit the dips

I did it ! wait I did it?
I went in for the finish and baby girl was with it? She was with it !
& I know she liked it the way she put a little umph in it
Now it keeps playing in my head
She wanted more than just a peck from Peck she wanted the whole beak instead
Judging by that new sparkle in her eyes she ventured home very satisfied
Thinking back I should have did it sooner but I was in no rush even though I felt like a loser
Actually through all my debating I'm glad that I waited because that promoted the fight between being patient and being overly anxious
It was the perfect time
When her lips touched mine she must have kissed my mind too because my thoughts are causing me to want her here and for the both of our lips to be near ...
Once again
Sep 2012 · 599
Rain Drop
Robert Peck Sep 2012
I wanna be ice cold
But the temperature won't allow it
I'm just so warm and cozy I'm just so comfortable for you
And not myself
Pleasant thoughts of you invade my private mind to the point where it takes over
I just want to grab you by the waist and kiss you but you told me not to come over
You don't understand how much I miss you but the worst part is you don't know what's the issue
Maybe I should have dropped a few months back because there is no freezing rain in the summer
I did not choose to come down I was more pushed out the cloud
I wanted to turn these atoms to a compound but we have no bond so we end up just a mixture
It feels like this journey will never end
but I can see where I will land, right on his face in the place of his tear because I know what he feels and it is not fear
This fall was inevitable so I'm glad it happened then
As opposed to way back when because I want to be remembered as warm and comfortable instead of being the ice cold water in veins and the reason for someone else's pain
Sep 2012 · 2.4k
Moonshine and Moon Shine
Robert Peck Sep 2012
Your elegance reminds me of aged wine
Your smile is bright like a noon time sunshine
Our love isn't built out in public but in the privacy of our own home kinda like moonshine
Prohibition couldn't keep this love from happening instead it made our moonshine stronger and our bond grow tighter and this love last longer
When you smile the curves from your lips  
Is like when the moon blocks the sun
My beautiful solar eclipse
Your smile makes me lose control I can't find the grips
Your crescent shaped grin
stirs me deep from within
And we keep stirring our love in this tub made of tin
Me and my Moon Shine mixing up moonshine
And it shows when we walk in the daytime
Still hungover from last night we were drinking too much
But we didn't know better because we didn't feel like we were drinking enough
Now we can't wait to get home so we can indulge more of this stuff
We just keep on mixing and it gets better and better
But neither of us can do it alone we have to mix it together
And we are going to keep on drinking no matter the weather
Whether it rains all the time
Or the sun decides to shine
I will be with my moon light sipping this home made wine
We've made so much moonshine we can make a wishing well
You can ask me how to make it but I promise I'll never tell
Or if you  try to buy some moonshine I'll say it's not for sale
If we get caught with all this moonshine we will probably go to jail
But even then I will not stop mixing up Moonshine with my lovely Moon Shine
Sep 2012 · 1.5k
Meteorologist: Flash Flood
Robert Peck Sep 2012
The weather man said that today's forecast is going to be cloudy and grey
Never did he mention that you would be walking my way
I wish I would have known because I'm not too presentable in this sweat suit
It's raining plus it's a little warm so I began to sweat too
When I saw you ,
I got nervous trying to think of the right words to say and never disrespect you
"Would you like to share my umbrella it's the least I can do"
My lips were shaking in fear of rejection but I knew my obsession of staying to myself will leave me and my cold pillow plenty of time to bond on nights like this
The rain was pouring down
She didn't have an umbrella and it looked as if I switched her entire day around    
Her smile cleared the skies but down went my eyes because I had no excuse to walk with her
I was so nervous my hands began to tremble I was too afraid to talk with her
She said that I was sweet but I got the wrong idea because I reached out for her hand , but in the same soft voice she used to call me sweet she explained to me about her man ... The weather man didn't warn me  
He could have told me about the flash floods that followed the clear sky
I didn't see it coming
I feel like a car just breezed by and splashed up a puddle all over me
A shower can take the dirt off the surface and put a smile on my face the only problem is some of it got inside my skin and is irritating a problem that I've been trying to embrace
I'm still alone
Robert Peck Sep 2012
I was afraid to say hi so you did it for me
I was afraid to walk by so you passed before me
It's like you're reading my mind and know it's ins outs and design
So I give up I resign...
Who are you
You so boldly state you claim
Now I have to know your name
But you told me ...
Can't let you get away
But I won't hunt you like a prey
And I'm no predator to begin with
You're not a prey but the prize
I pray I will open my eyes
To your smile that shines like a sunrise
Heaven knows I can't wait for the time to come
When the sun will fall down and you will be standing in a gown
With those dimples I want to drown in
Because they are the reason for this upside down frown
I was afraid to say hi because my body couldn't retain
My mouth started shining, my heart started jumping, like really got thumping
My lungs grabbed some air and said this could not compare to anything and life is not fair unless they can breathe in from there even if it's just from your hair
My body has not been the same since I met you
My heart won't stop jumping
My chest hurts from thumping
My lungs deny the poor quality of air that they get when not around you
My eyes get bigger even at a glimpse of you
My mouth has crafted a smile that only you will be familiar with  
So now I am convinced when you said hi you left some paw prints in my ear
And I haven't been the same since ...

— The End —