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roiling across,
just as sea tempests toss'd.
Frost'd froth on brackish peaks churn
the sky.
To see and grow.
Being forever true,
To hearts wind-chimed as such as mine
I have been looking into the structures and examples of cinquains. I found a poet named Adelaide Crapsey and I love what I have seen of her work so far. This poem is my attempt at working with her style.
Beatings, lies, abandonment and hunger,
all alone, I lusted yet lost a love.
Once forlorn, there came to me one answer.
Lies, ruin, demise and my end thereof.

To me an angel came, and Love's desire,
whom renewed within me long lost passion.
Yet, tempest calmed, lust and fear sparked a pyre,
raging through our rose-kisses turned ashen.

Love comes and goes, in all its forms, this time
finding us in kindred pain and shadows.
We made love through our demons, losing spine
as we could not be more than our past woes.

Yet through it all, four loves gained and more;
entwined in the divine of yore threescore!
Whisper your soul through my veins
so that as it advances
with God and eternity, the Cosmos, and stardust
around, around, around
the dendritic network shines as many lighthouses,
for the shadows to retire
and virtues flourish.
Today I live in a life that does fight,
in love, and hate, for a resolution;
what is humanity? Revolution
tinkers a vestige. “There people, the light!”
With a glance we seem glorious. The night
reveals a different image; the Sun
of Plato does set. Man’s transformation
has not yet stopped, despite all our massed might.

Like that Creature Shelly’s fear concocted
we, being not human, grapple today
with all our parts. Mankind is an ideal
that Creatures need. I, exonerated,
am not a human yet, and oh! do pray
the Creature that is me unlocks soul’s seal.
This is a Petrarchan sonnet that I wrote for a final. It was a chance for me to practice writing a sonnet, so I hope you all enjoy it!
Just as quickly Catullus met
his fantasy and despaired,
and a thousand-hundred kisses
became irredeemable.
The fool fell for the folly
of a sparrow; Taibhsear
fell from the wisdom of a
Was it a mistake to cup your breast
that day,
just like you wanted me to?
I feared who you were. That
is why I could not
go further.
To me it would be like Love
*******. Love doesn't ****.
Or so I
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