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Robert Gutierrez Dec 2016
you are a beat
and I could listen
for years without
growing weary of the
music you are.

you are wild
and enchanting
like the drop
in an electronic song.
your pulse and
movements enthrall
every vein in my system.

you are serene and
charming like a ballad
from the Renaissance.
intertwined as we glide
with the rhythm you are,
every move you make
sweeps me off my feet.
you have me swooning.

mysterious and
deep like the lyrics
of an alternative indie song.
stories that pour
from your lovely lips
mesmerize me to
the point of captivation.
I yearn to know every
detail about your soul.

comfortable and *****
like a banjo strum in a country
song is how you make me feel.
your glossy looks of adore
have me drowning in the
blue pools
you have for eyes, yet I've
no desire to escape for
fear of losing you.

you are the music
to my life.
you are my favorite
song to dance to.
you are the lyrics
I have fallen head
over heels for.
you are the genre
preferred over others.
your sounds dazzle
every inch of my being.
you are a beat and
there's no one else
I'd listen to but you.
  Feb 2015 Robert Gutierrez
They've all gone
Introverts dream
I'm just sitting
With my eyes
Wide shut in the
Corner of this room
With my music
Blaring through
My speakers with
The wailing washing
Right through me

I am half beauty
And half beast
You deserve the best
Pieces of me, but
I was grown bent
Trying to reach the
Sun shining in
The far distance
But choked out
By all the weeds

I want to promise
I'll never hurt you
But I can't tell
You such cruel lies
I'm going to break
You apart without
Meaning to if
You let me stick
Around too long

Yet if you decide
To keep me anyway
I will clean your
Wounds made by
The world and I
Kiss them until
My lips crack and bleed
If you let me stay
I will make it worth
The times I am a
Destructive hurricane
By being your warm
Spring breeze

The music is me
I had to channel it
For so many years
Sometimes it feels
Like it's the only way
For me to understand
The Poet by SayWeCanFly came on, it prompted the middle stanzas.
Harmonicas <3 (more like music in general, tbh)

(Last stanza is making a reference to me being a dancer, for clarity)
Robert Gutierrez Dec 2014
wild and crazy
like a bull released
for a fight.
I always try to
look away but
you're such a
magnificent sight.

by and by time
seems to pass,
but when I'm
with you, it
feels like forever
it'll last.

as cliché as
it may be,
there are
many fish
in the ocean,
but you're the
only one I crave
from the sea.

reckless and
crazy, yet tame
and sincere,
with every word
that spills from
your mouth,
you have me
hanging by the ear.

you're chaos and
I like it.
Robert Gutierrez Nov 2014
tiptoes on eggshells:
whispers instead of screams.
being with you is more
enchanting than
living my wildest dreams.

sweeter than taffy and
chocolate chips, I find
myself falling for the
words that pour out
your lips.

borderline crazy
and jump off a cliff
yet you have me
latched on tighter
than some kind of
leather choker necklace.

3,000 miles per hour-
you're coming at fast
speed, but I'm too in
awe to run away from
the buffalo stampede.

this may be nothing,
or it may be everything.
I only know that I look
forward to what
you can or cannot bring.
Robert Gutierrez Oct 2014
And tonight I'll write
a thousand words
to shout what my
mouth is too afraid
to whisper.

For far too long
I was a hopeless soul -
wandering lost
at sea like a
until your beams
brought me back to

your rays of light
traveled to my ship
in sound waves and
beautiful songs
of childhood
stories and dreams
of the future
guiding me
back to land.

the way you gleam
has me blinded and
too in awe to function.
the sound of your
voice as you speak
of things dear to
your heart makes
me melt faster than
ice cream on a blazing
summer day.

a dazzle of your eyes
in the sun is a maze of
excitement and adventures.
i could get lost forever
and never ever
want to return.

you're you and
no one is better.
that's truer than true.
only time will tell
of what may come.

but as for now,
I only wish to
thank you
for being
my lighthouse.
  Sep 2014 Robert Gutierrez
beware when you fall in love
with an artist
be it a painter, a singer, or poet

for the artist will
paint you
with strokes and hues
in shapes of every kind

sing about you
with heartbreak lyrics
and feelings which rhyme

write about you
with the simplest words
and a secret message she wants to say

beware of the artist,
and her love
one wrong move
and you're an artwork in her display
Robert Gutierrez Aug 2014
I'm drowning in gooey tan sand and there's no chance of escaping. Deeper I plummet as I gasp for breaths I never receive. Strangely, I'm okay with that. I hear you spilling out tall tales of your life while I sink but I'm too wrapped up in your stories to notice I'm slowly vanishing. Beneath the ground I can feel butterflies fluttering and trying to make their way out alive but there's just as much hope for them as there is for me. I want you to rescue me. I want you to pull me up and out. But you wouldn't if you could, so you don't. So I disappear. Sunken and devoured by quicksand.
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